Enterprise Mobility

Full-cycle development of innovative and scalable enterprise mobility solutions from architecture, to back-end development, front-end development and quality control to automate field operations, facilitate communication and increase business productivity.


Creating new opportunities for mobile-enabled enterprise

N-iX is an established Eastern European outsourcing provider that creates enterprise mobile solutions from architecture, to back-end, front-end development and QC. Our core expertise in enterprise mobility is industrial automation. We automate field operations and integrate them with corporate business processes via mobile devices. Our engineers created mobile applications for managing inventory operations and delivered multiple solutions to improve preventive and reactive maintenance for large plants and airports. Our mobile solutions are used by Honda North America, Toyota UK, Volkswagen, Boston Logan Airport and many other enterprise customers with high demands for software quality, reliability and security.
N-iX mobile developers create software systems intended to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise applications and to protect corporate data stored on mobile devices. In addition to industrial automation, our enterprise mobile solutions can provide easy access to shared data and applications from anywhere and facilitate collaboration within large organizations to support faster, more effective decision-making and to reduce operating costs.
We offer:

  • Custom enterprise mobile apps

  • Applications integration

  • Enterprise mobility consulting




Software engineering services and comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the modern finance



Comprehensive software solutions for mobile, web and cloud-based platforms for leading players in hospitality and real-time booking



Flexible and versatile IT solutions for global industrial manufacturing companies to accelerate business digitalization

why us

Platform independency

We deliver enterprise mobility solutions which are not dependent on certain device or platform and are tightly linked with your organizational business processes. N-iX software development professionals often use cloud technologies to make your enterprise mobile application more accessible and secure.


Our goal is not only to cover the ongoing demand for enterprise mobility solutions, but to help our partners innovate using new technologies and practices. With in-house expertise across all technology stacks, we create disruptive industry-specific solutions.


Enterprise mobility solutions created by N-iX are ready for new devices, such as wearables, and other innovations entering the market. We help you to build architecture that is able to scale and won’t limit your choice of platforms and technologies. With a long track record of innovation and focus on mobility we will help you to stay ahead of mobile industry change.


Our tech professionals with background in threat intelligence will make sure that your business data are protected from leakage and cyber-attacks. We use multi-layer approach that protects your sensitive information at every level: applications, data, and devices.

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