Embedded Software Development for a German Medical Technology Company

Weinmann Emergency is a Germany-based company that develops high-quality ventilation and defibrillation solutions for emergency medicine.

Weinmann Emergency is a family-owned company that has been helping save people’s lives since 1874. It develops mobile medical devices for emergency vehicles, helicopters, and airplanes and has distribution centers in Russia, China, Spain, France, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore. 

Partnership overview

Weinmann Emergency partnered with N-iX to increase its engineering capabilities. They wanted to extend the in-house team with specialists who have a proven track record of delivering software products in healthcare and deep expertise in embedded software development.

N-iX software engineers have been working on embedded Linux firmware development with C++ using the Qt framework. They have enhanced the client’s development capabilities and contributed to the successful development of the product. Thanks to the team’s wide experience in embedded software development, we were able to offer a number of efficient technological solutions and industry know-how to our partner.

Germany, Hamburg
Partnership period
January 2019 - present
Linux, C++, QT GUI

Product overview

For decades, Weinmann Emergency has been developing medical equipment for emergency medicine such as ventilators, defibrillators, oxygen systems, portable suction machines, etc. The company employs about 230 employees worldwide who work in close cooperation with professionals from emergency medical services, hospitals, and military medical corps to understand the needs of users and patients. Their products are designed to ensure the best possible patient outcome in case of a rescue operation, an accident, a disaster, or an in-hospital emergency.

N-iX team has been collaborating with the IT department of Weinmann Emergency on MEDUCORE Standard², a defibrillator with monitoring functions. This is a portable device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart and helps restore the heartbeat of a patient. It has an intuitive user interface and loads the necessary presettings, depending on the age of the patient (infants, children, adults). The device allows medical professionals to easily switch between AED and manual modes. Moreover, it measures the SpO2 level and non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) of the patient.

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