VR Experience Demo for Transfinity Motion Platform

Transfinity VR by Virtec Attractions is a motion platform integrated with a high-end demo VR experience for the out of home entertainment industry. The platform has motion sensors which read the movements of the users in the real world and enable them to have a truly immersive virtual reality experience.

  • 360 motion control
  • VR viewing solution
  • Motion tracking system
  • 2DOF motion platform
  • Wireless hand controllers
Switzerland, Balerna
Partnership period
November 2015 - November 2016
Game Development and VR
Expertise delivered
Virtual Reality Solutions
Unity Unreal Engine PBR

Success story in detail

Goals and Tasks

  • Create a VR demo to showcase the possibilities of Transfinity motion platform
  • Provide game design, concept and content development
  • Integrate VR experience with the motion platform
  • Achieve the highest level of realism and picture quality
  • Seamless integration with the motion platform

VR can be integrated with other technologies such as motion platforms and motion tracking hardware for expanding its possibilities. However, this may not be easy to implement and make it feel natural to the end user. So the main challenge was in creating a smooth experience that would be fully integrated with Transfinity motion platform. The developers had to ensure the users wouldn’t experience motion sickness or any type of discomfort during the virtual journey.

  • Catching up with hardware releases

Another challenge was associated with the development and change of VR devices. As soon as a more advanced headset was brought to market, N-iX team had to adjust the software to the brand new hardware. On the other hand, the advancements in VR platforms allowed to significantly improve the demo and achieve a truly immersive experience.


The development team took the following steps to attain the stated objectives:

  • created a blockout world and filled it with detailed objects
  • defined the limits concerning polygon and the saturation of experience
  • created immersive VR content
  • integrated the experience with custom-built hardware

Additionally, the team changed a number of hardware as VR was extending its capabilities and the headsets became more advanced. For instance, they switched from Oculus DK 2 to HTC Vive and then integrated it with a motion platform. Moreover, the team shifted from Unity to Unreal engine to enhance the picture quality and the degree of realism. To achieve the desired comfort level, they had to maintain an accurate frame rate and conduct regular tests. This ensured that the users wouldn’t experience motion sickness and the process would be pleasant and fascinating.

Value provided by N-iX:
  • Delivery of the next-generation VR experience that demonstrates the possibilities of Transfinity motion platform
  • The solution has a stable frame rate and impressive picture quality provided by the Unreal engine and PBR content
  • The demo is smoothly integrated with Transfinity motion platform, which ensures hyper-realistic experience and absence of motion sickness


N-iX has been working with Victec Attractions since November 2015, having created a unique VR demo experience. As the company specializes in dynamic 4D attractions and VR solutions, their main goal was providing the users with a new type of entertainment by combining an immersive demo experience with their Transfinity motion platform. In response, the team of game designers, Unity and Unreal developers, 3D and 2D artists, animators and game testers managed to create an entertaining experience tailored to the customer’s needs in full VR.
The demo provides the Virtec Attraction’s audience with hyperrealistic content with impressive picture quality. Virtec Attractions can now reveal the potential of the Transfinity platform and offer their clients an immersive VR experience. In the near future, the client is planning to expand the number of experiences on Transfinity motion platform engaging N-iX VR development team. The cooperation will be expanded with the introduction of the multiplayer function to enable the users play simultaneously with 3-4 other people thus enriching the gameplay.
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