According to the Embedded Software Industry Analysis by Global Market Insights, the embedded software market was valued at $100B in 2019, and it is expected to surpass $250B in 2023. Companies operating in such industries as consumer electronics, industrial automation, military and defence, automotive, healthcare, and telecommunications are actively adding embedded software and firmware to their production cycles. 

To keep up with the latest updates on the market and meet the ever-growing customers’ needs, they look for the best and most affordable embedded software outsourcing providers. This results in an increased demand for experts in C++, C, .NET, and Java. – the most used technologies in embedded software development

The number of open job postings for embedded developers is skyrocketing on and, and there’s a definite shortage of the qualified experts, so many firms refer to outsourcing.

When the US and Western European companies look for the engineering resources that could extend their in-house teams, they often consider Ukraine as one of the best destinations for IT outsourcing. This Eastern European country is famous for its strong technical education and a great number of developers who have vast expertise in embedded software development. Ukrainian programmers can boast extensive experience in creating innovative embedded solutions that meet the most specific technological requirements. So let’s dive into the Ukrainian IT market and consider some of the embedded software outsourcing vendors that provide high-tech services to many companies around the world.

Top embedded software outsourcing providers in Ukraine


One of the best embedded software outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe and UkraineN-iX is a well-established European software development company that has been providing outsourcing services since 2002. It employs over 2,200 developers with expertise in a wide range of industries and technologies. One of the company's specialties is the development of embedded software solutions in cooperation with global electronics manufacturers. N-iX engineers have extensive experience not only in the creation of embedded software solutions but also in embedded firmware and product SDK development. The core competencies also include product maintenance, integration with third-party technologies, and technical support. N-iX provides outsourcing services to such industry leaders as Lebara, Opentext, Gogo, Currencycloud, Weinmann, Locinox, and a wide array of others.  Today the USA is the biggest market for N-iX as we partner with a lot of established American businesses.

Case study: Software development partnership with Weinmann Emergency

Global Logic

Another vendor that offers software outsourcing services: GlobalLogic

The company specializes in embedded software, and it designs and develops solutions for custom hardware, end-user devices, industrial appliances, video and audio devices. The company has expertise in building software for medical devices, monitoring solutions, as well other types of projects. The IT service provider collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. on a 4-week project to prepare the client’s product for the Mobile World Congress. This collaboration between QTI and the vendor’s engineering teams in Ukraine, San Jose, and San Diego made it possible to present a Snapdragon Digital Pen that can be used to navigate and annotate content.


Another player on the embedded software market is Intellias, offering outsourced embedded software

The company offers expertise in different technologies and creates various embedded software apps and the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Ukrainian developers provide IT services in such industries as healthcare, energy management, manufacturing, transportation, and retail. 

The provider’s specialists are engaged in the development of connectivity, gateway, and embedded software supporting various connected devices. Apart from embedded software development, the company creates the IoT electronics prototyping projects.

It is important to find a vendor with strong technical expertise, available experts, and a portfolio of embedded projects.

Sigma Software

Another vendor on our list of embedded software companies

The company provides IT outsourcing services to customers specializing in e-business, government, telecommunications, banking, etc. Their development team offers a range of services including embedded software development. One of the key projects in the company’s embedded software development portfolio is the development of the control panel for the automotive sector. The panel interacts with the on-board computer, the doors sensors, interior and exterior lighting, fuel availability, which allows eliminating system failures.

ABTO Software 

Abto is one of the youngest embedded software outsourcing providers on our list

The embedded software development portfolio of the company features applications for medical equipment, aircraft, microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, office equipment, etc. For instance, Ukrainian engineers worked on a project for a German customer specializing in eye and gaze tracking technologies. They developed a customized software tool for gaze analysis as a means of human perception of the world. Its eye-tracking techniques can be used in such industries as psychology, cognitive science, education, medical research, and marketing studies. Additionally, the team created a VCam that is a Webcam Emulator. It emulates a webcam in your system and can be used in most of the applications which use a webcam, such as video broadcasting, remote education, video conferencing, video chatting, etc.

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Wrap Up

All things considered, embedded software outsourcing to Ukraine is a win-win option both for nearshore and offshore companies. Ukrainian IT outsourcing vendors are saturating the market with next-generation embedded solutions which benefit businesses worldwide. They can reduce operational costs and time-to-market as well as increase return on investment. Furthermore, such Ukrainian IT companies as N-iX provide embedded solutions along with all stages of product development including maintenance, integration with third-party technologies, testing, and technical support. This ensures smooth project completion without the involvement of the big amount of resources and maintenance costs.

Why choose N-iX as your embedded software outsourcing provider?

Embedded engineers at N-iX build efficient and secure embedded systems including wearables, Wi-Fi routers, sensors, home appliances, automotive solutions, and more. Our teams can deliver full-cycle development services and build embedded solutions of any complexity. We offer a wide range of services, including embedded software development outsourcing, integration with third-party technologies, embedded software and hardware testing, hardware development, firmware development, products SDK development and maintenance, and technical support. 

  1. N-iX Information security management system is certified to meet ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, and HIPAA. The company undergoes annual external security audits and internal audits two times a year to ensure maximum security;
  2. We have strong embedded software expertise in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, automotive, aviation technology, manufacturing, and others.
  3. The company is well-recognized in the global IT market and is listed in GSA UK 2019, Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP, and many others. 

Our success stories

The company has delivered a number of embedded software solutions for consumer electronics, wearables, and industrial automation. 

  • As a part of the partnership with Weinmann Emergency, N-iX experts have worked on the firmware development for a defibrillator with monitoring functions. The N-iX team has implemented predictive maintenance of the MEDUCORE Standard² device, which enabled cost savings, solution reliability, and its seamless operation.
  • The N-iX team has also cooperated with Cardo Systems on the wireless motorcycle communication system. Working as a part of the client's in-house team, our experts have been working on software and hardware testing of a wide range of their connectivity solutions. 
  • The N-iX experts are also working on a project for a Belgium company Locinox, a global manufacturer and supplier of the gate and fencing devices. The client needed to design and develop efficient and secure outdoor hardware for fences and gates from the ground up. The scope of our cooperation included prototype design, firmware development, and hardware development. We have also worked on developing technical documentation for the project.
  • The N-iX portfolio includes embedded software development for Anoto – a Swedish digital pen manufacturer. Their main product is the Anoto Digital Pen, which is a combination of an ordinary ink pen and a digital camera that records everything written with the pen. The team developed a complex embedded solution for the device that uses Bluetooth technology to trace, collect, and process data about the location and traffic flow.