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Scala development: N-iX expertise by your side

Scala-based software as a service (SaaS)

Build reliable and scalable SaaS products with our Scala development expertise. Create any type of business app, including CRM, ERP, database management, content or document editing and management with Scala.

Web and mobile applications

Start Scala web development from scratch or integrate web or mobile app components within an existing system. Our Scala developers can work on all parts of the application and integrate with existing JS frameworks and libraries.

Scala for Big Data

Unlock the power of big data/data science with Scala and Apache Spark. Scala is catching up with established languages like Python and Java, and our Scala developers use it for building big data pipelines, real-time data processing, large-scale big data platforms, and more.

Scala for online services & platforms

Create a smooth and stable operation of cloud-based services with our Scala outsourcing development experts. We will design, develop, test, and deploy each component to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your project.

Our Scala expertise

Companies across industries choose Scala development outsourcing for the practicality and straightforward coding this language offers. We offer full-cycle Scala development services that match the requirements of your project from the discovery stage and up to the market launch and continuous maintenance of your product. N-iX works with clients across continents and industry verticals building efficient and scalable solutions using Scala.
We provide Scala development services to companies in telecom, e-commerce and retail, in-flight connectivity, and more. N-iX can give you a strong and scalable team of Scala development experts who can help you achieve your business objectives faster. Our experts use Scala in conjunction with other languages like Java and leverage a number of frameworks to scale and customize the final product to match your needs.
  • Big data
  • Web development
  • Cloud software development
  • Game development
  • Microservices development
  • Internet of Things
Featured Scala projects
N-iX has vast experience in Scala outsourcing and our experts have already delivered a number of successful solutions using this language.
  • We have delivered Scala software development services to Gogo, a global in-flight connectivity provider. The N-iX team delivered an end-to-end delivery pipeline for the logs from the moment the devices receive input and to the moment data is processed, analyzed, and stored in the data warehouse. We’ve also enabled real-time streaming and processing of big geospatial data.
  • Masmovil, a Spanish telecom provider that serves more than 6M people, approached N-iX to build a cost-efficient cloud solution using Scala. The client needed to streamline and manage its document flow in a more efficient manner, which is why they opted for Scala outsourcing, and the N-iX team applied its expertise to deliver the expected results.
  • N-iX experts have also helped a UK-based company (under NDA) to develop an AI-powered digital marketing platform. We developed a machine learning platform and a natural language processing solution based on a large amount of data to deliver personalized content to the customers.

Why choose Scala for your project?


Scala incorporates both object-oriented and functional programming models. The code is shorter compared to other languages like Java, which reduces the time of development. It allows the developers to create complex solutions with a simple neat code.

Scala runs on the JVM and is fully interoperable with Java, which allows for amalgamation between the two. You can use existing Java libraries and Java tools, call Java methods, access Java fields, inherit from Java classes, and implement Java interfaces.
Many Scala developers report that programs written in this language are twice shorter as compared to Java. Brevity means less time spent on writing, reading and understanding code as well as fewer possibilities of the defects. This allows you to launch the product much faster.

Despite its relatively short history, Scala has a vast ecosystem of frameworks, environments, data sources, and libraries. Scala also has a growing developer community, represented widely within N-iX. It allows Scala developers to work comfortably on diverse tasks.

Scala frameworks we use

Use our Play framework expertise to build scalable, reliable and fast real-time web and mobile applications with amalgamation of Java & Scala. It helps achieve better development productivity and speed by using convention over configuration, hot code reloading and display of errors in the browser.

Unlock adaptive cluster management, load balancing, routing, partitioning and sharding with Akka. This toolkit allows Scala developers to simplify the implementation of the Actor concurrency model and construction of concurrent and distributed applications on the JVM.

Boost your use of Big Data with Spark. This fast and general cluster computing framework improves large-scale data processing as a part of Scala development for Big Data. Spark runs on Hadoop, Mesos, standalone, or in the cloud and helps companies across many industries to process large datasets.

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