Choosing a perfect partner for setting up efficient and secure business intelligence practices is an important step for an enterprise that strives to maximize its performance with informed data-driven decisions. Much deliberation must be put into the selection process as there are many companies out there that promise good results. How do you know which of many business intelligence providers can actually deliver upon that promise? 

We’ve compiled a list of the industry’s top business intelligence companies that will help you narrow down your search and select a business intelligence service provider that matches your needs. We stick to the companies that do not just consult but also provide actionable solutions and custom software development services that can take your business intelligence to the next level. To help you pick the best candidates for the potential partnership, we’ve listed them using the following criteria:

  • Clutch rating of 4.7/5 and higher – you need to be sure you choose the highest-ranked vendors based on real client reviews;
  • 250+ experts – mid-size and large vendors can staff easier and faster as they have access to a larger internal talent pool;
  • 10+ years in the industry – long-standing businesses tend to have well-structured internal processes;
  • A strong BI portfolio – you want a partner who isn’t just good on paper but actually has real experience in the domain.

Without further ado, let us take a look at the best business intelligence companies on the market.

Our lists of reliable business intelligence providers: the world’s finest selection

  1. N-iX

N-iX has been helping companies to develop, deploy, and maintain secure and reliable business intelligence solutions for decades. Established back in 2002, the company has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in automotive, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, fintech, healthcare, and more. Business intelligence solutions by N-iX enable enterprises to make data-driven and accurate decisions. Offering extensive expertise in data visualization, extraction, aggregation, grouping, and modeling, this business intelligence service provider can integrate and customize BI software to give its clients solutions that suit their needs.

N-iX company info

N-iX is a globally recognized provider of software development and consulting services that leverages innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, Embedded Software, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud, and more. As one of the leading business intelligence providers, the company established lasting partnerships with industry leaders such as Gogo, cleverbridge, Orbus Software, and other businesses across industry domains.

  1. Skelia

Founded in 2008, this is a software development and business intelligence service provider that works with such clients as Televic, Valo Intranet, SiteCore, and more. The company operates locations across Europe offering dedicated team and team transfer services to boost clients’ technology expertise. Apart from BI expertise, the vendor offers such services as mobile development, QA and testing, CRM implementation, product R&D, and more. 

Skelia company info

  1. Deviniti

Based in Wroclaw, Poland, this company has been on the market for 18 years providing digital transformation solutions, mobile app and web development, custom software development, and BI services. Operating a small but capable staff of 300+ developers, the company has already delivered valuable solutions for such clients as Carefleet, Allegro Group, Aireon, and more. 

Divinity company info

  1. Brainvire Infotech inc

They have been delivering successful software solutions to such clients as Southwest Airlines, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and other recognizable companies since 2000. With numerous acclaims to its name, the company stands behind one of the most downloaded apps of the year with more than 50 M+ downloads. The company leverages Industry 4.0 tech like AI, IoT, Machine learning, and Blockchain and provides high-quality BI services.

Brainvire company info

  1. Yalantis

A software engineering company established in 2008, it provides a vast tech expertise that includes but not limits to AI and Machine learning, IoT, Data science. The company is also one of the well-known BI companies that’s been working with Healthfully, RAKwireless, KPMG, and many more. A profound expertise and a substantial number of successfully delivered projects have won the vendor a good reputation and a number of industry recognitions.

Yalantis company info

  1. Coherent Solutions

This is a software development and consulting company whose experience spans over almost three decades. The company operates across the US and Europe and provides services across such areas as web and mobile development, DevOps and data, blockchain, IoT, and more. The vendor also offers business intelligence services and solutions that benefit clients across continents and industries.

Coherent company info

  1. MentorMate

Their team developed their first mobile app back in 2001, and since then they have expanded their expertise to design innovative products and deliver secure solutions for businesses worldwide. Being listed as a business intelligence service provider, this company has strong expertise in several technology domains and has already delivered measurable business success to numerous clients.

MentorMate company info

  1. VOLO

A software company that leverages innovative technologies such as AI and IoT. They develop custom mobile and web applications putting a huge emphasis on their agile approach. The company works with clients across such industries as healthcare, insurtech, telecommunications, and more. With a high industry rating and a vast portfolio, they are considered a reliable BI vendor.

VOLO company info

  1. One Beyond

A UK-based bespoke software development service provider that operates across Europe. Since 1994, the company has been providing cost-efficient and reliable solutions to partners across industries. Thanks to its nearly three decades of industry experience, this vendor is a reliable business intelligence service provider that offers high quality of execution and lasting business outcomes.

One Beyond company info

  1. CISIN

This is an industry acclaimed technology service provider that helps businesses address their tech needs and provides reliable software solutions. Apart from that, this vendor is also among business intelligence providers that help Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders like Amcor. Over the years, the company has worked with more than 5000 clients.

CISIN company info

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Why entrust your business intelligence to N-iX?

  • N-iX has two decades of experience developing high-quality software solutions and consulting services. We develop, deploy, and maintain business intelligence solutions for clients in industries like telecom, logistics, manufacturing, fintech, and more;
  • Apart from business intelligence services, N-iX has strong experience in building Cloud solutions, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, IoT, and Embedded, to name a few;
  • We are recognized among the leaders in software development and consulting by IAOP Global Outsourcing 100, CRN Solution Provider 500, and other organizations;
  • N-iX has a team of over 2,200 experts in different fields who are ready to address any challenges your business might face and deliver lasting value to your organization.

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