Augmented Reality Solution for Healthcare Industry

Brighter is a Swedish innovative healthcare company, which specialises in medical product development.

Brighter is a healthcare company, which offers smart medical services and technical products, that help to adjust to the age-related behavioural changes and smoothen everyday life of elderly people who live with chronic diseases.

Partnership overview

N-iX Game Development and VR Studio, which consists of game designers, 3D artists and programmers, has helped Brighter to update and improve the visualisation and presentation of their jDome BikeAround Mixed Reality demonstration app. The redesign of the solution has increased its quality, improved the performance and user experience.

Aimed at Nordic market, the jDome BikeAroundalready enjoys great popularity among the care homes and hospitals. In the future, N-iX plans to continue the collaboration with Brighter and develop even more projects in the field of mixed reality.

Sweden, Kista
Partnership period
July 2016 - March 2020
Unity Vuforia

Product overview

Brighter was launched in 2007 with the idea in mind to make it easier for diabetics to handle and control their disease. The team of professionals developed a method that facilitates self-monitoring and self-treatment of diabetes. Brighter’s basic patent for this method triggered product development, which in turn, led to a broader platform. From its launch, Brighter’s patent portfolio extended beyond diabetes—to address future, medication-driven needs based on treatments that cannot be taken orally.

One of the products offered by Brighter is jDome BikeAround™  –  a hemispherical display solution, which is targeted at senior people care homes. It is used to manage anxiety and panic disorder of elderly people, stimulate and motivate them to do cardiac and mental training in a safe and secure way.

jDome BikeAround offers the patients a unique experience of enjoying the pleasure of returning back home. The patient is offered to take a ride on a training bike in front of the hemispherical jDome screen, where the picture shows the up-to-date layout of the streets being integrated with Google’s map service Google Street View. Assisted by a ‘travel buddy’, the patient can turn the handlebar and the picture can simultaneously change to a more familiar neighborhood. The jDome App is now available on Google Play!

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