In the competitive business world, partnering with the right software development team is crucial for achieving needed results within the budget. Alongside the quality of the skills, years of experience in the tech market, and variety of services offered, the businesses also pay attention to the location factor when deciding on software development outsourcing or team extension. And Poland is one of the world's top locations on the tech radar.

Poland has been one of the sought-after outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe for a while now. So, let's discuss what makes this country popular when it comes to hiring software development teams.

Top 10 things that make Poland a great place to hire a software development team

IT outsourcing industry in Poland: Major stats

Hiring a software development team in Poland offers distinct advantages for businesses aiming to succeed in the digital marketplace. These benefits include access to a skilled talent pool, robust infrastructure, and a business-friendly environment. But the list of advantages doesn't stop there. Here are a few more reasons why international companies prefer outsourcing to Poland.

1. Thriving tech ecosystem and ICT services market

Poland boasts a dynamic tech ecosystem, comprising multiple tech hubs, startup accelerators, and innovation centers. They create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among industry professionals. All of that contributes to the steady IT services market growth.

The exports of ICT services in Poland

According to the Polish Investment & Trade Agency, the export of ICT services constituted 14.3% of the country's total export of services. The Agency also stated that Poland's ICT exports are projected to reach nearly $12.9B by 2026, a significant increase from $9.6B in 2021. In addition, the IT services market revenue in Poland is projected to grow annually from $7.49B in 2023 to $11.14B in 2028. These conditions are closely connected with the following reason to hire a software development team from Poland.

IT market revenue in Poland from 2023 to 2028, by segment (in million U.S. Dollars)

2. Large talent pool 

According to Emerging Europe's Future of IT Report 2023 report, Poland boasts a talent pool of over 525,100 ICT experts. These highly skilled software engineers and IT professionals possess strong technical knowledge, expertise, and proficiency in various technologies, making them among the top sought-after engineers in the world. 

Such a large talent pool doesn't emerge in a vacuum. Partially, it's the result of the excellent education the engineers obtain, which is another reason worth mentioning.

3. High-quality STEM and ICT education

Poland is home to top European tech universities, including Warsaw University of Technology, AGH University of Science and Technology, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, and many others. According to Statista, the number of students has grown steadily in recent years—from over 63.4K in 2019 to 70.4K in 2022, with 11.26K graduates as of 2021.

Number of students and graduates who studied ICT in Poland from 2014/2015 to 2022/2023 (in 1,000s)

Such a broad education network contributed to Polish developers being highly ranked by various global surveys, such as SkillValue (3rd position), Topcoder Country (7th place), and EF English proficiency (13th position). 

The skilled tech workforce in the country drew the attention of various international IT enterprises that opened their offices across Poland. Their presence is also a compelling reason to seek a software development team in Poland.

Polish developers in international rankings

4. Presence of leading IT companies

Google, Apple, IBM, Capgemini, Accenture, and many other established international companies have their offices in Poland and hire local engineers to create ICT goods and provide IT services. That in itself is a quality sign, as these companies thoroughly calculate risks and rewards before opening any office overseas. In addition, their presence also signifies the development of the R&D sector, which, in turn, means the availability of experts with advanced expertise even in niche technologies. 

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5. Cost optimization without compromising the quality 

Poland stands out as a worthwhile destination for software development teams due to its competitive labor costs combined with high-quality talent. Typically, software development labor cost in Poland is 30% cheaper than in the US and 20-25% cheaper than in Western Europe or the UK. However, the total cost will depend on the engineers' expertise, contract terms, and location. 

The cheaper cost of hiring a software development team in Poland doesn't mean the team is less skilled—it just means their overall pay is lower due to lower living costs. For instance, indicates that Polish IT hubs are twice as affordable as European locations and over 50% cheaper in terms of cost of living than NY. For businesses, this difference can be an opportunity to save on expenses like office rent and software developer salaries.

Cost of living index in Poland and worldwide

6. Multiple IT vendors specializing in various industries

According to the Statistics Poland report, the local ICT sector had over 2,710 companies employing ten or more people by the end of 2022. On Clutch alone, over 1,330 Polish startups, SMEs, and enterprises are listed as of February 2024, with a detailed description of their tech expertise, the services they offer, and the industries they work with.

With such a variety of companies, you can easily choose an experienced software development provider that can help you extend your tech department or custom-develop solutions for finance, manufacturing, logistics and supply, retail, telecommunications, automotive, energy, and other industries. If you want to solidify your presence in the European market, here's why locating your software development team in Poland can be advantageous. 

7. Legal and business affinity with other European countries

Poland's geographical location in Central Europe and its cultural affinity with Western countries make communication and collaboration with Polish developers smooth and effective. In addition, sharing the same overarching legal framework makes Poland a great location for software development nearshoring for European countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and others. This proximity ensures the adherence to various policies and standards (GDPR, ISO, etc.) It also helps develop a stable business environment that makes international cooperation a breeze. 

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8. Favorable business environment

The country’s business environment offers a reliable foundation for businesses seeking to hire a software development team in Poland. This stability minimizes the risk of unexpected disruptions and assures long-term collaboration. Additionally, it fosters a conducive atmosphere for innovation, growth, and investment, ensuring a dependable partnership for outsourcing software development projects.

Moreover, a favorable business environment gives companies hiring development teams from Poland a competitive advantage of expanding into the nearby markets with confidence.

9. Proximity to European markets

The proximity to European markets offers several advantages for businesses seeking to hire a software development team from Poland. 

First of all, it facilitates streamlined communication and collaboration, leading to more efficient project management and reduced time to market. 

Secondly, easy access to European markets helps businesses better understand local preferences and trends, allowing for tailored software solutions that resonate with target audiences. 

Lastly, proximity to European markets enhances business opportunities and networking, opening doors to potential clients and regional partnerships. 

However, it's only possible due to government initiatives that help create a safe environment for cooperation between domestic and foreign IT companies.

10. Variety of government-backed initiatives

The Polish government actively supports the IT sector through various initiatives, including grants, subsidies, and tax incentives. 

For example, in February 2023, Poland's Council of Ministers adopted the Digital Competence Development Program. It aims to enhance digital skills across all demographics and sectors through targeted initiatives, including digital education and support for working professionals. Additionally, the Cybersecurity Strategy of the Republic of Poland 2019-2024 aims to improve resilience against cyber threats, focusing on disseminating knowledge and best practices to citizens to enhance information security across the public, military, and private sectors.

These and other initiatives foster innovation, attract top talent, and enrich the pool of skilled professionals available for hire, making Poland an attractive destination for businesses expanding their development capabilities.


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