Java development services

Whether you need to expand your engineering capabilities, build a Java-based application from scratch or modernize the existing solution, we have the experience and expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Elevate your Java capabilities with speed and efficiency

As a Java software development company with decades of experience, N-iX provides various services to meet all your tech needs. We engineer highly scalable, portable, and secure enterprise systems, platform-agnostic web applications, IoT systems, cloud-enabled software, and other solutions. Additionally, our teams provide comprehensive maintenance, upgrading, and enhancement services for existing Java-based solutions. We also facilitate smooth cross-technology migration when needed.

By partnering with N-iX, you gain access to the best Java engineers across our 25 locations in Europe and the Americas. As a trusted Java development company, we offer quality and speed in scaling up your Java capabilities.

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Our Java development servicesWe can help you with

Expand your Java development capabilities and expertise

Outsourcing Java development to N-iX enables you to expand your development capabilities rapidly. With a team of engineers in 25 locations, we offer a seamless and efficient scaling process. Our experts integrate seamlessly with your internal team, bringing their extensive knowledge and best practices from years of working on diverse Java projects.

Get expert consulting on your Java project

Our team of highly skilled Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and UX Designers will conduct a comprehensive Product and Business Discovery for your project. As your partner in Java development outsourcing, we validate your ideas, mitigate potential risks, and shape the scope of your Java-based solution. Moreover, we promptly allocate the right experts for your Java team, enabling a seamless project kick-off to bring your vision to life as soon as possible.

Develop a Java-based solution from scratch

At N-iX, we offer comprehensive support for planning and delivering your Java project, encompassing the entire software development lifecycle. Our team possesses vast expertise in Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Lean, Kanban, SAFe, and more. This enables us to deliver exceptional results in the dynamic business landscape.

Address the most challenging technical needs

Whether you need to design a web or mobile application, complex enterprise solution, IoT system, or integrate Big Data into your business, our experts in Java software development services have got you covered. Outsourcing Java development to N-iX, you always have the best talent to rely on when you come up against a technical challenge or need rare expertise to fulfill your unique requirements.

N-iX Java development servicesN-iX Java services

Enterprise solutions, mobile applications, Big Data, and more

Enterprise solutions, mobile applications, Big Data, and more

Java for enterprise solutions

Java is a preferred choice for building enterprise solutions due to its robustness, scalability, and compatibility with diverse business environments.

  • Istability and reliability

The mature ecosystem of Java, strong typing, and automated memory management through the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ensure the stability and reliability of enterprise application development. As a Java development company with over 20 years of engineering experience, we can help you leverage the ample possibilities Java offers for enterprise solutions.

  • Platform independence

Java's "write once, run anywhere" capability allows the development and deployment of enterprise solutions across various platforms and operating systems. That, in turn, provides our Java experts with needed flexibility and reduces the overall cost of your Java development outsourcing.

  • Scalability

Java allows our software development teams to handle large-scale applications and growing user bases, making it suitable for enterprise-level projects. The JVM and Java's multi-threading capabilities allow us to bring efficient resource management to life.

  • Security

The language has various built-in security features, such as secure classloaders, sandboxing, and encryption support. Our experts in Java development services use it for building enterprise solutions that deal with sensitive data and confidential information.

  • Easy integration with legacy systems

Java’s compatibility with older systems allows our developers to integrate new solutions with existing legacy applications easily. That enables organizations to modernize and extend their technology stack without significant disruptions.

  • Enterprise integration patterns (EIPs)

Our experts in Java software development services use Java-based integration frameworks like Apache Camel to ensure seamless integration between various enterprise systems, ensuring smooth data flow and communication.

Java for mobile applications

Java is widely used for developing mobile applications, especially for Android devices. Here are the key reasons why Java is a popular choice for mobile app development:

  • Android platform

Java is the official programming language for Android app development. Our professionals use Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which includes all the necessary tools and libraries to build top-notch Android applications using Java.

  • Integration with Android APIs

Java provides seamless integration with Android APIs, allowing N-iX developers to access device hardware and system features, such as cameras, GPS, sensors, and more.

  • IDE support

Java for mobile development is well-supported by popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like Android Studio, providing our experts with powerful tools for building, testing, and debugging Android applications.

Java for Big Data

Compatibility, performance, and extensive ecosystem make Java a popular choice for developers working on Big Data solutions and Data Analytics.

  • Integration with Hadoop

Java is the native language for writing MapReduce programs in Hadoop. N-iX data engineers use Java to create solutions for processing and analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources.

  • Reliability for complex solutions

It is a mature and stable language, which is crucial for handling critical and complex Big Data applications that require continuous uptime and dependable performance.

  • Middleware support

The language supports various middleware solutions used in Big Data architectures, enabling seamless communication and data exchange between distributed systems.

  • Integration with enterprise systems

Java's compatibility with enterprise systems allows easy integration of Big Data solutions with existing infrastructures, enabling organizations to leverage Big Data insights for better decision-making.

Java frameworks we use to address the challenges of our clientsJava frameworks

N-iX experts are well-versed in a diverse range of Java frameworks. We carefully analyze the complexity and scope of your project to recommend the most suitable tech stack or solution. Whether a large-scale project or a specific task, we ensure the best-fit approach to meet your needs.

Enterprise software development with Java

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Spring is a widely used framework for building enterprise-level Java applications. It provides features such as dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming, and transaction management. Spring Boot, a part of the Spring ecosystem, offers a streamlined development experience for creating standalone, production-ready applications.


Micronaut is a framework designed for building microservices and serverless enterprise applications. It features powerful dependency injection, annotation-driven development, and native integrations with cloud-native technologies for high-performance solutions.


