Hiring offshore software developers to bring your tech project to life has a long list of advantages. According to Deloitte’s 2022 Global Outsourcing Survey, the main motives for outsourcing software development are the possibilities to reduce costs, gain access to new expertise, and solve capacity issues. So, more and more enterprises decide to outsource their engineering team.

So let’s take a look at the companies that outsource software development. To compile the list, we have considered the companies’ positions in the market, the success of their outsourcing partnerships, industry recognition ratings, and other criteria. In addition, we have analyzed the reliability of the outsourcing vendors and successfully delivered projects for their partners across the globe. The article is based on the companies’ LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites, CrunchBase, Bloomberg, and Clutch.

–°ompanies that outsource software development: Success stories

1. Global payments platform: Currencycloud

Currencycloud is a global payments platform that enables businesses to provide cross-border payments to their consumers. By using its API, companies can send and receive payments without the need to build their own infrastructure for it. Also, in 2017, the company won the API Award for its innovative Payment APIs.

In 2013 Currencycloud faced a need to outsource an engineering team, so they started cooperation with N-iX. Since that time, N-iX has delivered extensive functionality upgrades and modernized the solution’s tech stack. Moreover, N-iX outsourced engineering team developed a responsive web app Currencycloud Direct, provided internal services maintenance, services integration with third parties, payments optimization for various regions, and other services. The companies have managed to establish a strong partnership, which still continues.

Currencycloud: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

2. UK fashion retailer: PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is a fast-growing UK-based fashion retailer that offers on-trend outfits for women. The retail company operates in the UK, Ireland, Australia, the US, France, Middle East and North Africa. With a rapidly increasing customer base, PrettyLittleThing needed to expand its software development capabilities, automate some processes, and develop a custom functionality.

Therefore, the enterprise was looking for tech companies that have experience in the implementation of e-commerce solutions and high-load systems, so they reached out to N-iX. During 5+ years of fruitful cooperation that still continues, N-iX developed a wide range of functionalities for a product information management system and automated the creation of products with different attributes on their website. In addition, the N-iX engineering team established the Agile processes that are vital for the successful project outcome.

PrettyLittleThing: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

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3. German education services provider: WBS TRAINING

WBS TRAINING is one of the leading global providers of various training services with 40+ years of market presence. Their educational services list spans professional training, business training, SAP software training, and more.

Their aim was to outsource an engineering team to streamline their operations and enhance user experience. N-iX specialists reached this goal by moving client’s legacy monolithic learning management system to microservices and developing a desktop-based student management application. Moreover, by switching to microservices, they expanded the system's flexibility.

WBS TRAINING: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

4. US manufacturing enterprise: Fluke 

Fluke is a leading US manufacturing company that provides electronic test tools and solutions for measuring and condition monitoring. The company has over 2,400 employees on board and representative channels in more than 100 countries across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

Our client chose to hire software engineering teams from N-iX to boost the performance, customization opportunities, and scalability of their solutions and gain better visibility into asset conditions. They also wanted their development team to ensure the smooth integration of their solutions with various CMMSs. After Fluke and the software engineering outsourcing company shook hands, N-iX developed mobile solutions for better asset maintenance. Within 10+ years of cooperation, the N-iX team has grown from 8 to 20+ members with extensive expertise in Data Science, Cloud-native services, DevOps, QA, and more. Jointly with other onshore and offshore software engineering teams from the US, India, and Ireland, N-iX specialists developed backend and frontend, conducted code reviews and bug fixing, and implemented some new features. 

As a result, N-iX helped Fluke to enhance asset conditions maintenance, minimize maintenance expenses, as well as enhanced the solutions’ scalability and customization. 

Fluke: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

5. US connectivity solutions provider: Gogo

Gogo is a global provider of in-flight Internet with vast experience in delivering connectivity solutions. During 30+ years of market presence, the company installed their connectivity technology on more than 2,900 commercial and over 6,600 business aircraft.  

Gogo wanted to improve the quality and speed of their in-flight Internet and forecast equipment failures. The ill-performance of satellite antennas caused penalty fines from the airlines, which led to extra spending. However, when the equipment underwent examination, experts found no reason behind its malfunctioning. To detect the anomalies, N-iX specialists decided to focus on data governance as a way to prevent equipment failures and boost the in-flight Internet speed. First of all, we conducted Cloud migration of the client’s solutions and implemented a unified Cloud-based data platform that collected and aggregated information on the system’s performance. The next step was to apply Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms and set up data-retrieving processes that would predict the ill-performance of the equipment. With effective reporting in place, the enterprise was able to correlate data from degraded antennas with weather conditions and equipment construction.

The outsourcing enterprise has helped Gogo to reduce costs related to equipment failures and improve the user experience. During 5+ years of partnership between N-iX and Gogo, the team expanded to around 30 members, and the cooperation still goes on.

Gogo: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

6. UK enterprise software company: Orbus Software

Orbus Software is one of the leading independent software development companies that provides solutions for enterprise architecture, application portfolio management, business capability management, cyber and risk management, and more. Among their customers are over 550 organizations from North and South America, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific region. 

