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N-iX develops efficient, scalable aviation solutions for airlines, airports, and independent vendors. We help aviation technology companies streamline their operations, improve productivity, and maximize profitability with digital technologies.
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Digital disruptions are reshaping the aviation industry. Technology changes travelers’ expectations towards airline-related services and great digital experiences. Airlines and other companies serving the industry need to respond to these shifts with innovative and revolutionary technological solutions.

N-iX delivers software development services to airlines, airports, and aviation technology providers. Our dedicated development teams help industry members implement digital transformations faster and more efficiently with secure and robust digital solutions. N-iX software development services cover a diverse set of aviation’s digital needs.

Focus on safety and security

Our software engineering teams have in-depth domain knowledge of the aviation-related technology. As an aviation software development provider, we ensure the airworthiness of the products and solutions we deliver. N-iX focuses on security and safety requirements during solution development process. We design software products in compliance with rigorous industry regulations and international avionics standards.

Business intelligence solutions for aviation technology industry

Experienced data scientists and BI developers at N-iX can turn your raw data into actionable insights. We use big data solutions that analyze multiple inputs and trends to make data-driven business decisions. N-iX engineers are experts when it comes to sophisticated business intelligence tools. We also integrate machine learning libraries that crunch vast sets of unstructured data to make incredible predictions.

Our AI solutions save millions for aviation industry

Capital expenditures account for billions of dollars in the aviation industry. Machine learning can optimize the equipment’s performance, cutting maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of the expensive hardware. N-iX software engineers build custom AI solutions for aviation technology companies. For instance, we help Gogo create machine learning algorithms that monitor equipment performance, see the case study.

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Expertise we offer

Aviation maintenance software development
Inventory control software systems
Aviation scheduling and slot management tools
VR and AR solutions for personnel training
Embedded avionics systems development
Airline reservations and loyalty management solutions
Pricing and revenue management software
Flight operations and crew management applications
Delivering software solutions for aircraft ground handling

Why us

Dedicated development teams

Given complex technological and regulatory requirements in aviation, software development projects require deep cooperation between a client and a vendor. N-iX offers dedicated development services to make sure our developers fuse nicely with your internal team.

Virtual reality experience

N-iX virtual reality teams have delivered VR and AR applications for multiple industries and platforms. We help aviation companies apply that technology to add value to their businesses. For details on N-iX VR experience and projects, visit this page.

Focus on continuous innovation

Apart from the virtual reality expertise, our R&D teams utilize additional cutting-edge technologies that have diverse applications within the aviation domain. We have experience with machine learning algorithms, IoT technologies, blockchain, and more.

Diverse technological experience

Tech requirements for a given aviation technology project vary significantly. Our broad expertise in software services and technologies allows us to offer you the best tech stack needed for a particular venture.

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