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Unlock innovation and efficiency in banking with N-iX, your trusted partner for comprehensive banking software development services. From core banking modernization to regulatory compliance and seamless payment solutions, we bring engineering excellence to the banking industry.

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Helping banks and fintechs transform for sustainable growth and lasting value

Many banks and companies in financial services are sharpening their cost discipline and optimizing operations, stepping up their personalization game, and transforming traditional approaches. Our comprehensive portfolio of services is strategically designed to help banks and fintechs improve performance, optimize operational workflows, minimize regulatory risks, and meet compliance requirements. We also help them enhance transaction security and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

N-iX partners with Retail, Corporate, and Investment banks, as well as fintech companies making the transition to digital or neobanking models. We offer tailored solutions and banking software development services that address the challenges and opportunities that banks face, helping them get lasting value and maximize their investments. Embrace the ever-evolving banking landscape confidently with N-iX as your technology partner.

Banking software development services - N-iX

Building strategies and tech solutions
to help banks achieve their goals

  • Rejuvenate existing systems and build innovative solutions

  • Meet changing consumer demands and foster deeper customer relationships

  • Achieve regulatory compliance easily

  • Automate manual processes and improve operational efficiency

  • Implement robust cybersecurity measures

Serving all types of banks and financial institutions Types of clients we serve

Retail and commercial banks

We help traditional banks revitalize their technology stack and build better operating models for the future, focusing on more efficient operations and payment processing. Our solutions can help you create better experiences for corporate customers and become a go-to hub for retail customers.

Neobanks and challenger banks

Fintechs that have decided to turn into modern digital banks often need help to simplify and optimize processes, create user friendly flows and applications, speed up and automate transactions, as well as ensure successful API integrations.

Consumer lending

Leveraging intelligent automation, data analytics, and cloud services, we accelerate loan processing, provide insightful credit risk assessments, ensure a secure and scalable lending infrastructure, and meet digital consumer expectations with tailored lending solutions.

Payments systems

Payments modernization at N-iX transcends traditional banking, ushering in a secure, real-time, digital payments infrastructure through web and mobile app engineering. Broaden your payment ecosystem through seamless payment gateway and API integrations with global banks, ensuring a safe and compliant payment environment.

Full scope of software engineering services for banks Services we offer

Application Rationalization

Helping you choose and implement the best strategy for application management:

  • Shut down now
  • Fast decommission
  • Gradual sunset (consolidation)
  • Improve and/or optimize existing apps
  • Migration consulting
  • Migrate as is/ consolidate with new owner’s IT

Core Banking modernization

Focusing on your existing platform, we can:

  • Upgrade of your platform
  • Integrate new third-party components
  • Develop new features for core banking platform
  • Provide bespoke engineering

Run the bank (RTB) and Change the bank (CBT)

  • L1/L2/L3 support
  • Incident and problem management
  • Application maintenance
  • Configuration and knowledge management
  • Defect management
  • Environment lifecycle management
  • Consulting and engineering/ architecture assessment


  • Streamline compliance processes:
    • Open Banking
    • GDPR
    • PCI DSS
  • Automate and optimize compliance operations
  • Introduce regulatory reporting

Back office automation

N-iX has extensive expertise in developing new solutions and integrating 3P software:

  • BPM and RPA solutions
  • Automated transaction handling
  • Automation of manual reporting

Risk and Valuation

With our extensive expertise in Data, AI & ML, we can design and develop complex solutions like:

  • Credit Decision Risk solution development
  • Underwriting risk models
  • Decision engine and predictive models

Customer Lifecycle management (CLM)

  • Strengthening your Know-your-client (KYC):
  • Onboarding, identification (multifactor, biometric), data & screening, transaction monitoring, fraud management
  • Personalization and customization

Payment gateway implementation and integration

  • Payment gateway
  • Card Schemes
  • Alternative Payment Methods
  • PSPs and Acquirers

API Banking connectivity

  • Decomposition of monolith into microservices
  • API Gateway implementation
  • Services deployment strategy

Cooperation models we offer

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Why choose N-iX as your trusted banking
software development company Why us


Strategic tech partner for leading fintechs in the UK, Europe and North America.


11 years of experience developing tech solutions for finance and banking.


250+ finance projects completed over the years, ranging from solution modernization to complex automation and digital transformation.


Compliant partner with strong focus on resilience and cybersecurity.


Global delivery capabilities and tech experts in more than 25 locations across Europe and the Americas.


Strong engineering capabilities of more than 2,200 tech experts, including over 300 engineers with expertise in finance.


Deep expertise in Generative AI, ML, IoT, RPA, and a wide range of leading-edge technologies vital for innovation in banking.


Domain business expertise in banking and finance, understanding business challenges and future trends.

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Natalia Maslak

Client Partner

Yuriy Voloshynskyy

VP Delivery

Valentyn Kropov

Chief Technology Officer

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