Golang Development

Experienced Golang developers at N-iX develop and maintain the most complex software systems with Go programming language, at the same time ensuring their maintainability and flawless performance.

N-iX delivers scalable and efficient software built with Golang

Golang is an open source programming language created by Google in 2007. It offers software developers a unique tool set with many benefits including easy concurrency, compilation speed, garbage collection, safety, and excellent performance. Professional Golang programmers at our development centres in Ukraine and Poland are well versed in Golang software development.
As the technology created to eliminate the complexity generated by large teams working on very large pieces of software, Go programming language perfectly suits enterprise needs and makes the development process faster, more productive, and more efficient. Since Golang was designed with cloud computing in mind, we also use its possibilities for creating powerful cloud applications.

  • Complex enterprise-level software

  • Scalable web applications

  • Powerful cloud applications

  • Network applications, web servers, APIs

  • Stand-alone command-line applications

They succeeded with Golang

Why Golang

Seamless development of concurrent applications.

Streaming architecture of Golang concurrency facilitates development of concurrent applications in big multi-regional teams.

Designed explicitly for the cloud

Go programming language demonstrates excellent compatibility with the cloud. Therefore, N-iX engineers can build complex cloud applications using this technology.

Streamlining software development

Project development with Golang has proven to have a lot of benefits for businesses. The simplicity of this programming language makes the development process faster and code maintainability less expensive.

High performance

Although Go is a concurrent, garbage-collected language, it has exceptional compilation speed. It is possible to compile a large Go program in a few seconds on a single computer.

Easy cross-platform development

Support for cross compilation is built into the Golang build scripts thus it enables fast and easy cross-platform development.

Software quality

Programming with Golang requires extra attention to details. Strict compiler, Garbage collector, built-in testing, and other language features ensure the highest quality of code.

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