Software Development Partnership with Ringier - One of Europe’s Leading Media Companies

Ringier is the largest Swiss media group that operates in 19 countries around the world.

Established back in 1833, Ringier is a large Swiss media group with over 7,200 employees in nineteen countries. The company has a broad media portfolio of print and digital publications, TV and radio channels, online marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms.

Partnership overview

Ringier needed to boost its engineering capabilities and ensure speed software product development. N-iX has set up a strong dedicated development team with wide expertise in Python, Amazon Web Services, microservices, cloud, and other technologies necessary for successful project delivery. Together with the client and its teams from Germany and Poland, our developers have been working to enhance the Ringier’s data platform.

Our engineers have created a module that monitors certain types of articles that are coming to the system for the Machine Learning analysis and sends its results to the user’s webhook with the help of HTTP POST requests in the JSON format.

As a result, the user receives the topic to which the article belongs, related keywords, users’ activity, etc. Using this information, the system further suggests which articles to present to particular users. We have also created and maintained technical documentation of existing components of the product on Confluence.

Our software developers have worked on the Proof of Concept to propose a feasible solution for competitors’ content analysis to one of Ringer’s largest clients. The idea behind the PoC is to help news websites monitor what topics they lack or cover only partially in comparison to their competitors and make corresponding tweaks to present more relevant content to the audience.

Switzerland, Zurich
Partnership period
November 2019 - present
Expertise delivered
AI and Machine Learning Microservices Architecture
Amazon Elastic Search; Amazon API Gateway; Amazon Lambda, Amazon Kinesis; Amazon CloudFormation

Product overview

Ringier has a wide range of products under its belt. N-iX team has been working with Ringier on the development of a data platform that analyzes and processes up to 4,000 articles a day. Ringer’s platform connects data from different sources. It ensures compliance with the applicable data protection guidelines.


Ringier's products
Ringier's data platform

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to enable news websites and marketplaces to create personalized content. It offers powerful tracking, profiling, and recommendation technology that helps improve content strategy and increase the content click rate.

The platform has been awarded multiple international prizes, including the prestigious Global Media Award from the International News Media Association, and Best of Show Award from World Newsmedia Network.

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