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Drive more revenue and improve customer experience! AI engineers at N-iX can automate workflows and bring additional value to your tech team.

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AI engineers that make
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N-iX regularly recruits top AI engineers with high work ethics, niche skills, and cross-industry expertise. This approach helps us quickly staff your team with the right professionals and ensure they deliver the expected results your company needs to succeed and expand.

  • 200+ Data, AI, and ML experts
  • 30+ completed AI projects in various verticals
  • 21 years on the global market
  • 2,100+ software engineers skilled in different domains and technologies
  • Top tech talent in 25 locations across Europe and the Americas
  • 200k+ active candidates in the recruitment database

Services we offer

  • AI and Machine learning

    • ML models development and AutoML
    • Deep Learning
    • Computer Vision
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Chatbots and Conversational AI
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Time-Series Modelling
  • Generative AI

    • Prompt-based and conditional text, image, voice, and video generation
    • Various format data augmentation
    • Unsupervised learning
    • Customization
  • MLOps

    • ML models, code, and data improvement
    • ML processes automation and unification
    • Continuous training and monitoring
    • Streamlined development

Choose the most cost-effective
cooperation model for your project

With N-iX, you can choose the cooperation model that fits your project. Whether you need
to hire a few experienced AI engineers, orchestrate a managed team, outsource a full-cycle AI
solution development, or consult on an AI project — we're ready to help you reach your goals.

Team extension with AI engineers

We help businesses close the skill gap in their technical teams with experienced AI developers.

  • Flexible team augmentation at any AI project phase
  • Covered HR management
  • Knowledge-base accumulation and retention

Managed team

You can delegate a part of the development project to our self-managed AI team, which will closely cooperate with your delivery center.

  • A team of experienced AI engineers with the necessary skill set
  • Adherence to your product vision, roadmap, engineering requirements, and specific project documentation
  • On-demand team scaling and access to N-iX expertise in AI and other domains

Custom AI solution development

Our team takes care of end-to-end AI solution delivery from design to production and deployment.

  • Custom solution development to meet your Definition of Done
  • Regular progress updates and communication
  • AI models and algorithms optimized for specific business data and needs that will help differentiate your company

AI consulting

N-iX engineers will help you define the most beneficial areas for AI adoption and plan further transformational strategy.

  • A comprehensive analysis of your business processes to define the areas of improvement
  • A roadmap for resource optimization and transformation with AI solutions
  • Analysis of the optimal team staffing option for your AI project

How can AI developers help you transform your business?

Professional AI developers will help you improve your business processes and prepare
your infrastructure for digital transformation at scale. Here's how you can
optimize your business operations and expand tech capabilities when you hire AI developers.

Improve data processing, analytics, and reporting

As a subset of Data Science, AI algorithms can process large data sets faster and more accurately. This will simplify data collection, reporting, and compliance management for highly regulated and frequently audited industries like healthcare, finance, and energy.

Introduce predictive analytics to keep business strategy updated

AI engineers build predictive models that use real-time and historical data to forecast trends, customer behavior, and market dynamics, helping your business proactively adapt strategies and identify business opportunities.

Streamline company-wide digital transformation

Combined with Cloud, Data Science, Computer Vision, and Robotic Process Automation, AI is essential for modifying business models and creating new services. It helps businesses increase customer value, remain competitive, and innovate at scale.

Improve security

AI-based algorithms offer reliable image recognition, accurate pattern and anomaly detection, and bank-grade authentication to guard your systems from cyberattacks and unauthorized access.

Integrate AI tools to automate processes and save costs

From HR operations to logistics and manufacturing operations, AI tools can help you improve efficiency, decrease errors related to human factors, eliminate manual work, and cut human-hour costs.

Enhance client communication by adopting chatbots and virtual assistants

AI engineers can create virtual assistants and chatbots to substitute human involvement whenever possible using Machine Learning and NLP.

Create personalized user experiences

AI algorithms analyze user input, behavior, and flows, helping your marketing team create tailored digital experiences for your B2B and B2C customers.

The hiring process at N-iX

3-4 weeks

to fill the position


positions closed every month

  • Over 1M experts in the talent pool
  • 270K+ candidates in the recruitment database
  • 96.5% of new employees successfully pass the probation period
Hire top talent
Hiring AI developers with N-iX: process

Why hire AI developers with N-iX

  • Long-term technical partner for Fortune 500 companies

    Our extensive industry expertise helps us design AI solutions with maximum ROI in manufacturing, automotive, energy, and other verticals.

  • Strong account governance

    We take care of all back-office issues regarding hiring AI developers and ensure you get the desired results on time.

  • Impressive development capacity

    Our multiple delivery centers across Europe and the Americas helped us form an extensive, pre-vetted talent pool of experienced AI engineers ready to join your tech team.

  • Perfect locations for nearshoring

    With little to no time zone difference, you can benefit from aligned, uninterrupted communication and collaboration and avoid bottlenecks and inconsistency.

  • Operational maturity

    We offer one-stop-shop AI outsourcing services with secure, ready-to-use infrastructure aligned with the industry standards and data processing requirements (ISO, GDPR)

  • Delivery excellence

    Our certified partnership with Google, AWS, and Microsoft provides our AI developers with state-of-the-art tools to create and deliver secure solutions for highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, pharma, and biotech.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of hiring AI engineers will depend on your project complexity and duration, hiring location, techstack requirements, developer's level of expertise, and experience in specific niches. Contact our team for a consultation and get a project-based quote.

You should consider the developer's skill level, industry/niche experience, portfolio or references from previous employers, English level, technical qualification and certifications, educational background, soft skills, and other factors. When you partner with a software development company like N-iX, you save money and time on recruiting, hiring, and testing the candidates and choose among pre-vetted, skilled, experienced, and motivated AI engineers to join your team.
AI developers bring specialized expertise in artificial intelligence, enabling advanced data handling and automation, improving cross-functional collaboration, and developing cutting-edge solutions to upgrade your value proposition.
To get the highest ROI on AI talent investment, you should clearly define your business goals and see where AI solutions can facilitate their reach. For example, if you need to start digital transformation, hiring AI engineers will help you redesign and streamline your data processing. Accurate data handling will create a foundation for quality analytics and reporting. You can also hire AI developers to consult where you can adopt AI solutions to improve customer experience and employee performance.
At N-iX, we're all about quality, long-term partnerships. This approach to service provision guides is in the way we source and hire AI talents worldwide. We always test the candidates' technical and soft skills before adding them to our recruitment database. We also assess AI developers' culture fit before outsourcing to ensure you both benefit from cooperation. Moreover, we prepare all the necessary paperwork indicating the project details, duration, scope of work, responsibilities, deliverables, and deadlines so you receive the expected results in full and on time.

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