Aviation Technology

N-iX cooperates with aviation technology companies, airlines, and airports developing scalable and efficient aviation solutions to help industry leaders streamline their operations, improve competitiveness and productivity, maximize profitability, and achieve their digital ambitions.


Delivering secure and scalable solutions for the aviation technology industry

Digital disruption is reshaping the aviation industry. Both commercial and business airlines need to respond to the change by embracing innovations and adopting new technological strides. N-iX provides quality software development services to airlines, airports, and aviation technology providers helping them implement digital transformation faster, more efficiently, and above all, with the highest level of security and reliability. In addition, qualified data scientists and BI developers at N-iX can turn your raw data into actionable business insights.

Our experienced engineers have indispensable industry knowledge and domain expertise, and always ensure airworthiness of the end products we deliver. As an aviation software development provider, N-iX makes certain that security and safety requirements are met during solution development. Software products we deliver to our clients are designed to comply with rigorous industry regulations and international avionics standards.

Our software development services cover a diverse set of aviation business digital needs such as:

  • Aviation maintenance software development

  • Inventory control software systems

  • Aviation scheduling and slot management tools

  • VR and AR solutions for personnel training

  • Embedded avionics systems development

  • Airline reservations and loyalty management solutions

  • Pricing and revenue management software

  • Flight operations and crew management applications

  • Delivering software solutions for aircraft ground handling

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