Embedded Software Development for Locinox, a Leader in Outdoor Access Control Solutions

Locinox is a global manufacturer and supplier of the gate and fencing devices. With more than 25 years on the market, the company develops innovative outdoor access control products.

Locinox is a Belgium-based company that develops high-quality mechanical and electro-mechanical components for fences and gates. Its products are specifically designed to ensure secure and controlled access to residential and industrial properties.

Partnership overview

Locinox partnered with N-iX to design and develop an efficient and secure outdoor hardware for fences and gates from the ground up. The scope of our cooperation encompasses prototype design, firmware development, and hardware development. Our team has been also responsible for developing technical documentation for the project.

We have provided testing and quality assurance services during every stage of firmware and hardware development. Our experts have applied a wide range of best practices and industry know-how to meet complex technical requirements of the project.

Belgium, Waregem
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Partnership period
August 2018 - present
Hardware Development, Embedded Software Development, Embedded Software and Hardware Testing, Device Certification Arrangements

Product overview

Locinox manufactures high-quality fittings for fencing and gates. The company offers a wide range of products including locks, hinges, gate closers, keeps, gate catchers, and more.

Embedded Software Development for Locinox
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