Development of a Digital Bike Sharing Solution for Copenhagen Municipal System

Bycyklen is a digital bike sharing system that provides city bikes for rent in the Danish capital area.

Bycyklen is a state of the art bike sharing system with motor assistance and built-in GPS. The service includes more than 1,800 electric bikes for rent and helps local citizens and tourists travel around the Danish capital area.

Partnership overview

N-iX team is working on 3 core tasks:

  • Maintenance of the backend of the existing applications (an admin website, an end user website, and a tablet application);
  • Developing new mobile applications (Android and iOS) for the existing bikes and new generation bikes (which can be completely operated with a new mobile app);
  • Software Quality Assurance services.


Currently, N-iX engineers are working on user-management and implementing basic flows to rent a bike and start a trip. Also, the team is performing integration with payment systems, Open Street maps, sms providers, e-mail providers, and train providers.


Denmark, Copenhagen
Automotive Transportation
Partnership period
January 2018 - present
API testing
.NET JavaScript Android jQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Services, WebApi, EntityFramework, Android SDK, Android Studio IDE, HTML, CSS (Sass/Less), TFS, InstallShield

Product overview

Digital Bike Sharing System for the Danish Capital Area

Bycyklen is used as public transport for locals to commute and for tourists to do sightseeing. The system operates in –°openhagen and some of its outskirts.

By using the application, people can book, rent, and ride bikes, navigate the road and plan their travel routes. There are different types of subscription, and a user can choose the most suitable one for their individual needs.

The bike includes many features, including:

  • an electric motor that provides assistance up to 22 kph;
  • a battery (a fully charged battery provides assistance for up to 25 kilometers, depending on terrain, temperature, and the riding style);
  • a weather-resistant touchscreen tablet with built-in GPS.

The tablet application is used for registering, logging in, invoicing, navigation, and operating an electric a bike. Bycyklen has both a hardware and software support teams to ensure the system works smoothly.

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