Mobile application development for an Irish provider of taxi dispatch software

iCabbi is an Irish technology company that offers dispatch management software used by taxi fleets and private hire operators.

iCabbi provides cloud-based taxi dispatch services in Ireland, the UK, the United States, and Canada, powering more than 75,000 vehicles that have completed over 500 million trips using its platform.

Partnership overview

iCabbi partnered with N-iX to extend their team with experienced software engineers to refactor the back-end of their solution and develop a robust mobile app for drivers. N-iX quickly gathered a team of 2 back-end developers, 2 mobile developers, a data scientist, and a QA, who worked closely with other distributed teams of the client.

The software development team at N-iX started with migrating the client’s monolithic application to microservices. Together with the iCabbi team, N-iX engineers cooperated on refactoring back-end, choosing the most innovative and reliable tech stack. N-iX software engineers applied the gRPC framework for communication between microservices and GraphQL.

The N-iX team also collaborated with the iCabbi distributed team from Ireland on building the Android mobile app for drivers. Its functionality includes auto-dispatching, real-time tracking, fare estimation, online payment, split fare, customer rating and feedback, and more. Data-driven analytics within the app helps match a passenger with a driver closest to them, predict the supply and demand in the particular region, adjust for bottlenecks along the route, etc.

As a part of our services, the N-iX team also provided automation testing services. We applied the Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) method to the testing process using Cucumber and Karate.

Ireland, Dublin
Automotive Taxi and Private Hire
Partnership period
February 2019 - present
Java PHP Android AWS, Node.js, Cucumber, GraphQL, Kotlin, Karate, gRPC

Product overview

iCabbi is a Dublin-based company that specializes in cloud-based taxi dispatch services. The company offers a number of products such as customer and driver apps as well as intelligent voice assistants that facilitate taxi booking for users and simplify trip planning and billing for drivers. A software development team at N-iX has been collaborating on the driver app for iCabbi.

iCabbi Driver App allows drivers to connect quickly with taxi companies by running the iCabbi dispatch and fleet management system directly from a mobile phone. The app is designed for both Android and iOS. It allows to accept or decline jobs assigned to a driver; send and receive messages from a taxi company; map out a route; estimate pricing; view upcoming jobs and activity throughout a city, etc. The app can be also integrated with a taxi meter for calculating mileage cost and trip duration.

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