5 destinations for nearshore Java development

Many companies opt for nearshore Java development as it helps to find qualified specialists faster and scale a development team more efficiently. According to the list of the most popular programming languages in Wikipedia, Java is chosen as the core technology for multiple globally known project...

5 destinations for nearshore Java development

Many companies opt for nearshore Java development as it helps to find qualified specialists faster and scale a development team more efficiently.

According to the list of the most popular programming languages in Wikipedia, Java is chosen as the core technology for multiple globally known projects.  Java is placed third among the most popular technologies on Stack Overflow, and it remains one of the most demanded coding languages in the world.

Though many other coding languages are widely used, Java is still in high demand, especially in Europe and the US. Companies there are experiencing a lack of software developers and Java specialists. According to the European Commission, the lack of IT-skilled workforce could amount to 825,000 by 2020.

To help you find experienced and qualified Java developers, we’ve conducted research based on Clutch ratings, Linkedin results, and reports by Bloomberg, A.T. Kearney, and more.

nearshore Java development

Ukraine for nearshore Java development

IT Outsourcing market in Ukraine is developing at a breakneck pace. There are more than 230,000 specialists working in 1,000 companies across multiple domains, ranging from healthcare to automotive.

As a result of the rapid development of IT industry in Ukraine, 13 Ukrainian companies including N-iX were placed among top IT service providers globally. Also, the country was rated among Gartner’s top 30 offshoring and outsourcing destinations.

According to the results of the survey conducted by DOU.ua, Java remains the most popular programming language in Ukraine. It takes up 23% of the developer job force market. According to Linkedin, there are 7,833 results for Java developers in Ukraine.

Such globally recognized brands as Lebara, SCHAD, Cure Forward, Book2Meet, HotSchedules, Netpulse, PrismTech and many others have outsourced their Java-based projects to Ukrainian engineers. Java was used for implementing such innovations as IoT, microservices, Data Science, and more.

It comes as no surprise that 40 companies out of 230 Java development companies listed on Clutch are either located or have development centres in Ukraine (mostly in Kyiv and Lviv).

Many outsourcing companies in Ukraine have extensive expertise in implementing Java-based projects and have developed best practices in this technology domain. Hence, it is easy to find qualified and experienced specialists to staff projects which differ in size, domain, and technological complexity.

Poland for nearshore Java development

There are over 140,000 specialists engaged in the Polish IT market and 450 IT companies which offer software outsourcing services. What’s more, about 15,000 IT graduates enter the jobforce market each year.

As for Java talent pool, according to Linkedin, the number of Java developers amounts to 10,606 engineers. As Clutch ranking points out, there are 35 Java development companies.

The value of the IT services segment in Poland is expected to amount to USD 6,8 million by 2020 with a growth rate of 5.9% CAGR. It comes as no surprise that Poland was rated 9th in Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2016.

Poland is one of top destinations for outsourcing your Java project. In 1999, a group of Java developers from Kraków set up Polish Java User Group. The group brings together Polish Java enthusiasts, arranges meetups, conferences, and promotes Java community in Poland.

Companies which outsourced their Java projects to Poland include Dun & Bradstreet, Ista, Alderbrooke, Trapeze Group UK, and others

Hungary for nearshore Java development

The country is home to around 80,000 specialists employed in the IT sector.

According to Hungary Information Technology Report, the overall value of IT services sales is expected to rise from USD 760 mln (in 2016) to USD 993 mln in 2020.

Budapest is the key Hungarian IT centre, and it was ranked 24th in Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2016.

Hungary is a favourable destination for nearshore Java development outsourcing. There is an extensive IT talent pool and Java-based expertise. As Linkedin results indicate, the number of Java developers in Hungary amounts to 1,879 people.

Companies which outsourced to Hungarian vendors include Telebond, Red Bull, Telenor, Opel, and others

Belarus for nearshore Java development

Belarus houses about 1,000 IT companies and over 35,000 professionals. Belarusian IT talent pool is constantly increasing, with 4,000 new IT experts graduating each year from 54 higher educational establishments. The overall value of IT industry in Belarus amounted to $1,120 mln in 2015.

Belarus offers a great access to qualified Java engineers. According to Linkedin, the number of Java developers in Belarus totals 2,117 results. There are many companies which choose to outsource their Java projects to Belarusian vendors Thicket Labs, SADAD, RAY, and more.

Bulgaria for nearshore Java development

Bulgaria is home to 400 companies and around 24,000 experts. The country is rated 8th in the world for the total number of IT specialists. Approximately 3,500 IT graduates enter the market annually and more than 220 educational establishments offer their educational programs.

The country’s IT outsourcing sector brought in $250M to the state budget in 2016, and it reached 1.86% of the GDP.

Many companies opt for outsourcing their Java development to Bulgaria as it provides access to qualified Java engineers and favourable conditions for partnership. According to Linkedin, the number of Java developers amounts to 1,382 specialists. Also, Bulgarian Java User Group was founded in 2007 to promote and enhance Java community. It has organized many seminars and meetups ever since.


There is a variety of destinations in Eastern Europe where you can find qualified and experienced Java developers. Many established companies choose such countries as Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, and Bulgaria. Each of these countries has a great number of specialists, favourable business climate, and solid Java expertise.

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By Tetiana Boichenko February 01, 2018

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