Embedded Software

N-iX delivers firmware and hardware development outsourcing for electronics manufacturers. We help global businesses build embedded software solutions for high-tech applications and IoT.


Explore our expertise with embedded development

Embedded engineers at N-iX build efficient and secure embedded systems including wearables, Wi-Fi routers, sensors, home appliances, automotive solutions, and more. Our extended teams deliver full-cycle development services and build embedded solutions of any complexity.

N-iX expertise covers hardware and firmware development for multiple embedded projects. Our engineers create reliable software solutions that fit complex technical requirements of top-notch hardware manufacturers. We ensure embedded software and hardware components successfully handle multiple internal and external factors affecting their performance.

Embedded development for manufacturing

Our teams have expertise in embedded firmware development for consumer electronics, wearables, and industrial automation solutions. For instance, we have developed embedded solutions for Anoto, a Swedish digital pen manufacturer. N-iX extended team has helped Anoto build mobile data capture solutions for handwriting.

Connectivity solutions for embedded projects

A nearshore development team at N-iX has helped our client deliver an offline connectivity solution using the mesh technology. We developed a comprehensive embedded connectivity solution that uses Bluetooth technology to trace, collect, and process data about traffic flow and location.

Mobile communication solutions for automotive

N-iX engineers have created an efficient Bluetooth solution for Cardo Systems, a US-based intercom systems manufacturer. We provided firmware and hardware-to-hardware integration testing for their motorcycle connectivity solution. Additionally, our team developed a supporting mobile application.

Engineering embedded IoT-ready systems

Different experts at N-iX join forces to deliver unique IoT solutions. We accumulated massive experience with cloud computing and big data platforms. N-iX software architects fuse this knowledge with our full-cycle development capabilities in embedded software to deliver custom IoT solutions to global clients.

Our software engineers will help you navigate in the magnitude of IoT-related technologies to select the ones that fit your project’s requirements. We successfully integrate hardware, firmware, and data management components. Our dedicated development teams design secure and efficient embedded systems as well as supporting software infrastructures.


Expertise we offer

Embedded software development outsourcing
Integration with third-party technologies
Embedded software and hardware testing
Hardware development
Firmware development
Products SDK development
Products maintenance
Technical support


N-iX develops reliable and innovative embedded solutions compliant with strict automotive industry standards.
Aviation Technology
Cooperating with aviation technology companies, airlines, and airports on the high-tech embedded systems that boost operational efficiency.
Efficient embedded solutions for global industrial manufacturing companies to help them streamline operations.
Designing and developing next-generation embedded applications for leading players in high-tech to help businesses stay at the forefront of innovation.
We leverage embedded technology know-how to deliver transformation solutions for oil, gas, and utility companies.


Cutting-edge expertise
With development centers in Ukraine and Poland, N-iX R&D covers all layers of firmware development and keeps up with all major industry trends such as real-time signal processing and big data.
Our specialists perform rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance during every stage of firmware and hardware development. We make sure embedded solutions deliver high performance and low power consumption in various environments. Our professional QA team offers a full range of embedded software tests from functional to automated testing.
Technological excellence
We are experts in assemblers as well as languages that are considered to be a top-level representation of hardware. Our software development engineers possess advanced knowledge of C/C++ and other low-level programming languages commonly used in embedded solutions.
Compliance with standards and regulations
N-iX developers ensure efficiency and security of the embedded solutions we deliver. Our development teams strictly follow customers’ and industry specifications. We build embedded products that meet rigid international standards such as levels of the electromagnetic interference conducted, radiated emission, etc.


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