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Direct integration

Get tech expertise to integrate directly with payment providers (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc.) or banks to avoid third parties and transaction fees. We’ll ensure seamless and secure integration.

Multi-currency processing solutions

Reach new customers and increase brand visibility. We’ll help you build a solution that processes payments from different countries and supports multi currency transactions.


Build a custom reconciliation module or integrate your solution with third parties to compare transactions and resolve any discrepancies that may have been discovered.

Clearing and settlement

Make sure transactions are settled in daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly periods and in different settlement currencies.

Digital and mobile wallets

Enable your clients to make fast, convenient, and secure electronic transactions.

Contactless payments

Simplify and speed up transferring money between different parties, while reducing the need for any physical contact.

Payment gateway development

Build cost-efficient and custom payment gateways that help reduce payment processing costs.

Mortgage automation

Improve customer satisfaction, boost productivity and remove risk by automating your mortgage operations.

Payment ecosystem

Card Schemes


Alternative Payment Methods


PSPs and Acquirers

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Payments processing security,
standards, regulations, and compliances

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

is the industry’s benchmark for the effective protection of the clients’ personal data and payment information.

  • Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

regulates the payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Union and its Economic Area.

  • 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS 2.0)

is an authentication protocol for card payments that allows financial institutions to checks a user’s identity before the transaction.

The financial industry has been working hard to improve security and risk management. One of the ways to achieve this goal was to introduce strict policies, mandatory compliances, and regulations.

There are a number of technical solutions that allow fintechs to improve the overall security, prevent fraudulent activities and meet the required compliances.

We have worked with financial institutions and fintechs for over a decade, building secure applications and introducing 3DS protocols, biometrics, end-to-end encryption, and tokenization. Our teams have helped companies to comply with multiple regulations and policies.

We can help you with

Open banking

A UK response to the EU PSD2 regulation that provides an API, enabling third-party developers to build applications and services around the financial institution.

Fraud prevention

Technical solutions that allow companies to identify and prevent unauthorized financial activity, identify theft, cyber hacking, insurance scams, and more.


A set of standards and tools used by investment and financial services companies to verify customers, their risk profiles, and financial profile.

End-to-End (E2E) encryption

E2E encryption method ensures secure transfer of payment information, which prevents any third parties from accessing the data in the process or decrypting it.

A hardware security module (HSM)

A computing device that manages digital keys, encrypts and decrypts functions for digital signatures, and provides strong authentication as a part of the E2E chain.


Another level of security that prevents the use (transmitting, storing, and processing) of sensitive data, replacing it with tokens to securely perform financial transactions.

Featured success stories

Currencycloud is a B2B platform providing administration and control features to automate the entire payments lifecycle of businesses.

The Problem

Currencycloud has over 80 different APIs used for multi-currency and cross-border payments. The client needed help with updating both existing API and core functionality of banking and payment systems, customer-facing features, etc.

The Solution

Our engineers worked on the payment processing platform. It chooses different routes depending on several parameters, like currency, beneficiary details, and whether payment should be regular or priority. This solution allows payment companies to remove the friction and inefficiencies of traditional cross-border payments, automating their workflows and building their products on top of the newly-developed Connect API 2.0. We have integrated 10 additional third-party services which allows the client to manage more currencies, increase the number of available payment routes, and process bigger volumes of payments. N-iX specialists developed and helped with maintenance of Cash Manager, a client-facing virtual wallet. Our engineers were also involved in the automation of KYC (fraud-prevention solution) and automated monitoring of inflows/outflows and the compliance check system.

UK leading fintech

The client is a UK digital challenger to banks for small businesses. They offer faster, smarter, simpler banking services for entrepreneurs, independent businesses, and consumers that power the UK economy.

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Nov 2018 - present

  • Team:

    19 people

The Problem

This client needed help in developing a mobile application and customer authentication solution. Also, as a UK financial institution, the client needed to implement and support Open Banking, an API-driven platform that links financial services through Open Banking and is mandatory for financial institutions. Also, earlier in 2021 the company announced their own bank.

The Solution

The N-iX team Android and iOS native apps for over 50K users. We paid a lot of attention to the security of both applications. Our experts introduced biometric and face ID, instant notifications, as well as broadened the functionality of operations the users could do via app. The N-iX team also handled Open Banking implementation. We introduced a set of protocols enabling external providers to communicate with online banking systems and build software solutions around them. Now, we are working on a fraud detection tool as a response to 3DS 2.0 compliance/ regulation. It uses a risk-based authentication to determine whether or not a user needs to provide an additional authentication during the checkout process.

UK personalized financial solutions provider

Our client offers personalized financial solutions by giving customers tools, resources, and products to embrace good financial habits and build a credit score.

  • Industry:


  • Location:

    UK, Wales

  • Partnership period:

    Sept 2019 - present

  • Team:

    13 people

The Problem

Our clients needed help with their GDPR and the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) compliance, as well as the number of other services like migration to microservices to ensure further scalability, an over system upgrade, and assistance with the quality assurance processes.

The Solution

Our first goal was to implement Open Banking Specification. We integrated Open Banking components with the existing technology architecture. We developed the API in line with the technical specifications, and made it available for registered TPPs. Also, we needed to handle cookies. Therefore we integrated with OneTrust — privacy management software for GDPR compliance. We have also helped the client switch to microservices and migrate their core technology.

Why choose N-iX to help you

2,200+ professionals ready to consult and support you through every stage of your financial solutions development process, from the Discovery Phase to post-deployment support.

N-iX is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, a Microsoft gold certified partner, a Google Cloud Platform Partner, an Opentext Services silver partner, and a SAP partner.


We are compliant with international regulations, including ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, and have proven experience working with industry regulations and standards.

N-iX specialists have a proven track record working with payment integration, multicurrency processing solutions, fraud prevention, and other types of financial software.

More than 20 successful partnerships with world-known fintechs like Currencycloud, RateSetter, Cleverbridge, Globacap, and many others.


N-iX experts have solid expertise in Cloud native and agnostic development, Big Data engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, ML&AI, BI, DevOps, and Security.

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