Embedded Software

We provide development outsourcing services for electronics manufacturers helping them to develop embedded software solutions for high-tech and IoT projects.


Designing and implementing embedded systems of any complexity

We build reliable software solutions that fit complex technical requirements of top-notch hardware manufacturers. We create design and architecture to ensure that embedded software successfully copes with multiple internal and external factors affecting its performance.

Our portfolio includes firmware development for a digital pen manufacturer and development of a complex embedded solution for a device that uses Bluetooth technology to trace, collect and process data about traffic flow and location. We have expertise in embedded development for consumer electronics and wearables and industrial automation solutions.

N-iX engineers have also developed efficient connectivity solution applicable in the automotive industry and provided software and hardware testing for motorcycle intercom systems manufacturer.

  • Embedded software development outsourcing

  • Firmware development

  • Hardware development

  • Products SDK development

  • Products maintenance

  • Integration with third-party technologies

  • Embedded software and hardware testing

  • Technical support




Developing reliable and innovative embedded solutions compliant with the most rigid automotive industry standards


Aviation Technology

Cooperating with aviation technology companies, airlines and airports on the high-tech embedded systems for increasing their operational efficiency



Efficient embedded solutions for global industrial manufacturing companies to help them streamline operations and accelerate business digitalization



Designing and developing next generation embedded applications for leading players in high-tech to help businesses stay at the forefront of innovation



Leveraging the possibilities of embedded technology to deliver transformative solutions for the energy sector.

why us

Cutting-edge expertise

With development centers in Ukraine and Poland, N-iX R&D covers all layers of firmware development and keeps up with all major industry trends such as real-time signal processing and big data.


Testing and Quality Assurance is built into every phase of our service to ensure high performance of embedded software and low power consumption in various environments. Our professional QA offers full range of embedded software tests from functional to automated testing.

Technical excellence

Our software development engineers possess advanced knowledge of C/C++, low-level languages commonly used for embedded programming and considered to be top level representation of hardware. They are also familiar with assemblers .

Compliance with standards and regulations

N-iX developers ensure efficiency and security of the embedded solutions they deliver. We know how important it is to follow the specifications and build the product that meets rigid international standards such as levels of electromagnetic conducted and radiated emission etc.

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