As of 2025, people will generate 463 exabytes of data every day [1]. However, according to Seagate [2], 68% of data available to enterprises needs to be processed. It presents a significant gap in data utilization.

This overuse of data highlights a critical problem: many businesses are overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of the data they collect. Without the proper tools and expertise, this data, no matter how voluminous, fails to contribute to business decision-making, ultimately affecting growth and competitive advantage. Companies struggle with various challenges, including data silos, poor data quality, and a lack of strategic alignment.

To address the challenges, enterprises are turning to top data analytics services providers that can handle the scale and scope of modern data sets. This blog post will provide you with the best data analytics companies.

Selection methodology

To ensure our list of top data analytics companies is both reliable and relevant, we followed a detailed selection process based on the following criteria:

  • Only companies with more than 250 experts on board were considered. Large and midsize enterprises often offer quick access to tech talent, ensuring faster project launches and optimized development processes.
  • We selected companies with at least five client reviews on Clutch and 4.8/5 ranking.
  • The chosen companies must have been operational in the global market for at least 10 years, demonstrating stability, experience, and sustained service quality over time.
  • We included companies for which Big Data, BI, and SI projects take up at least 10% of their services.

Top 15 data analytics companies around the globe

The following list of the top data analytics companies showcases industry leaders renowned for their ability to drive value through expert data analysis.

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the top 15 data analytics companies

N-iX is a trusted partner in data analytics, offering a wide range of services to help businesses leverage their data for actionable insights. With a team of over 200 data experts, N-iX handles projects of various complexities and sizes. The company's data analytics services cover a broad spectrum, from Big Data engineering and Business Intelligence to AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. The vendor’s data analytics services have been recognized by industry experts, with the company being named a "Rising Star in Data Engineering" by ISG.

N-iX's data analytics experts use various tools and technologies to extract valuable insights from data:

  • Big Data engineering: Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Cloudera;
  • Data visualization and reporting: Power BI, Pentaho, and Tableau.

N-iX has worked with clients such as Cleverbridge, a Germany-based ecommerce company. We developed a data analytics solution that helped the company match the needs of its largest customers and expand its services.

N-iX has also partnered with a Fortune 500 industrial supply company to develop a scalable big data analytics platform and a Swiss media group to develop a cloud-based solution for analyzing competitor content and identifying trends.

In addition to data analytics expertise, N-iX is also proficient in cloud development and migration. They have over 400 cloud experts and official partnerships with top cloud hyperscalers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

2. Kellton


The next company on the list of data analytics companies specializes in Big Data cloud migration, enterprise data platforms, and data strategy and governance. The vendor’s team comprises 1,800 tech experts skilled in Data Science, visualization and analytics, integration and API, and RPA services, as well as AI and Machine Learning solutions.

3. Kin + Carta


With over 1,600 tech specialists spread across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the company offers comprehensive services in data strategy and architecture, data modernization and engineering, as well as business analytics. It helps clients implement data exploitation and Artificial Intelligence solutions, catering to industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and insurance.

4. Beyondsoft

Beyond Soft

With a strong global presence, particularly in North America and Asia, the company specializes in data and AI modernization. The vendor assists clients with predictive analytics, real-time decision support, and customized reporting solutions tailored to specific industry needs. They specialize in technology, automotive, and telecommunications sectors.

5. Future Processing

Future Processing

As one of the data analytics companies, the vendor was established in Poland and operates globally, with offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Ukraine. The company employs a robust team of data consultants who specialize in data strategy, security risk analysis, and data lineage.

6. Keyrus


The next data analytics company was founded in 1996. With presence in North America, Europe, and South America, this data analytics provider specializes in data management and advanced analytics solutions. The company's services include creating data lakes, data warehouses, and mastering data management.

7. CI&T


Presented in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, this data analytics vendor offers advanced data modeling and the implementation of reporting dashboards. They establish robust data governance frameworks worldwide that include policies, standards, and models to ensure data quality, privacy, and compliance.

8. Ciklum


The next vendor specializes in data analytics, offering advanced solutions in modern data platforms, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. Their services include implementation of pan-organisation data and embedded ML and AI solutions, end-to-end IoT services, and CDO transformation.

