Computer vision development services

Revolutionize your business operations and customer experiences with our full-cycle computer vision development services. Our expertise in image and face recognition, optical character recognition, video analytics, and other advanced tech will enable you to reduce manual labor, improve decision-making, enhance security, and gain a competitive edge.

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Drive innovation with computer vision development services

Unlock superior precision with N-iX's computer vision capabilities: our systems exceed human-level identification accuracy, fast-tracking your operational workflow. Grounded in complex deep learning frameworks, we specialize in automating the essential functions of parsing, analyzing, and sorting data from visual inputs, turning a data spectrum into practical insights.

Our computer vision solutions cater to numerous applications - from flaw detection on rapid assembly lines to guiding autonomous robots, from advancing medical image analysis to recognizing products and faces in the digital social landscape. Computer Vision, as part of the broader Industry 4.0 framework, can bring the following benefits:

Computer vision development services - N-iX

Our computer vision expertise:
Tackling tasks with efficiency and accuracy

Image classification

We automate the categorization of images into predefined classes using deep learning, enhancing data organization and retrieval. This automation replaces inefficient manual processes, resulting in more accurate and streamlined operations.

Object recognition

Our precision in detecting specific items within images bolsters your inventory systems and quality control, leading to improved product recognition and operational accuracy.

Image segmentation

We segment images into meaningful parts, enabling sophisticated editing and object-based processing. This approach provides a granular visual data analysis essential for informed business decisions.

Face and person recognition

Our advanced facial recognition algorithms offer secure identification and verification, ideal for access control and creating personalized service experiences, thus enhancing both security and customer engagement.

Image restoration

Using advanced techniques, we restore damaged or degraded images, ensuring the continuity and reliability of your visual information, which is crucial for maintaining operational integrity.

Face recognition

We employ facial biometrics for various applications, from security enhancements to personalized experiences, emphasizing quick and accurate processing essential for dynamic business environments.

Optical character recognition

Our solutions convert images of text into machine-encoded text, making document management more efficient and paving the way for the digitization of traditional paper-based workflows.

Video analytics

Our real-time video stream analysis, including event detection and pattern recognition, equips you with automated alert systems, enhancing your business's proactive monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Our computer vision development services

Business analysis and CV implementation strategy

We delve deep into your business goals to align them with computer vision capabilities, pinpointing the right requirements, datasets, and models to drive your business forward effectively.

CV research and innovation

We consistently research and implement the latest AI, ML, and Data Science developments to ensure your business maintains a competitive edge through advanced visual recognition technologies.

CV system design and custom development

We design custom computer vision systems tailored to your needs and integrate them smoothly with your current infrastructure. Our team will pinpoint the right use cases and refine prototypes, delivering production-grade computer vision systems to meet your business objective.

CV-specific data services

We focus on acquiring and improving the required datasets to ensure the highest standard. With data collection, annotation, and augmentation services, as well as building synthetic datasets, we ensure that your computer vision models are built on datasets optimized for maximum precision and dependability in

CV model optimization

Our enhancement services concentrate on boosting the efficiency of your computer vision models to their highest potential. We apply sophisticated methods such as tuning hyperparameters, compressing models, quantization, and employing ONNX to ensure compatibility. Our goal is to provide an optimized system with optimal performance, precision, and the ability to scale effectively.

Deployment and maintenance

Deployment is just the beginning of our service landscape – we integrate stringent MLOps protocols, facilitate continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, implement AutoML strategies, and ensure consistent monitoring post-deployment.

Computer vision success stories

Redflex is an established Australian intelligent transport solutions company with significant operations in the USA, UK, Asia, and the Middle East. They are renowned for delivering various safety solutions, including speed, red-light, and school bus stop-arm cameras, all aimed at reducing dangerous driving practices and contributing to smarter, safer, and more sustainable urban environments.


The challenge for Redflex was to broaden its market reach by introducing an innovative traffic management solution. To achieve this, they needed a reliable partner to validate their product concept and engineer an intelligent transport system focusing on high detection precision for traffic violations, such as seat belt compliance and distracted driving.


By leveraging innovative machine learning capabilities, we developed an accurate computer vision solution for Redflex that significantly enhances road safety through precise violation detection. Our solution:

  • Integrates Computer Vision and Deep Learning to effectively pinpoint traffic violations;
  • Boasts impressive ~88% accuracy for seat belt verification and ~91% accuracy for distracted driving identification;
  • Facilitates real-time fines, significantly improving road safety and transport efficiency.

N-iX's contribution has been pivotal in realizing Redflex's vision by developing a sophisticated solution that integrates Computer Vision and Deep Learning. This solution effectively pinpoints drivers committing violations, thus enhancing road safety. The developed system boasts impressive detection accuracies of approximately 88% for seat belt verification and 91% for distracted driving identification, functioning effectively across varied lighting conditions and times of day. These technological advancements have facilitated the generation of real-time fines, significantly improving road safety and the efficiency of the transport system.

Global Fortune 100 manufacturing company

The client is a Global Fortune 100 conglomerate in the engineering and technology sector, headquartered in Germany, with a sprawling network of subsidiaries across 60 countries. A champion of innovation, the client is committed to leveraging advanced technologies to maintain leadership in a highly competitive global market.


The client needed to scale their inventory management across increasing warehouses and scale the existing logistics platform. Moreover, the present computer vision solution, critical for warehouse operations, was underperforming and unable to meet the demands of global operations. The inefficiency of the CV algorithms meant that the system needed to be adept at tracking goods to omit operational delays and increased manual intervention.


Through a strategic platform upgrade, N-iX addressed critical inventory management challenges to enhance the client's logistics operations significantly. In particular, we:

  • Automated goods tracking through an integrated computer vision system, minimizing manual work and optimizing warehouse operations;
  • Streamlined logistics, enabling rapid scalability, heightened performance, and operational efficiency across an extensive warehouse network;

Upgraded microservices architecture directly addressing the challenge of scaling inventory management across global warehouses.

How it works


Strategic discovery

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your business needs and challenges. During this phase, we gather key insights, business objectives, and how computer vision technology can be leveraged to meet those goals.


Project planning

Once we have established a clear understanding of your requirements, we move on to the planning stage. Here, we develop a comprehensive project roadmap, defining scope, timelines, resource allocation, and critical milestones.


Technical implementation

With a solid plan, we embark on the implementation phase. It involves developing and constructing the chosen computer vision services. Throughout this phase, we maintain open lines of communication, allowing for responsive adjustments to the project as it evolves.


Solution rollout

During the deployment stage, the project becomes operational. Our team carefully moves the computer vision solution from the development stage to the live environment. We adhere to industry-leading procedures to facilitate a seamless launch, enabling your technology to begin adding value right away.


Continuous maintenance

After deployment, we continue to provide ongoing oversight for the computer vision system. It includes diligent tracking of its performance, evaluating the system's condition, and ensuring it evolves and expands alongside your business needs.

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