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With the talent pool of 2,200 + specialists, we have helped leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies successfully launch and scale their Data Analytics directions. Build from scratch or expand your Big Data, BI, Data Science, and Machine Learning teams with our expertise in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria. Our dedicated experts provide Data Analytics consulting, design enterprise data management strategies, and develop well-integrated and secure solutions to help you optimize operations, save costs, and minimize risks.

Benefit from our Data Analytics services

Grow revenues
Save costs
Reduce risks
Increase operational efficiency
Enhance customer experience
Increase sales
Prevent equipment failures
Reduce downtime
Flag suspicious behaviour and prevent fraud
Ensure robust Big Data engineering

Focus on scaling your operations, while we make sure the data is clean, secure, and kept in one place. Our Big Data engineers will help you build effective Big Data pipelines that ingest, store and process large volumes of data from multiple dispersed sources. We build elastic, cloud-based data warehouses for storing already structured data; and data lakes for storing and handling both structured and unstructured data.

Data analytics partners and Big Data engineers who design enterprise data management strategy and offer data management outsourcing services

Data engineering tools we work with

Enable predictive analytics with Data Science

Unlock the power of your structured and unstructured data. We apply statistical models and data mining to help businesses identify patterns, predict outcomes, enable fraud prevention, prevent equipment failures, and more. For instance, N-iX data scientists reduced unnecessary hardware maintenance by almost 90% for the leading in-flight internet provider Gogo.

Power your analytics with Machine Learning models

Need to derive insights from vast amounts of unstructured data (texts, blogs, documents, photos, videos)? Our ML engineers will help you build NLP software, chatbots, neural networks as well as integrate third-party machine learning software focusing on your specific data and business domain.

Turn insights into actionable visuals

We build BI solutions from scratch and optimize the performance of the existing ones. Our BI developers build efficient Data Warehouse solutions (using MSSQL stack, Teradata, as well as open-source solutions), OLAP cubes, and leverage different reporting systems (Power BI, Pentaho, Tableau, and others) to produce lucid reports and provide a 360-degree view of your operations.

Data Science and Machine Learning tools we work with

BI tools we work with

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How we can help you turn data into value

Tailoring solutions to your specific business needs
Our data analytics experts will help you analyze the specific context behind your business case, formulate viable KPIs, and make realistic estimates. We will help you design your data analytics roadmap and choose the most appropriate tech stack and architecture for your solution.
Building and integrating Big Data Analytics ecosystems
We build scalable Big Data ecosystems and seamlessly integrate them into your IT landscape. Our Big Data Engineers use Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cloudera, and other tools to develop effective systems for collecting, aggregating, preprocessing, and cleaning huge amounts of data (ETL processes).
Building Data lakes
Data lakes are used to store unstructured or semi-structured data in its original form, in a single repository. That’s especially useful if you deal with high volumes of data that is being generated at a high velocity ( e.g sensor, web or app activity data). Our Big Data engineers use Hadoop and Amazon S3 to store the data cost-efficiently and such tools as Apache Presto, Elasticsearch and Amazon Athena to query it.
Migrating your solutions to the cloud
We help enterprises and large tech companies safely migrate their on-premise data solutions to the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), achieve more scalability, and reduce infrastructure costs. We will help you to define your cloud roadmap, plan, and execute your migration to the cloud. Also, our specialists handle 24/7 operational support, re-platforming or re-architecting your solutions if required.
Using the most effective methods to extract insights
To identify patterns and extract predictions, we apply OLAP analytics, statistics, data mining, different types of machine learning ( supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement), etc., depending on what works best for your specific case.
Transforming data into actionable visuals
To make the insights clear, we present them in user-friendly reports and provide training to your teams to make sure they make the most of the insights and feel confident enough to act on them. Also, we can set up automatic alerts to notify your business departments of important changes.

Why choose N-iX as your Data Analytics partner

A pool of 2,200 experts that have experience working with business cases of different shapes and sizes.
Expertise in the most relevant tech stack for implementing Big Data engineering, BI, Data Science, AI/Machine Learning solutions.
Our experts have helped clients in telecom, fintech, automotive, agritech, manufacturing, and other domains build and scale effective Data analytics ecosystems and optimize costs.
10+ years of experience migrating existing data solutions to the cloud; a certified AWS partner.
We partner with Fortune 500 companies helping them launch Big Data directions and migrate to the cloud.
Long-lasting expertise in Cloud computing, DevOps, High-load computing, and more.
N-iX has delivery offices in Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.
A team of 170+ data specialists.
Compliance with international regulations and security norms.

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