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With our long-standing expertise in C/C++ development, you can boost your software development capabilities and build the industry-leading solution from scratch.


Explore our C/C++ development expertise

C/C++ development is widely chosen for cross-platform capacities of these programming languages, high-performance tooling, libraries, and high-quality optimizing compilers.

N-iX C/C++developers have experience in building native and cross-platform applications, embedded systems, video-streaming solutions, server-side, and system-level software, immersive VR solutions. We developed and maintained multi-threaded cross-platform applications, worked with various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and others.

Also, our C/C++ engineers provide consulting, upgrading and refactoring of your existing application, as well as Unit Testing, support, well-rounded maintenance, and optimization of your C++-based solution.

C++ development company
One of the biggest C/C++ developer pools globally

Our development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and Belarus provide C/C++ development services to clients from North America, Western Europe, the UK, and other locations. C++ developers at N-iX work with large enterprises and technology companies in manufacturing, finance, mechanical engineering, media, network security, and other industries.

C/C++ development of cross-platform solutions

Our C++ developers use Qt, STL, Boost, wxWidgets, GTK+, Unreal Engine, and other tools to develop and maintain cross-platform applications of any complexity, including standalone desktop applications, high-performing mobile applications, cross-platform multithreaded applications, distributed systems, etc.

C/C++ development of embedded systems

We build reliable and safe embedded systems that fit complex technical requirements of top-notch hardware manufacturers. Our C/C++ developers build IoT applications that connect sensors, devices, and cloud services, and can be easily extended.

Our C/C++ projects in detail

C++ development company

N-iX has partnered with leading software companies in their fields, including Weinmann, Anoto, Locinox, OpenText, StreamServe, and others.

We built a long-standing cooperation with Anoto (11+ years), a global leader developing digital writing solutions. Our C/C++ developers helped the client with embedded development and cross-platform development of their solutions and became an integral part of the Anoto’s team.

N-iX has provided C++ development services to Weinmann, a Germany-based company that develops mobile medical devices for emergency vehicles, helicopters, and airplanes. N-iX software engineers have been working on embedded Linux firmware development with C++ using the Qt framework.

Also, our C/C++ developers have helped Locinox with embedded development for their outdoor hardware for fences and gates.


Expertise we offer

Embedded systems
System-level software
Server-side solutions
Cross-platform applications
Media streaming and processing solutions
VR/AR/MR solutions


C++ development company

Our C/C++ developers use this integrated development environment to create scalable web and mobile applications for any platform as well as mixed-language solutions.

C++ development company

By using Oracle Call Interface that is used directly by Oracle Class Library, our C/C++ developers create fast & lightweight applications. With Oracle Class Library, N-iX C/C++ engineers can use SQL flexibility without any restrictions.

C++ development company

Our software engineers use this extendable IDE as it offers a reconciled set of features for most platforms. It provides various flexible tools and frameworks and allows our C/C++ developers to create diverse applications.

C++ development company

Our C++ developers use this cross-platform application development framework for building efficient desktop, embedded and mobile applications.

c++ developers

Our software engineers use this C++ library as it can be used across a wide range of applications, and it works on almost any modern operating system, including UNIX and Windows variants.




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