Our R&D centers in Ukraine and Poland develop unique hospitality software solutions. N-iX dedicated teams help customers boost system usability, extend functionality, and integrate their software with third-party applications.


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We’ve been collaborating with multiple hospitality clients to deliver comprehensive point of sale software solutions, as well as mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms. N-iX dedicated development teams create hospitality management systems and real-time booking platforms for some of the leading players in the industry.

For instance, we help an American company HotSchedules to build its renowned employee scheduling and labor management solution for restaurants. Our engineers also design the largest online booking platform for meeting rooms in Europe (Book2Meet) and an innovative B2B travel management platform.

Software development outsourcing for hospitality industry - N-iX domain expertise
Leading expertise with cloud-native applications

Teams at N-iX have extensive knowledge of microservices architecture including design, development, APIs, orchestration, deployment, and maintenance. We help enterprises migrate monolith applications into efficient and manageable cloud-based solutions. N-iX delivers highly-available systems for hospitality companies utilizing all advantages of the microservices. We are also experienced with advanced data analytics, machine learning, virtual reality, and more.

Scheduling solutions for hospitality companies

For a US-based HotSchedules, N-iX engineers deliver a scheduling platform that manages labor force for restaurants. The advanced features of the platform include a custom forecasting and reporting tool. They allow restaurants to cut labor costs and handle their shift arrangements more efficiently. Our dedicated team for HotSchedules ensures high availability of the platform, so users can always access the core services of the platform.

Comprehensive booking platforms

Our experts create a B2B travel booking platform for an Australian software company. The solution helps large corporations, mid-size companies, and travel agencies to simplify their booking and approval processes. With this platform, travel managers can easily plan and approve trips, while employees can book flights, hotels, and cars rentals. This software simplifies the bureaucratic process of travel approvals used by the companies worldwide.


Cloud-based scheduling solutions
Labor management tools
Highly-available systems
Microservices and third-party integrations
Real-time booking platforms
Data analytics and machine learning


Dedicated development teams

Comprehensive hospitality platforms often require months to develop and even more to upgrade and maintain. We can quickly assemble a dedicated team that will work entirely on your software development project.

Proficiency with microservices

We are experts when it comes to microservices. N-iX helps businesses refactor their monolith systems into a more efficient architecture, thus, substaintially speeding up development and facilitating system maintenance.

Agile development

Agility is vital for the fast-paced retail industry. N-iX teams use continuous integration, Scrum/Agile frameworks, and other innovative methodologies to ensure fast development and market-leading quality assurance.

Geographical and cultural proximity

N-iX research and development centers in Poland and Ukraine are in proximity to all major European cities. Our software engineers also share common cultural and business values with Western clients.


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