Play is a lightweight and high-performance web framework that is suitable for building modern and scalable enterprise applications. It follows the reactive programming paradigm and is well-suited for handling concurrent requests and real-time applications.

Mobile application development with Java

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Android software development kit

The official Android SDK is a collection of development tools, libraries, and APIs provided by Google for Android app development. It includes everything required to build, test, and debug Android applications using Java.

Android Studio

While not a framework itself, Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment for Android app development. It is built on IntelliJ IDEA and offers a powerful set of tools for building and testing Android applications using Java.


Robolectric is a unit testing framework specifically designed for Android app development. It allows developers to write unit tests for Android code that can run on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) without requiring an emulator or physical device.

Big Data solution development with Java

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Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is one of the most widely used Big Data frameworks, and many of its core components are written in Java. Hadoop provides distributed storage (HDFS) and distributed processing (MapReduce) for handling large-scale data processing tasks.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose distributed computing system that can be used for Big Data processing. It provides in-memory data processing, making it faster than traditional MapReduce for certain workloads.

Apache Flink

Apache Flink is a stream processing framework that allows for real-time data processing. It supports event time processing and provides low-latency and high-throughput capabilities. Flink also has Java and Scala APIs.

Apache Kafka

Kafka is a distributed messaging system used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming applications. It can handle high-throughput and fault-tolerant data streams and is often used as a data ingestion and distribution mechanism.

Develop an effective and scalable Java solution with N-iXJava benefits

Runs on any platform

Java applications can be developed on one platform and then run on multiple platforms without the need for recompilation. This characteristic of Java makes it highly portable and flexible, making it an ideal choice for developing cross-platform applications, including web applications, mobile apps, desktop software, and more.

Ensures high-performance

Java is a multithreaded programming language, which means it has built-in support for creating and managing multiple threads of execution within a single Java application. Multithreading allows Java programs to perform multiple tasks concurrently, improving overall performance and responsiveness.

Helps decrease time-to-market

Java helps decrease time-to-market for software projects due to its platform independence, extensive libraries and frameworks, multithreading capabilities, and rapid application development frameworks. These features and advantages enable faster development cycles, reduced development overhead, and expedited deployment of Java-based applications.

Makes scaling easier

Java is a scalable programming language capable of handling the increasing demands of applications as they grow. Its support for multithreading, memory management, garbage collection, distributed computing, and cloud-based architectures allows Java applications to efficiently scale both vertically and horizontally.

Java development: success stories of our clients Case studies

Choose the suitable cooperation model for Java developmentCooperation models

If you opt for outsourcing Java development services, N-iX experts will help you build a scalable
and secure solution quickly and cost-efficiently
. You can choose from various engagement models
according to the specifics of your project, business requirements, and time frames.

Custom Java-based solutions

When it comes to developing a comprehensive Java-based solution, our experts will handle the entire process, from designing the roadmap to tracking project milestones and ensuring a successful launch into production. With this Java development outsourcing model, you can minimize risks and witness your project evolve from a mere vision to a fully functional product.

Java team extension

If you require additional engineering capabilities and scalable resources, augmenting your team with our Java developers is a viable solution. With development centers across the globe, a dedicated team of over 60 recruiters, advanced hiring and talent retention strategies, and more, we can swiftly find the right experts for your project within weeks.

Dedicated Java development team

With our managed team model, we offer a self-sufficient engineering team that takes full responsibility for day-to-day operations, implementing efficient processes, frameworks, and best practices. This approach lets you focus on your product and core business, delegating team management and Java engineering to us.

How we bring in and grow top Java talent

  • Rigorous tech interview process to ensure that we consistently hire engineers with the right qualifications.

  • Robust talent acquisition: a team of 60+ experienced recruiters across multiple locations.

  • Vast talent database: access to 200K+ candidates enables us to fill positions with qualified professionals swiftly.

  • Well-established employer brand, which allows us to attract top-notch experts.

  • Attention to soft skills assessment during the hiring process to ensure effective communication and a strong cultural fit within our team.

  • A strong CTO organization, which drives innovation, engineering best practices, and the adoption of advanced technologies at N-iX.

  • Established tech communities and meetups, which foster knowledge sharing and support the professional growth of our engineers.

  • Architecture University that is specifically designed for engineers who aspire to grow into the role of architects.

  • Professional development support: assisting with a variety of certifications and training.

Why outsource Java development services to N-iX?


An extensive internal talent pool

N-iX has a talent pool of over 2,000 skilled professionals, with 90% of them being middle and senior experts. Our agile team-building process allows us to assemble dedicated teams for your Java project rapidly. By reducing hiring time and ensuring access to the right expertise, we accelerate project execution and deliver outstanding results for your business.


Vast external sourcing capabilities across Europe and the Americas

Our recruitment and hiring processes are established in 25 countries across Europe and the Americas. Partnering with N-iX gives you access to a vast and diverse Java talent pool, allowing you to find experts with the specific skills you need while also ensuring effective collaboration in the most suitable time zone for your project.


Established processes and methodologies

At N-iX, we value and prioritize open communication, Agile development methodologies, and a customer-centric approach to guarantee the success of your Java project. By fostering transparent communication, we address issues promptly, align priorities effectively, and readily adapt to changing requirements, no matter the complexity of the project.


Advanced tech and innovation

N-iX professionals stay current with the latest advancements and software development trends in Java through continuous knowledge sharing within the Java community. This dedication enables us to provide our clients with the best value from the most up-to-date technologies available in the market.

What our clients say


The team is highly professional, and their skill set is right on point.

Csaba Nagyidai

Lead developer


They adapted to our organization very quickly, and we get very good cooperation. We see them as part of our team, rather than just another vendor that we have to manage.


The team at N-iX is full of true creatives, they are inspired and excited about their projects.

Andrew Trese


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