Embedded software outsourcing: providers in Ukraine

Embedded software outsourcing: providers in Ukraine

According to Embedded Software Industry Analysis by Global Market Insights, embedded software market was valued at USD 10,5 billion in 2015 and it is expected to surpass USD 250 billion in 2023. Companies operating in such industries as consumer electronics, industrial automation, military and defen...

Embedded software outsourcing: providers in Ukraine
By Yustyna Velykholova December 29, 2016

According to Embedded Software Industry Analysis by Global Market Insights, embedded software market was valued at USD 10,5 billion in 2015 and it is expected to surpass USD 250 billion in 2023. Companies operating in such industries as consumer electronics, industrial automation, military and defence, automotive, healthcare, and telecommunication are actively adding embedded software and firmware into their production cycles. In order to keep up with the latest updates on the market and meet the ever growing customers’ needs, they look for the best and most affordable embedded software outsourcing providers. This results in the increased demand for experts in C++, C, .NET, and Java. – the most used technologies in embedded software development.

When the US and Western European companies look for the engineering resources that could extend their in-house teams, they often consider Ukraine as one of the best destinations for IT outsourcing. This Eastern European country is famous for its strong technical education and a great number of developers who have vast expertise in embedded software development. Ukrainian programmers can boast extensive experience in creating innovative embedded solutions which meet the most specific technological requirements. So let’s dive into the Ukrainian IT market and consider some of the embedded software outsourcing vendors which provide high-tech services to many companies around the world.


Source: Embedded Software Industry Analysis by Global Market Insights


N-iX is a well-established Ukrainian software development company that has been providing outsourcing services since 2002. It employs over 500 developers with expertise in a wide range of industries and technologies. One of the specialities of the company is the development of embedded software solutions in cooperation with global electronics manufacturers. N-iX engineers have extensive experience not only in the creation of embedded solutions but also in embedded firmware and product SDK development. Their core competencies also include product maintenance, integration with third-party technologies and technical support.

The company has delivered a number of embedded software solutions for consumer electronics, wearables and industrial automation. For instance, N-iX portfolio includes embedded software development for Anoto – a Swedish digital pen manufacturer. Their main product is the Anoto Digital Pen, which is a combination of an ordinary ink pen and a digital camera which records everything written with the pen. The team developed a complex embedded solution for the device that uses Bluetooth technology to trace, collect and process data about location and traffic flow.

Moreover, N-iX developers were involved in the development of Forms Design Tool which is a plugin for Adobe Acrobat Professional allowing the user to generate a paper layout with the Anoto pattern. Additionally, the team created the penDirector app for synchronization, control and management of digital pen behavior. It uses existing SDKs and enables synchronization of data between a PC and a digital pen through Bluetooth and USB. Furthermore, the developers have worked on the creation of the penUpgrader app for updating pen firmware. Also they were involved in the creation of the AFP Document Tools app which shows how digital paper can be designed, printed and viewed with AFP.

Sigma Software

This company provides IT outsourcing services to customers in such industries as E-business, government, telecommunications, banking, etc. Their development team offers a range of services including embedded software development. One of the key projects in the company’s embedded portfolio is the development of the control panel for the automotive sector. The panel interacts with the on-board computer and sensors of doors opening and closing, interior and exterior lighting, fuel availability, which allows to eliminate system failures.

In addition, the team developed audio drivers for a prototype board of a new smartphone for a telecommunication company. Sigma embedded specialists have also participated in the development and porting of WLAN and Bluetooth drivers for action device and delivered software for Smart Plug Device for an international Home Energy Management company.

ABTO Software

The embedded software development portfolio of the company features applications for medical equipment, aircraft, microcontrollers, Real Time Operating Systems, office equipment, etc. For instance, Ukrainian engineers are currently working on a project for a German customer specializing in eye and gaze tracking technologies. They are developing a customized software tool for gaze analysis as a means of human perception of the world. Its eye tracking techniques may be used in such industries as psychology, cognitive science, education, medical research and marketing studies. Additionally, the team created a VCam which is a Webcam Emulator. It emulates a webcam in your system and can be used in most of the applications which use a webcam, such as video broadcasting, remote education, video conferencing, video chatting etc.


The company offers expertise in different technologies and creates various embedded software apps and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Ukrainian developers provide IT services in such industries as healthcare, energy management, manufacturing, transportation, and retail.

The provider’s specialists are engaged in the development of connectivity, gateway and embedded software supporting various connected devices. Apart from embedded software development, the company creates the IoT electronics prototyping projects.


The company specializes in embedded software so they design and develop solutions for custom hardware, end user devices, industrial appliances, video and audio devices and technologies. Their engineers have worked on such projects as Set Top Boxes for Satellite and Cable television and enabled their integration with HeadEnd Broadcast systems. The Set-Top Box (STB) itself is an information appliance device that contains a set of tuners and connects to a television set and an external source of a signal. It can turn this signal into content in a form that can then be displayed on the television screen or the other display device. The signal source may be represented by an Ethernet cable, a satellite dish, a coaxial cable etc. These Set Top Boxes may feature 5 tuner systems, embedded HDDs, and include such functions as Multi Room view, multiple scheduled recordings, the online streaming services support (YouTube, Pandora), Video On Demand (VOD) support, etc.


All things considered, embedded software outsourcing to Ukraine is a win-win option both for nearshore and offshore companies. Ukrainian IT outsourcing vendors are saturating the market with next-generation embedded solutions which benefit businesses worldwide. They can reduce operational costs and time-to-market as well as increase return on investment. Furthermore, such Ukrainian IT companies as N-iX provide embedded solutions along with all stages of product development including maintenance, integration with third-party technologies, testing, and technical support. This ensures smooth project completion without the involvement of the big amount of resources and maintenance costs.

Embedded Software Outsourcing: Providers in Ukraine



By Yustyna Velykholova December 29, 2016
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