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Drive maximum value from your data with an effective future-proof
data strategy. Whether you need to design and implement it from
scratch or assess your existing strategy - we can help.

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Design a future-proof data analytics strategy Benefits

Drive effective data monetization

Obtain the necessary tools to drive maximum value from your data. Optimize your internal processes, enable data-driven decisions, and turn insights into economic gains.

Build a strategy with scalability in mind

Design a clear, principle-driven roadmap for achieving both short-term and long-term data goals. We will ensure that your infrastructure can scale effectively to keep up with your business growth.

Optimize costs

Ensure that the most cost-effective technologies and services are used for extracting, storing, sharing, and analyzing data.

Uncover and address data risk

Mitigate existing and potential data risks by implementing a data strategy that raises predictability, classifies data, and establishes reliable protection controls.

Accelerate development processes

All required methodologies and tech stack are included in the data strategy design to ensure a faster and more efficient development process.

Conduct effective business planning

Design an outline of clear dependencies, roadmap, and estimates that will allow you to effectively plan for the future.

Automate and optimize analytics with AI

Our engineers will help you implement ML/AI models that automate analytics, reduce manual work, eliminate human error, and more.

Build an effective data strategy
from the ground up

Design your data architecture in 3 steps How it works

01. Preparation

  • Analyze your business goals and needs
  • Research the technology landscape
  • Prepare the initial list of industry-specific constraints and concerns
  • Enhance the discovery phase with architecture-related activities

02. Deep Dive

  • Analyze the critical functional requirements
  • Analyze the constraints and concerns
  • Work on Quality Attributes and Scenario Definition
  • Prepare the initial architecture vision

03. Solution definition

  • Create relevant architecture views
  • Define the technology stack
  • Create the DevOps and Operations vision
  • Prepare the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Estimate implementation efforts
  • Finalize and document the Architecture vision

Obtain a clear implementation roadmap for your strategy

Assess and improve
your existing data analytics strategy Our services

N-iX team of experts will perform a thorough audit of your existing data strategy.
We will locate possible drawbacks or shortcomings and outline a plan with suggested improvements and ways of implementing them.

What we do:
  • Business case review
  • Requirement elicitation
  • Requirement prioritization
  • Quality attribute workshop
  • Architecture review
  • Implementation review
  • Artifact collection
What you get:
  • Assessment report
  • Architectural drivers
  • Architecture highlights
  • Tradeoffs and risks
  • Recommendations
  • Migration architecture
  • Improvement roadmap

How data strategy consulting with N-iX
can help your business

Improve operational

Optimize supply chain, democratize accesses with a data management strategy, enable real-time streaming and analysis, and ensure better process visibility.

Acquire and retain
more customers

IImplement smart recommendation and marketing trend forecasting systems, analyze purchase patterns, and enable contextual communication.

Boost data and equipment

Set up reliable cybersecurity and fraud detection, and reduce equipment downtime with effective predictive maintenance.

How N-iX can help you design a winning data strategyWhy us


N-iX has a strong team of 200+ experienced data engineers with many successfully delivered projects.

Our engineers have a wide range of data expertise, including data migration strategy, Machine learning and AI implementation, big data strategy design, and more.
Many industry-leading companies and Fortune 500 enterprises from telecom, finance, healthcare, and other domains have already benefited from N-iX Data Analytics services.

We keep data protected by complying with established security standards such as ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Data strategy success stories Case studies

Gogo has been providing in-flight connectivity and entertainment services for over 20 years. The company helps The company’s superior technologies and high-quality services help airlines perform better, planes fly smarter, and passengers travel more comfortably.

The Challenge

Gogo needed to improve their quality of in-flight internet services by migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, creating a unified data platform, and improving existing analytics reports.

The Solution

The N-iX team outlined and implemented a strategy for streamlining and improving data analytics with a data warehouse that can store and process vast amounts of data. We have also migrated the data platform to the AWS cloud and developed a data lake that collects data from over 20 sources and enhances reporting efficiency.

read the full success story

Cleverbridgeis a leading German e-commerce and subscription management solution provider. The company helps businesses from various industries monetize online services, digital goods, and SaaS.

The Challenge

Cleverbridge wanted to enhance their product offering and improve the quality of their services by implementing visually informative data analytics reports.

The Solution

N-iX designed and implemented a strategy for the development of a reporting solution powered by Power BI that would enhance data analytics reports and make them more informative. The strategy also included the implementation of ad-hoc servers for better data security and quicker access. As a result, cleverbridge was able to increase their customer reach with an expanded service offering.

read the full success story

Fortune 100 engineering and technology company

TOur client is a Fortune 100 company from Germany that, through a network of over 440 regional entities and subsidiaries operates in more than 60 countries. There are four business segments that the company focuses on: energy, construction technology, mobility, and industrial technology.

  • Industry:


  • Location:


  • Partnership period:

    Jan 2019 - present

  • Team:


The Challenge

Our client’s internal logistics solution lacked scalability and did not allow to efficiently manage 60+ of the company’s warehouses. It also did not provide enough information visibility within the production chain that handles vast amounts of product stock availability data. The client needed to design and implement a strategy for improving the solution.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of the existing monolith solution, the N-iX team designed a roadmap complete with the necessary tech stack to migrate the monolith architecture to cloud-native microservices. The new solution is highly scalable and allows to easily add various SaaS services, including data mining, delivery protection, etc. In addition, N-iX experts created a PoC for the new MS Azure-based analysis tool to improve information visibility and enable handling and visualizing vast amounts of data in near real-time.

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Lebara is among Europe’s fastest-growing mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). The company has millions of active customers and employs more than 62 nationalities across six countries.

The Challenge

Lebara collects vast amounts of data (reports about calls, messages, top-ups, etc.) from their customers and needed to provide the departments that work with this data with proper analytical tools.

The Solution

The N-iX team helped design and implement a solution that allows handling large amounts of data, optimizes Lebara’s various internal processes, and improves the efficiency of commerce data flow management. Additionally, our experts helped develop a cloud-based data lake that enables near real-time data report generation and data streaming, improves flexibility, and reduces infrastructure costs.

read the full success story

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