N-iX has been providing insurance IT outsourcing to a number of industry leaders in the North American and European markets helping them to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences to their clients.


N-iX offers InsurTech software development services helping insurance & InsurTech companies to leverage data and deliver smooth, relevant experiences to their customers. Implementing rapidly deployable customer content management and enterprise content management solutions we aid businesses in getting a competitive advantage and accelerating their growth. Our technology specialists use future-proof BI solutions to ensure efficient data management. N-iX has proved to be a reliable software partner to many innovative business, among which is Lebara, a leading telecom company which offers services to the world’s migrant community. Recently Lebara announced a partnership with a global insurance company –  the Allianz Group. The partnership will provide insurance and assistance services to meet the needs of migrants and their families globally.

N-iX engineers help insurance companies go digital and deliver omnichannel InsurTech solutions. We make your customer experiences more secure, personalized, and relevant, thus increasing your customer retention rate and boosting profits.

Omnichannel for insurance helps to deliver initial personalized offers and recommendations; lower premiums and dynamic pricing based on customer’s personal data; faster claims settlement and online compensation payment. With omnichannel fulfillment, you are a minute away from your сustomer providing unique offerings and seamless, innovative customer experiences to them.

  • Omnichannel InsurTech solutions

  • Software product development

  • Application design

  • Functional & data integration

  • Document management

  • BI and Data Analytics

  • Digital Transformation for InsurTech

  • Blockchain development

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