9. Britenet


Specializing in custom software development, the vendor offers expertise in various areas, including web and mobile application development, enterprise software solutions, and IT consulting services. The company operates across diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications, among others. The tech vendor works with advanced analytics techniques such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and predictive modeling.

10. Adastra


This data analytics firm specializes in data management, data visualization, and advanced analytics. Over 2,000 employees in the company provide clients with robust solutions in data acquisition, secure storage, and sophisticated analysis. They specialize in cleaning, integrating, and transforming data through efficient master data management practices. Also, the vendor develops intuitive dashboards that visualize complex datasets.

11. ITRex Group

ITrex group

Established in 2009, this company’s expertise covers everything from data collection and cleansing to advanced analytics and predictive modeling. Also, the vendor’s specialists devise data strategies, as well as architect and integrate Big Data solutions that are scalable and ready for both immediate and future demands.

12. Edvantis


With over 12 years of experience in delivering Data Science and analytics projects, the vendor excels in handling Big Data and predictive analytics. They specialize in developing AI solutions and implementing Business Intelligence systems. Ensuring high-quality data management by overseeing the entire data lifecycle, they optimize database queries and automate data collection.

13. Bluesoft


The next vendor boasts a comprehensive portfolio of data analytics solutions, employing over 1,000 engineers. The company assists clients in gaining control over rapidly expanding data resources and utilizing them effectively withBusiness Intelligence and visualization tools. They develop solutions that encompass data ingestion, storage, and analytics, both in cloud and on-premises environments.

14. Software Mind

Software Mind

Founded in 2005, this data analytics company offers help with management and analysis of large data sets, implementation of NLP-based solutions, and optimization of operational intelligence. They organize, analyze, and visualize vast amounts of data to maximize its value and focus on the application of advanced analytics.

15. Effective Soft

Effective Soft

This is one of the reliable data analytics companies with presence in the Americas and Europe. The tech enterprise specializes in providing comprehensive data analytics services, including data engineering, data governance, Machine Learning, and data visualization. Their data architects design models for both OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) systems, implementing them into databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.

How to select a reliable data analytics company?

Selecting among data analytics companies requires a strategic approach to ensure the chosen partner can effectively handle your specific data needs and business goals. Here's a detailed guide on how to choose the right data analytics company:

  1. Evaluate the company's track record and expertise in handling data analytics projects like yours, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and experience to deliver results.
  2. Choose a company with scalable data analytics solutions that can accommodate your current data volumes and grow alongside your business without compromising performance.
  3. Prioritize data security by selecting a company that implements robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
  4. Select a company that provides comprehensive support and maintenance services, offering ongoing assistance with troubleshooting, updates, and enhancements to ensure the long-term success of your data analytics initiatives.
  5. Research client reviews and testimonials on platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms to gauge the company's reliability and service quality.
  6. Prioritize companies with demonstrable experience leveraging AI and Machine Learning technologies to derive actionable insights from large datasets.
  7. Ensure the analytics firm has strong expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure platforms. Experience migrating data to the cloud, managing cloud data architectures, and optimizing data processes is a requirement for scalable and flexible analytics solutions.

Why should you choose N-iX as your trusted data analytics provider?

Choosing N-iX as your data analytics company offers a multitude of advantages, including the following:

  • N-iX has delivered over 30 data projects and has a team of 200 data experts;
  • We assemble 2,200 experts with experience working with business cases of different shapes and sizes;
  • Our experts have helped clients in telecom, fintech, automotive, healthcare manufacturing, and other domains build and scale effective data analytics ecosystems and optimize costs;
  • Already 21 years, we have been helping the leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies launch and scale their data analytics projects successfully;
  • N-iX has expertise in the most relevant tech stack for implementing Big Data engineering, BI, Data Science, and AI/Machine Learning solutions;
  • We have over 10 years of experience migrating existing data solutions to the cloud and official partnerships with the three main cloud providers—AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud;
  • N-iX ensures the protection of your data by complying with all established data security standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and PCI DSS.

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