Poland is a thriving software development hub, with over a thousand companies and approximately 500K professionals [1]. Polish developers make up a quarter of the European talent pool, and their expertise is consistently acknowledged in technical experience rankings. Team expansion in Poland is in demand. 62% of all software produced in Poland is exported, with Western Europe being the primary market. So, what makes Polish software developers so popular?

Advantages of hiring Polish developers

There isn't only one reason why Polish software developers stand out. Let's look at Poland in the context of every aspect companies consider when choosing a location for their outsourcing project. 

Technical education

Poland strongly emphasizes STEM education, with many technical universities and institutes offering high-quality degrees. The University of Warsaw is in the top 230 best universities for technical subjects [2]. Each year, from 15K to 25K of ICT graduates enter the labor pool with a solid foundation of technical skills. 

Technical education provides them with technical knowledge and helps develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and adaptability to rapidly evolving technologies. This is essential for excelling in the dynamic and complex software development industry. In 2022, 67K students in ICT programs in Poland will enter the job market in the next few years [3]. 

English proficiency

Poland scores 11th in Europe on the English Proficiency Index. The highest score achieved in this survey is held by the city of Breda in the Netherlands, with a score of 671. Major IT hubs in Poland approach this mark:

English proficiency score in major IT hubs in Poland


Hiring Polish developers provides a cost-effective solution for companies. While salaries in Poland have gradually increased, they remain considerably lower than those in the US and other Western countries. 

Regional pay differentials in Poland

Favorable business environment

Poland has a stable political environment, EU membership, and a strong economy. The country provides a supportive business climate for international companies, with favorable tax incentives and a well-developed IT infrastructure. Poland has been an attractive outsourcing partner for quite some time, making its companies experienced in international cooperation.

Poland's membership in the EU ensures adherence to stringent data protection standards like GDPR and other legal frameworks, making conducting business easier. Moreover, the EU provides a cohesive framework for intellectual property rights, reassuring companies that their innovations and intellectual property will be safeguarded under EU law when engaging with Polish IT firms.

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Prominent tech centers in Poland

Poland is home to several prominent tech centers, drawing in offices, and R&D centers of major companies. The biggest IT hubs in the country include Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Tri-City. These locations offer a large talent pool, top-tier technical universities, a balanced price-to-quality ratio, and favorable business conditions.

R&D centres in Poland

  • Warsaw: As the capital of Poland, Warsaw is a vibrant tech hub with many IT engineers and software companies. It is a great location for establishing R&D branches and software development teams. Both Microsoft and Google are investing significant capital into development hubs in Warsaw and actively hiring and training Polish software developers. 
  • Krakow: Krakow is the second-largest IT hub in Poland, known for its thriving tech ecosystem and many startups. The city has a rapidly growing software development market. There are currently over 500 companies operating development offices in Krakow, 40 of them having been opened in the last 12 months [4]. It offers a favorable business environment and is popular for R&D activities.
  • Wroclaw: The city boasts a large pool of software developers and is known for its collaboration with local universities and the availability of business centers. It is home to 27 public and private universities, with the Wrocław University of Science and Technology hosting around 25K students. 

The availability of IT professionals in Wroclaw

According to the survey by Wroclaw’s city office, 90% of companies interested in hiring a junior developer reported having no difficulties filling the position. Around a third state that filling a mid-level position is also easy in Wroclaw. 

  • Tri-City: Tri-City, which includes Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot, is a metropolitan area with a growing tech community. The region offers a diverse talent pool and excellent infrastructure. It is a preferred nearshoring choice for Nordic companies due to its geographic proximity.

These tech centers provide a conducive environment for the growth of software development in Poland, with a strong focus on innovation, collaboration, and talent development.

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Technical expertise of Polish developers

These technical competencies make Polish developers well-suited for a variety of projects, including complex and high-stakes development tasks in industries like finance, manufacturing, and retail. 

Programming languages

Polish developers are skilled in various programming languages such as Java, .NET, C++, Python, and JavaScript. Their expertise often includes back and frontend technologies, allowing full-stack development capabilities.

The number of tech experts in Poland by expertise

In terms of software engineering practices, they are known for their proficiency in software engineering practices, including agile methodologies, DevOps, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). This expertise ensures efficient and effective development cycles.

Cloud-related expertise

Many Polish developers have expertise in cloud technologies and platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This includes cloud architecture design, migration, and management.

Number of cloud-related experts in Poland

Digital-transformation technologies

Polish developers follow global trends and increasingly concentrate on areas such as Data Analytics, Big Data, and ML. Their expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge; they also possess advanced practical skills. This encompasses a strong command of diverse tools and technologies crucial for data processing and analysis.

Simultaneously, there is a growing emphasis on the importance of cybersecurity. Polish developers are well-equipped to meet these challenges, possessing strong skills in various cybersecurity practices. This ensures that the software they develop is not only functional and efficient but also secure and robust. 

Connect with top expertise in Poland

Wrapping up

So to answer the question, Polish software developers stand out in the international market due to their robust technical education, excellent multilingual communication skills, cost-effectiveness, and the favorable business environment in Poland. They possess a wide range of technical expertise, including in-demand skills in programming, cloud technologies, and cybersecurity. Additionally, the presence of major tech hubs in Poland fosters a culture of innovation and provides access to a large pool of talented developers, making Poland a preferred destination for software development and outsourcing.

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