UI/UX Design for a Supply-Chain and Logistics Solution

BitLog is a software company delivering state-of-the-art warehouse management solutions to customers on several continents.

BitLog develops innovative software products for supply chain and logistics needs. Since 2006 it has been offering full control of warehouse management operations creating solutions that make time-consuming routines in the ERP system disappear.

Partnership overview

The cooperation with BitLog started with the maintenance of the first iPad version of WMS in June 2015. Later on, N-iX took over the development of the next version of the product for iPhone offering extended functionality and brand new UI/UX design. Now with the help of Media Manager, the user can take photos of the goods stocked in a warehouse, which are automatically synchronized between the local server and the phone. That ensures full control of the goods available in the warehouse thanks to visualization and constant access to the photos both online and offline.

The improved UI/UX has eliminated problems with usability and responsiveness of the interfaces on the iPhone devices. As initially the software was developed for IPad, in order to better fit the parameters of the iPhone, some of the functions were broken down into a number of screens.

In addition to WMS, N-iX team has worked on Bitlog TMS (Transport management system), Statistics mobile application, and Statistics application for Apple TV.

Sweden, Stockholm
Retail Logistics and Supply Chain Warehouse Management
Partnership period
January 2015 - present
iOS Swift, Objective C

Product overview

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

BitLog’s main product is its WMS (Warehouse Management System). This solution reduces manual work by as much as 50% when it comes to delivery planning, warehouse activities, and credit management. Its functionality covers all the aspects starting from the incoming warehouse processes up to outgoing processes and order confirmation.

BitLog WMS also offers reporting and management tools which help to monitor warehouse operations. Its optional features include Retail and 3PL Accelerators, E-commerce and WMS Advanced packages with such additional functionality as customization, multi-site and multi-company options, in-bound crates and pallet/license plate.

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