Dedicated Development Team for TuneIn, a Global Audio Streaming Service

TuneIn is an American audio streaming service providing access to sports, music, news, podcasts to the millions of users across the world.

TuneIn is one of the most widely used audio streaming platforms with 75 million monthly active users worldwide. The service offers live news, sports, radio, music, and podcasts to the global audience. Based in the USA, it has users in 197 countries and counts for 400 million listening hours monthly.

Partnership overview

TuneIn started cooperation with N-iX in 2017. As a global audio streaming service with millions of listeners, the company required highly experienced software engineers to increase its development capabilities. TuneIn engaged N-iX to hire strong senior developers to perform complex engineering tasks cooperating tightly with the client’s core team based in San Francisco. Since the client has very high code quality standards and needed to retain full control over product development, the dedicated team model was a natural choice for this engagement.

TuneIn’s dedicated developers at N-iX work as a part of the Platform Core team responsible for storing and managing a wide array of data. The developers’ main task is to enhance the client’s CMS solution to guarantee seamless content and website management. Also, the team is working on improving the platform’s search engine. Another important part of the project is the collaborating of our experts with the client’s onsite team on moving the solution to the cloud and migrating the large monolithic architecture into microservices.

Partnership period
December 2017 - present
.NET Golang MongoDB, CloudBees, ES6, React Native

Product overview

Product Overview

TuneIn is the market-leading audio streaming service which offers a huge variety of content including sports, music, news, and podcasts. It is available for free across 200 platforms and connected devices including web, mobile, voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana), home sound systems (Bose and Sonos), smart TV, gaming consoles, and smart watches. In addition, TuneIn can be accessed from hundreds of car models, such as Tesla, Volvo, Ford, BMW, General Motors, and others.

News, Music, and Sports Streaming

The platform covers more than 120,000 radio stations including AM, FM, HD, LP, digital and internet stations. The service already provides streaming of a significant number of both international and local radio stations including ESPN Radio, Bloomberg Radio, BBC News, MSNBC, CNN, Univision, and many others.

TuneIn provides streaming of numerous sports events, podcasts, and shows. The company has established partnerships with NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. Also, its users can listen to college football and basketball matches, fantasy sports, sports talk & news, and more.

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