In 2014, the enterprise faced a rising need to boost their testing capabilities and reduce the time-to-market of their main product, iServer. The client needed to hire software engineering teams of QA specialists that would automate their testing processes. Jointly with N-iX specialists from the QA Automation Center of Excellence, our QA engineers introduced in-sprint test automation that would be performed simultaneously with software development. In addition, our engineers orchestrated web functional testing and integrated it into CI/CD process. N-iX outsourced engineering team also provided BI development services for the interactive dashboards used by Orbus Software customers.  

In this case, the key achievements of partnerships with an outsourcing vendor were faster time-to-market, reduced need for manual testing that led to cost savings, and optimized user experience.

Orbus Software: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

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7. Global telecom company: Lebara

Lebara is a global telecommunications company, a mobile virtual network operator, that provides services in many countries across the globe, addressing the needs of international communities and migrant workers. It is one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile companies with more than 5B users.

In 2014, Lebara felt the need to boost its capacities and hire an outsourced software engineering team. The company started working with N-iX, a software development provider based in Eastern Europe. Founded in 2002, the vendor has over 2,000 engineers on board. So in a few years, N-iX software engineering team has transformed into a large development center for its global partner. It provides an extensive range of expertise – from software development and quality assurance to database administration, application and infrastructure support, and more.

N-iX teams have worked on Lebara’s many products and services such as LebaraPlay, MyLebara, LebaraMoney, Bluepipe, and others. The outsourcing vendor also provided mobile application development for Lebara Talk, Lebara Hub, Lebara Travel, Lebara Money, and other solutions. Moreover, N-iX was rated in Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies by IAOP for six years in a row.

Lebara: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

8. Australian transportation enterprise: Redflex

Redflex is an Australian enterprise that delivers intelligent transport solutions for police and law authorities, motorway authorities, as well as local cities and councils worldwide. The decision to reach out for companies that outsource software development grew from the need to increase their market presence by developing a new solution for traffic management.

Such software engineering outsourcing company as N-iX has a vast experience in custom software development, Data Science, computer vision and Deep Learning. Therefore, N-iX was able to promptly gather a team of seasoned computer vision specialists that validated the client’s product idea and ensure a quick project launch. The project scope included the development of two PoCs that could capture distracted driving behavior and seat belt fastening violation classification. By implementing CV and Deep Learning models, N-iX helped its business partner increase the solution’s detection accuracy by nearly 88%.

Redflex: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

9. German healthtech provider: WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency is one of the most experienced companies who outsource software projects on our list. It is a recognized German supplier of medical technology equipment that has been present in the international market since 1874. The enterprise develops innovative life-saving equipment for ventilation and defibrillation and distributes them to emergency medical services, hospitals, and military medical corps in more than 120 countries.

The enterprise wanted to hire software engineering teams to accelerate time-to-market and make sure that their solutions comply with medical standards. Among many companies that outsource software development, N-iX stood out for WEINMANN Emergency for their vast portfolio of healthcare solutions and adherence to HIPAA and other industry regulations. When building the solution for a portable defibrillator, the offshore vendor provided embedded software development services with C++ for Linux. N-iX engineers delivered sustainable business value—improved time-to-market and ensured compliance with security requirements and industry standards.

WEINMANN Emergency: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

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10. German e-commerce platform: cleverbridge

Cleverbridge is a German vendor that provides e-commerce and subscription management and payment solutions for online services and SaaS enterprises. The company’s key product is a Cloud-based ecommerce platform that simplifies recurring billing, enhances user experience, and offers comprehensive global compliance and payment capabilities. The enterprise helps B2B and B2C clients grow their customer base and increase revenue.

Cleverbridge reached N-iX in 2018 with a client-oriented request – the enterprise wanted to provide one of their main customers with more accurate and visually informative Data Analytics reports. After our data experts conducted a rigorous Product Discovery, they were able to design a data strategy that included the migration of the client data to a new data platform and the implementation of a data reporting solution. The AWS-based data platform was integrated with Power BI, which enabled building of detailed Business Intelligence reports. Moreover, N-iX team helped cleverbridge to establish effective data governance.

As a result of cooperation with N-iX, cleverbridge was able to fulfill the needs of one of their largest customers and increased their own service offerings. Also, by implementing a custom Data Analytics solution, we boosted the client’s decision-making capabilities. Moreover, due to effective data governance, our cleverbridge reached a higher level of information security.

cleverbridge: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation

11. Information management company: Vable

Vable is an information management company that delivered a sophisticated content automation platform for global businesses. The solution was able to manage information from various sources and provided users with the most relevant content. 

In 2015, Vable client decided to outsource the engineering team from N-iX to build a Cloud solution from scratch. N-iX developers used the idea behind the existing on-premise solution to implement a new microservices-based platform. The partnership with a software engineering outsourcing company has brought numerous benefits for Vable, including boosted scalability and flexibility, increased coverage of business cases, and enhanced user experience.

Vable: industry, number of employees, location, year of foundation


These examples prove that outsourcing a software engineering team can bring substantial benefits to your business. Many companies that outsource software projects have already increased business productivity, built cutting-edge solutions, improved product quality and functionality, scaled up faster, and gained a competitive edge.

There are a lot of trusted software engineering teams with an extensive range of expertise, qualified experts, and various domain knowledge. So, choosing the right vendor for your project is not as challenging as it seems.

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