Product Discovery

Validate your product concept by building a prototype and testing its market viability and usability. Our experts will shape the final scope of your solution, test all assumptions from different perspectives: Business Analysis, UX, and IT Architecture, and produce the deliverables required for successful project kick-off.

Ensure the success of your product

During the discovery phase, a team of dedicated N-iX experts shape the final scope of your solution.
It is based on the coordinated goals of different business stakeholders, the user journey map, and market research.
Also, the team validates all assumptions and hypotheses from different perspectives:
Business Analysis, UX, and IT Architecture. Furthermore, it produces all the deliverables
required to efficiently kick off the implementation phase.

Build a product from scratch

Gain an insight into your future project, assess the risks, align your business goals with specific user needs, and create optimal experiences to meet them.

Extend an existing complex system

Explore the current state of the system, define the scope for transformation, outline potential bottlenecks and risks, and find ways to address them.

Conduct tech assessment

Our experts can carry out a complex independent audit of existing systems before acquisition, merge, or major technological changes in your company.

Evaluate your current software

Product Discovery will help you understand the outdated aspects of your system, understand the full potential of the upgrade, and plan the process with optimal outcome.

Product Discovery:
How it works

An average Discovery Phase lasts for three weeks. However, its duration can vary depending
on your needs from two to five weeks. During this time, a team of dedicated N-iX specialists
(the Solution Group) collect all the project artifacts and produce the deliverables that
you need to transition to the implementation phase.

End-to-end Custom Solution Development Journey

Product Discovery process

01. Preparation: 2-3 days (off-site)
We analyze initial requirements and prepare an optimal discovery plan.
Business Analysis
  • Explore client’s business environment
  • Conduct market research
  • Define a detailed plan for the discovery implementation
Solutions Architecture
  • Analyze the stated business goals and needs
  • Research technology landscape
  • Prepare the initial list of the architecture constraints and concerns
UI/UX Design
  • Perform market research focusing on user experience
  • Analyzes competitors
  • Enhance discovery plan with UX activities
02. Deep dive: 5-10 days (on-site / online)
Deep-dive into business and technical analysis in order to define clear vision, priorities, and success criteria.
Business Analysis
  • Refine business goals and vision
  • Develop business flows
  • Define functional decomposition
  • Elaborate and define priorities
  • Review & collect feedback
Solutions Architecture
  • Analyze the architecture-significant functional requirements
  • Analyze constraints and concerns
  • Work on Quality Attributes
  • Prepare initial architecture vision
  • Review & collect feedback
UX/UX Design
  • Define a User Persona
  • Create a user journey map
  • Make a sketch
  • Prepare the overall visual concept
  • Create wireframes for key user flows
03. Solution definition: 10-15 days (off-site)
Elaborate iteratively on requirements and software design in order to build a clear project implementation roadmap and calculate costs.
Business Analysis
  • Elaborate functional decomposition
  • Align business roadmap with estimations
  • Review major milestones & priorities
  • Finalize business requirements for the Roadmap
Solutions Architecture
  • Create critical architecture views
  • Defines technology stack
  • Create DevOps and Operations vision
  • Prepare Work Breakdown Structure
  • Estimate implementation efforts
  • Finalize the Architecture vision document
UX/UX Design
  • Create a prototype for a solution
  • Define visual components and style guides
  • Build experience roadmap
  • Finalize UX solution vision
The team behind effective Product Discovery

A Discovery Phase at N-iX is performed by a team of dedicated specialists (the Solution Group). The team comprises:

  • the Solution Architect,
  • the UX expert,
  • the Business Analysis expert,
  • the Project Coordinator,
  • and the Technology expert (a Solution Group Associate).

However, when additional expertise is needed, other experienced N-iX professionals are engaged in the process.

Discovery phase deliverables

  • Final product vision
  • Functional decomposition
  • Product Roadmap
  • Prototype or wireframes
  • Screen flows
  • Style guide
  • Solution Architecture
  • Technology Stack
  • Operation Plan
Project Plan
  • Time and cost estimates
  • Team composition
  • Implementation roadmap

Why you need Product Discovery

Reduced development costs
Architecture tailored to business objectives
Preliminary solution roadmap
Defined business needs, goals, and metrics
Efficient resource management
Minimized risks

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