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Cardo Systems, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, USA, is the world market leader in Bluetooth and DMC communication and entertainment systems for motorcycle riders.

Cardo is an acknowledged market leader in wireless communication systems for motorcyclists. The company has developed the world’s first Bluetooth communication system for motorcycle helmets. Scala rider products can be found in motorcycle accessory stores in over 80 countries. Cardo has also developed solutions for the leading manufacturers in the field of motorcycles and accessories, such as SHOEI, Schuberth, Ducati, Bell and HJC.

Partnership overview

Cardo Systems engaged N-iX to provide software and hardware testing of a wide range of their connectivity solutions for motorcycle riders. N-iX gathered a strong team of quality assurance specialists to perform functional and regression testing, hardware-to-hardware integration testing, hardware-to-software integration testing.

Thus the team’s main task was to ensure seamless performance of the company’s production-ready units. The cooperation also encompassed mobile application development, web development, and UI/UX. N-iX professionals were able to establish effective communication with the client and successfully completed the tasks they took on.

Automotive Consumer Electronics
Partnership period
July 2016 - present
Java Swift, Objective C, Android Studio IDE, TFS, Xcode, WordPress, Realm, Git, HP Quality Center, Genymotion, DFUWizard, Quick Nimble, Core Data, PHP Storm, Open Server, CloudFlare

Product overview

Cardo Systems produces 3rd generation communication and entertainment devices for the people who are on the move. The company has developed a self-adaptive mesh network that keeps riders constantly connected. Thus it allows large rider groups to maintain constant connectivity through a virtual network that is both spontaneous and fluid. The company’s most revolutionary product, scala rider was introduced in 2004 and was later supplemented with many new features and functions.

Scala rider PACKTALK introduces ground-breaking DMC™ technology for dynamic group riding. The product has wide functionality including:

  • DMC™ Intercom mode for multi-party intercom calls over a virtual private network – with up to 15 riders
  • Private Chat allows 1:1 conversation while no other group members can listen in
  • Up to 1 mile / 1.6 km Bike-to-Bike intercom and up to 8 km with 5 or more riders
  • 4-Way Bluetooth Intercom Conferencing: 2 riders and their passengers or 3 separate riders (Full Duplex)
  • Voice Command: Voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation
  • Cardo Gateway™: Enables non-Cardo headsets to connect via intercom
  • Intercom-to-Mobile: Calls switch automatically to mobile when out of range
  • Parallel Audio-streaming Talk and listen to music at the same time
  • Receive GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth
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