Connectivity Solution Development for the US-based Telecom Company

Dahrwin is a US-based telecommunications services and wireless technology company focused on expanding the functionality of mesh networks.

Dahrwin is a US-based company that provides telecommunications services and specializes in wireless technology. The application allows its users to become their own service providers, hosting their own wireless networks thus eliminating the need for the internet to connect with people around them.

Partnership overview

N-iX dedicated development team for Dahrwin was involved in embedded software and hardware development of the next generation connectivity solution. After the client had presented their vision of the product, the engineers studied similar solutions on the market and suggested a number of improvements to the architecture. The project implementation plan comprised several stages.

N-iX programmers developed a system daemon, the socket level protocol, implemented text message and video transmission functionality, worked on speed regulation algorithms etc. To extend network coverage, they also built Dahrwin router, the device with two independent Wi-Fi radios and two Ethernet ports. As a result, the team built an efficient and reliable cross-platform mesh network solution to meet diverse connectivity needs.

United States, New York
Partnership period
January 2011 - January 2012
Hardware Development, Hardware Testing
C/C++ iOS Android Linux

Product overview

Dahrwin provides a range of services from offline communication to geo-location advert delivery employing the mesh technology. The solution allows to seamlessly connect and start communicating with everyone nearby. It requires no routers and no internet connection.

The technology has practical use cases in a number of industries. It is well applicable in the automotive industry for vehicle-to-vehicle communication providing reliable connection in places with no service. The system can be also used to detect and locate an accident, send a distress call. Another application of this technology is connecting lorries and other moving vehicles that need to communicate over distances but there is either no connection or they often go in and out of the service zone. Other use cases include infotainment, mobile delivery, logistics, load balancing, security etc.

Dahrwin Network is proprietary implementation of dynamic mesh network. It is implemented as system daemon on Linux platforms (including Android) and can be ported to any other platform because it does not use any platform or hardware dependent code. Current implementation already works on x86 (Ubuntu), ARM (Android, iOS) and MIPS 68K (Embedded Linux). It has very small memory and CPU requirements and works well even on budget TP-Link MIPS routers with 32MB of RAM (only 10MB free for apps).

Dahrwin daemon is system level service that enumerates available communication interfaces and uses them to exchange packets with other Dahrwin nodes. This service provides socket style API for user level applications and handles all Dahrwin Network specific operations like routing, packet switching, peer discovery, etc.

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