Enterprise VR Production

We develop cutting-edge Virtual Reality solutions to create a new wave of innovation for enterprises

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Crafting VR solutions for the enterprise

N-iX VR studio builds custom-tailored VR, AR, and MR solutions to help enterprises innovate and achieve their digital ambitions. We offer end-to-end enterprise VR production services from conceptualization to solution development and deployment tailored to your business needs. Improve your operational efficiency, boost ROI, develop new customer engagement strategies, and much more with our enterprise Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions.

Our VR solutions help enterprises

Automate and enhance processes at logistics facilities

Create innovative solutions for treatment and monitoring

Collaborate across various production channels

Present new products and services in real-life environments

Emulate and test production lines long before they are built

Leverage VR for educational and training purposes

Monitor & troubleshoot real-time issues

Use VR for physical products modeling & data visualization

Our Enterprise VR Expertise

VR Simulations and Training

We create immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for education and experiential training in virtually simulated environments. Our advanced simulations and training programs enable companies to learn and practice in real-time. This results in improved efficiency of knowledge transfer and enhanced decision making.

Industrial Automation and Remote Assistance

Our enterprise VR production services encompass development of bespoke AR and VR solutions for remote supervision, object manipulation, and real-time instructing. Our solutions enable enterprises to automate production lines, improve inventory management, and effectively troubleshoot real-time issues.

Interactive Product Presentation

N-iX VR specialists know how to make your idea a reality. Our fully-immersive and engaging content brings product presentation to a completely new level. We enable companies to visualize and present their latest products in realistically simulated environments and reinvent their customer engagement strategies.

VR/AR/MR Solutions in Action



Developing cutting-edge solutions for industrial automation, warehouse & inventory management, remote assistance, and facility emulation.



Leveraging the power of VR for advanced diagnosis, patient treatment, monitoring, and doctors’ training in safe environments.



Helping car manufacturers enhance processes and boost sales by performing safety trials and showcasing their latest products in virtually simulated environments.



Leveraging augmented and virtual reality for enhanced learning, experiential  training, and improved decision making.



Seizing the opportunities of AR and VR for interactive 360° hotel tours and presentations to engage prospective guests and drive bookings.

How we can help

Custom-tailored solutions

Our experienced VR specialists provide end-to-end solution development (from idea to production) tailored to the most specific business needs. We integrate our bespoke augmented and virtual reality applications with the latest hardware and motion controllers for cutting-edge experiences.

Streamlined work processes

Our VR professionals help businesses automate their workflow across various production channels while gaining better visibility and control. Boost your business productivity with our smart custom-tailored VR/AR solutions.

Enhanced collaboration

We help businesses reinvent their collaboration strategies and maximize efficiency through immersive remote supervision. Manage your cross-channel production and expose your personnel to simulated hazardous situations with the help of our VR team.

Reduced production costs

Our in-house experts leverage VR/AR technology to help companies facilitate the manufacturing process by creating virtual prototypes of products in real-time. Save costs and time on testing and physical product modeling with our augmented and virtual reality solutions.