US Hospitality Leader's Team Extension in Ukraine

HotSchedules provides mobile and cloud-based tools for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries, delivering solutions designed to automate operational challenges such as recruiting, training, scheduling, business intelligence, shift communication, labor and inventory management. HotSchedules products serve to more than 1.8 million users in over 110,000 locations across 26 countries.

Hospitality Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Mobile Application Development Digital Transformation Cloud Solutions Enterprise Mobility UI/UX North America
  • Location Austin, USA
  • Industry Hospitality
  • Partnership period April 2015 – present
  • Team size 27 people
  • Team location Ukraine (Lviv)
  • Services Dedicated Development Team, Software QA & Testing, Mobile Application Development
  • Expertise delivered Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, UI/UX
  • Technologies MS SQL, Spring, REST, Backbone/Marionette, ReactJS, Android, ObjectiveC

HotSchedules is a US-based company providing one of the most popular employee scheduling and labor management solution in the restaurant industry.

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HotSchedules Recruit

HotSchedules Recruit is a referral network that helps job seekers find restaurant jobs. If you’re looking for great restaurant jobs, it’s the best place to get connected and find them.


HotSchedules Scheduler

HotSchedules isn’t just a scheduling tool – though it does save the time it takes managers to create and manage one by 75 percent. It is a comprehensive labor management solution with advanced reporting and forecasting capabilities that help restaurants schedule the right people at the right time and reduce labor costs. HotSchedules mobile app makes it easy for employees to view their schedule, enter time-off requests, swap shifts and communicate with each other via instant messages.


The Above Store Console

A birds-eye view into your stores’ performance

  • Get reporting and visibility on your labor across multiple stores.
  • See into all of your stores’ sales, labor costs, labor percent, and overtime.
  • See actual sales, projected sales, and the variance between the two.
  • Create and edit survey or polls that can be communicated companywide.
  • Share videos and other company-wide announcements that can be seen when employees log in.

HotSchedules has been successfully functioning for over a decade, being one of the most popular and trusted labor management solutions inside the US and providing its services to thousands of restaurants and fast-food networks. However, built on JSP technology, with time the system started to require modernization.

N-iX dedicated team, which consists of 19 developers and 8 QA specialists is currently working on HotSchedules transformation moving it from JSP to REST + Backbone. Project development is quite challenging due to short iterations (release every 2 weeks), high load and high-quality requirements.

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