We help fast growing Fintech companies to develop innovative financial technology solutions disrupting the financial sector. Similarly, we work with large-scale technology enterprises operating in other domains helping them to build financial apps to meet the rapidly-evolving expectations of their customers.


With over decade’s experience in developing solutions for companies and startups in the growing Fintech – namely development of Forex trading platforms  – we now work with leaders in Fintech providing Dedicated Development Team services and comprehensive Software Product Development services to help companies meet the evolving needs of the modern finance.

Our portfolio includes long-term technology partnerships with such recognized UK brands as cross border payments platform Currency Cloud, telecommunications company Lebara and service provider Mobile Trading Partners. London-based Currency Cloud delivers Cross Border Payments as a Service leveraging the Cloud to provide access to and optimise across a multitude of payment networks and exchange rate providers, provide comprehensive administration and control features and fully automate the entire payments lifecycle. Lebara with its product Lebara Money helps migrant workers to make reliable, peer-to-peer cross-border mobile money transfers. And Mobile Trading Partners designs and delivers mobile apps, website UIs and widgets for the finance industry.

  • Money transaction platforms

  • Digital banking solutions

  • Online trading and exchange platforms

  • Web and Mobile applications development for Fintech

  • Maintenance and modernization of existing services

  • Integration and optimization

  • Blockchain solutions for Finance

  • Bitcoin applications

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