Dedicated Development Center

Wondering how companies build up new capabilities quickly? Explore Dedicated Development Center outsourcing model and find out how companies such as OpenText, Travelport, Fluke, Gogo and TuneIn accelerate their growth in Ukraine.

Our clients

We were looking for a company that would help us expand our business. And we really liked N-iX approach and cooperation model.
Petter Eriksson
VP Engineering, OpenText
Origin Enterprises purchased AgSpace and wanted to take the AgSpace offering to its global customer base. The simplest way to act on that growth opportunity was to find a partner to do it with.
Jon Rhymes
Head of Technology, AgSpace (part of Origin Enterprises)
In our technology organization we have about 35 people in London. At N-iX we have little over a hundred people. So the majority of our operation is at N-iX.
Lars Hoogweg
CTO, Lebara
The initial team composition was five. We've since expanded and been actually augmenting other projects and other teams that we have in Austin.
VP Product Engineering
Service Solution Provider
Dedicated R&D Center for a Global Telecom Company

Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile companies with five million active customers, 1,400 employees worldwide and operations in nine countries.

Cloud-based Payments Platform Development for Currencycloud – a Renowned FinTech Company
  • scalable and secure FinTech platform
  • a client-facing responsive web application
  • API development and payments optimization for different regions
  • solution compliance with industry regulations
Fintech Solution Development for a London-based P2P Lending Company

RateSetter is a leading P2P lending platform operating in the UK and Australia. Since 2010, it has matched over £1.6 bn in loans and now has over 250,000 active customers. 

Integration of Existing Novell Products With Linux Platform

Novell is a leading provider of infrastructure software, which employs endpoint management, collaboration, and file and networking solutions to make the workplace more productive, secure and manageable.

Strategic Partnership Encompassing R&D and Professional Services

OpenText is Canada’s largest software company that produces and distributes enterprise information management software solutions for large corporations, government agencies and professional service firms across all industries.

US Hospitality Leader's Team Extension in Ukraine

HotSchedules is a US-based company providing one of the most popular employee scheduling and labor management solution in the restaurant industry.

Software Product Development for Schibsted – an International Media Corporation
  • delivering several high loaded web-projects with responsive design
  • integration of multiple websites, CMSs, and services into one platform
  • cross-platform mobile application development

Helping you to innovate and build up new development capabilities quickly

Since 2002, our Dedicated Development Center cooperation model has been helping a number of leading software companies and ISVs to fasten their speed of innovation. Now that innovation and agility have become essential competitive ingredients for any organization, our cooperation model has come to serve even a wider range of companies in any industry.

Started out as a product startup that turned into a service provider with Novell as a founding client, we have grown into a mid-sized company with over 900 professionals. Fueled by the success of the cooperation model and a thriving IT market in Ukraine in recent years we have expanded our geography to Poland (Krakow) and Bulgaria.

Being one of the pioneers of this business model, we are happy to see a growing number of tech companies leverage it to overcome traditional barriers of expansion, grow their capabilities, access new technologies, analytics that can crunch huge data sets, and IT infrastructure to scale offerings quickly.

  • Largest talent pools in Eastern Europe
    Our Ukrainian, Polish, and Bulgarian delivery centers allow your organization to tap into Eastern Europe’s largest IT talent pools of over 500,000 professionals
  • Scale your business
    N-iX builds and hosts client dedicated development teams ranging from 5 to 50 experts and development centers ranging from 50 to 100 experts, helping fast growing companies to scale and develop their business in the long-run
  • Tap into new expertise
    Tap into expertise and knowledge not available in-house. Over 900 expert software engineers are now helping our client organizations to implement technology transformation

Our Team


We set up your development team/ own development center

We build your team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities. We strive to keep our best people in-house, so you may find some developer resources available right from the start. If required, our HR team will help to meet your special needs by custom recruitment locally, nationally, and regionally (Eastern Europe).

We integrate the team/center with your site

A Delivery Manager responsible for team integration with your site is allocated to your account. He will work closely with you for the first months of cooperation to work out an efficient remote cooperation model and help to set up all the agile processes necessary for a geographically distributed team. He will be responsible for business processes integration, technology alignment, team-building activities and setting up and overseeing effective communication.

We take care of administration

We take care of all administration pertaining to your team at our development centers. We provide technical infrastructure, encourage continued education and stimulate professional growth of your team. Your developers will not work isolated – we work to make sure that 900+ developers working at our development centers in Ukraine (Lviv, Kyiv), Poland (Krakow), and Bulgaria have the environment to develop professionally.

You retain full control over product development

The engagement model enables you to manage your team as you do your in-house one, while we give you the necessary tools and provide our continued assistance. Also, you can involve us at any stage of our cooperation so that we help facilitate communication and relationships with your team.


Geographical and cultural proximity

Our development locations in Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria a have close affinity with European countries and businesses and convenient flight connections with many destinations in Europe and North America. Moreover, ancient architecture, friendly people and local cuisine make visitors from Europe feel like home.

High loyalty on the team

We can help you to build team loyalty, and maintain high level of motivation as you go through your project ensuring that you function as a team with your outsourced developers at N-iX. In many cases, the retention rate of N-iX dedicated teams is even higher than that of our clients’ in-house teams, which helps to keep knowledge about the product in the company.

Technology and domain expertise

In our software development company solid business domain experience, broad technical expertise and quality-driven delivery model are combined to create innovative solutions. Our tech professionals  experienced in development of FinTech products, business intelligence solutions, complex web and mobile applications, high-load systems, embedded software, big data & data science analytics offer full-cycle services in the areas of software development and technology consulting.

Quick and easy start

Our employer brand on the local IT outsourcing market and recruitment capabilities allow us to attract the best engineering talent for your development team. Our development centers are located in Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria – the countries hosting the majority of Europe’s skilled software developers, so there will be no problem in building your dedicated team of IT professionals.

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