Experts in Android development outsourcing, we provide Android development services for SMEs and enterprises.


Creating consumer and enterprise native Android applications

N-iX Android developers cover full cycle of development from the initial idea/concept throughout UI/UX design, programming, testing and launch on Google Play. We also provide post-launch consulting to ensure that your app is in line with rapidly changing technologies and users’ needs. Our Android development expertise includes enterprise applications for manufacturing, energy management and telecom domains, popular mobile games and consumer apps with over 500K downloads on Google Play. Android software developers at N-iX create apps for any type of Android devices such as smartphones, tablets or wearables.

  • Custom Android apps development
  • Android game development
  • Enterprise Android applications
  • Mobile commerce apps
  • Android social media applications
  • Android apps for wearables
  • Android apps testing, deployment and maintenance
  • Post-launch consulting
Dedicated R&D Center for a Global Telecom Company

Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile companies with five million active customers, 1,400 employees worldwide and operations in nine countries.

Strategic Partnership Encompassing R&D and Professional Services

OpenText is Canada’s largest software company that produces and distributes enterprise information management software solutions for large corporations, government agencies and professional service firms across all industries.

Development of Web and Mobile Digital Media Apps

Schibsted is an international media group operating in 30 countries with the main focus on Norway and Sweden.

Energy Management Software for Company's Flagship Product

Manodo develops systems, services and applications to improve energy efficiency of buildings.

Financial Technology Native Mobile App Development

Mobile Trading Partners is a finance industry company that built a fast and reliable cloud-based market data distribution network.

Full-Cycle Development of a Leading App for Multi-touch Input on Android Keyboards

ThickButtons is a leading app for multi-touch input on Android keyboards.


Why us

Strong track record

N-iX Mobile Development successfully completed over 30 Android app development projects across many domains.. Apart from creating Android apps for our customers, we also develop our own products with over 3m downloads on Google Play.


With development centers in Ukraine and Poland, we are a nearshoring partner available in your time zone, so you can communicate with developers any time during your business hours. Also, convenient travel to our offices can be easily arranged from many European destinations.

Diverse portfolio

We are experts in building custom Android apps catering to various domains from energy efficiency management to industrial automation, entertainment and child care.

Information security

Respect for sensitive information and intellectual property rights is a keystone for our company. All information related to your Android development project and all commercial data provided will be a subject to NDA and all rights to your idea, code and application will belong to you.

We are familiar with

We have strong background in Java which is one of the core competencies within the company and the foundation for most Android applications. In addition to Java, we are also familiar with the main principles of OOP, REST and Google guidelines for designing and developing for Android.

Building applications rich with graphics , such as games or entertainment apps, we do often use OpenGL, an API which allows the control of hardware accelerated graphics. With OpenGL, an application can create the same effects in any operating system or device using any OpenGL-adhering graphics adapter.

We use Android NDK developing apps that needs native coding. At N-iX we primarily address Android NDK for performance-dependent apps such as games or signal processing applications to implement parts of the app using native-code languages .

Android Studio is an official integrated development environment used for developing native applications on Android platform. We prefer to use Android Studio rather than other alternatives as it gives applications higher level of performance and security.


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