Penetration testing services

Identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities to ensure high business resilience and protection from cyber-attacks with N-iX penetration testing services.

Boost your business resilience with comprehensive pentesting

Penetration testing helps you identify and rectify vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. Simulating real-world cyber attacks will help unveil weaknesses that malicious actors could exploit, allowing you to bolster your security before potential breaches occur.

An experienced partner such as N-iX, which offers comprehensive cybersecurity and penetration testing services, can help you safeguard sensitive data, comply with regulations such as ISO 27001, preserve customer trust, and ultimately mitigate the financial and reputational damage.

Penetration testing services - N-iX

Test all components of your IT infrastructure


We will identify potential security weaknesses in your network with the help of both internal and external testing scenarios. We check all aspects of network security, such as:

  • Wireless network and VPN vulnerabilities
  • Firewall and IDS/IPS evasion
  • DNS vulnerabilities
  • Email and file server vulnerabilities
  • Database vulnerabilities
  • DHCP vulnerabilities
  • Directory services vulnerabilities

Web applications

Our experts will find vulnerabilities within your web applications utilizing manual inspection and dedicated tooling to catch the interactions between client and server. Various aspects are checked as part of our web application pentesting, namely:

  • Identity management
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Session management
  • Client-side testing
  • APIs
  • Cryptography

Mobile applications

N-iX will perform meticulous manual and automated scans to make sure that your mobile applications can withstand any malicious attack. We can perform a wide range of tests, including:

  • Application architecture analysis and reverse engineering
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Data storage, transition security, and integrity checks
  • Encryption algorithms and cryptographic protocols
  • Server-side APIs and client-side storage analysis
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) configuration

Social engineering

We will help you tailor and refine policies and security training programs that enhance your protection against cybersecurity threats caused by the human factor. Test your employees with various scenarios:

  • Awareness and phishing email simulations
  • USB drop tests
  • Physical security and tailgating
  • Pretexting
  • Social media practice reviews

What can a penetration testing company
do for your business?

  • Prevent revenue losses

    Save money by preventing costly security breaches and their associated expenses, including legal fees and fines.

  • Maintain a solid brand reputation

    Enhance trust with your customers, partners, and stakeholders by preventing the risks of data breaches.

  • Avoid service interruptions

    Maintain a solid defense against cyber attacks, allowing your business to operate normally without service interruptions at all times.

  • Meet regulatory requirements

    Ensure compliance with data protection laws and industry standards that mandate regular security assessments.

  • Improve existing mitigation strategies

    Continuously improve your security posture, staying ahead of emerging threats, and evolving cyber attack techniques.

Our approach to penetration testing consulting



During the initial stage, we gather as much information about your systems as possible, such as domain services, network topology and services, etc., to craft an effective strategy for the testing process.



We conduct an in-depth assessment of target systems with the help of network, vulnerability, and other scanning tools to identify all possible weaknesses.


Performing tests

Our experts try to exploit all identified vulnerabilities by performing tests, both manually and using automated/semi-automated tools, not to cause damage but to assess their severity and threat to your business. We also conduct manual assessments of sophisticated attacks that are not detected by scanning tools.


Report generation

We provide a comprehensive report that contains a list of identified vulnerabilities, their severity and associated risks, detailed information on how each vulnerability can be reproduced, and remediation information on how to prepare proper fixes.


Additional testing

We run additional tests to ensure that the identified vulnerabilities have been successfully remediated and that your systems are secured.

Certifications and compliance



Penetration testing services involve simulated cyber attacks on your systems, networks, and applications to uncover vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them. It helps businesses identify and address security weaknesses, mitigate risks, and protect sensitive data, ensuring robust cybersecurity defenses.

Penetration testing covers many aspects, including external and internal network assessments, web application testing, mobile application testing, wireless network testing, and social engineering assessments. Our tailored approach ensures that we address your specific security concerns and compliance requirements.
The frequency of penetration tests depends on various factors, including industry regulations, the complexity of your IT infrastructure, and the rate of change in your systems. Generally, it's recommended to conduct pentests annually or after significant changes to your network or applications.
The pricing for penetration testing consulting services is influenced by various factors, such as the chosen methodology, the size and complexity of your organization, the number of clouds, IPs, applications, and other relevant factors. Reach out to our specialists for a complimentary quote today.
A penetration testing service provider play a crucial role in meeting regulatory requirements, such as ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others. By identifying vulnerabilities and demonstrating proactive efforts to secure sensitive data, businesses can achieve compliance, avoid penalties, and uphold trust with customers and stakeholders.
While penetration testing may cause minimal disruption to normal operations, our team takes precautions to minimize any potential impact. We work closely with your organization to schedule testing during off-peak hours, prioritize critical systems, and ensure that any disruptions are kept to a minimum.

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