30 VR development companies with strong portfolio

30 VR development companies with strong portfolio

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, which we previously associated primarily with the gaming industry, has found its way to business and proved to be useful in many spheres. Survey results show that 82% of companies that implemented AR/VR note that benefits exceed expectations. Thu...

30 VR development companies with strong portfolio
By Khrystyna Zabor October 08, 2019

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, which we previously associated primarily with the gaming industry, has found its way to business and proved to be useful in many spheres. Survey results show that 82% of companies that implemented AR/VR note that benefits exceed expectations. Thus, more and more businesses are looking for a virtual reality service provider. We compiled a list of reliable VR development companies from different outsourcing destinations such as Eastern Europe, Asia, the US, the UK, and others to help in your search.

How we selected VR development companies

We have analyzed multiple sources, such as VR outsourcing companies’ profiles on Clutch.co, the Manifest, GoodFirms.co, and other research platforms and rankings. Also, we have browsed LinkedIn accounts of VR vendors, their websites and portfolios.


  1. N-iX

VR developers Ukraine, Poland, USA

Founded in 2002, N-iX remains a leading IT outsourcing company in Eastern Europe delivering solutions of various scope and complexity. One of the many company’s specialities is creating immersive VR solutions for enterprises. N-iX professionals create custom VR solutions for a wide variety of industries, such as interactive education, sports training, media and entertainment, real estate, high tech, marketing, charity, healthcare, and others. 

For instance, one of N-iX`s clients, SportsVTS, specializes in simulated reality training experiences, allowing athletes to practice real-world repetitions within the immersive VR environment. 

As a result of this collaboration, N-iX created a VR training simulation for professional quarterbacks; achieved the highest level of realism and impressive picture quality; integrated VR experience with Optitrack System for real-time ball-tracking.

N-iX VR developers deliver solutions for different hardware. They can create both lightweight and portable solutions for Oculus Go, Google Daydream, and complex experiences for advanced headsets like HTC Vive. 

virtual reality production company

  1. Program-Ace

VR developers Ukraine

This company offers VR and AR development services. They create VR training apps, full-dive visualization experiences, medical VR applications, etc. The vendor also develops custom AR solutions, such as realistic 3D models, high-resolution video, and other custom data. 

  1. Vacoms

VR developers Ukraine

This provider creates VR/AR apps with interactive 3D content for various industries such as real estate, interior design, automobile and transportation, healthcare and medicine, education, gaming, advertising, and others. 

  1. Setapp

VR developers Poland

The company develops apps for mobile-based VR, solutions for high-end VR and integrates cloud-based services. It also specializes in UX design and 3D modeling. 

  1. Skywell Software

VR developers Ukraine, Switzerland

The company offers a wide variety of VR and AR services. It also has an extensive portfolio of projects in different spheres, such as e-commerce, retail, insurance, marketing, etc. 

  1. Transition Technologies PSC 

VR developers Poland

The company specializes primarily in augmented reality. They offer consulting and implementation services for many PTC products. The vendor also implements VR technology into training, manuals, service instructions, or product presentations.

  1. Softengi 

VR developers Ukraine

This Ukrainian IT outsourcing company offers services such as AR UI for business apps, AR product configurator, AR/MR remote assistant, and others. Apart from that, it has a good portfolio in 3D modelling.

  1. Q-Software

VR developers Croatia, UK, USA, Canada

This provider specializes in custom software development, UX/UI design, and mobile app development. The company also offers solutions in such spheres as gaming, e-commerce, enterprise, and e-learning.

  1. Bornfight

VR developers Croatia

This software development company specializes in UX/UI design, mobile app development, and web development. It cooperates mainly with middle businesses and implements solutions in the entertainment, education, and hospitality industries.

  1. HQSoftware 

VR developers Estonia, USA

The company’s expertise includes building AR/VR systems that gather and process data via sensors installed on different devices. It also specializes in data visualization, computer vision, and AR/VR hardware integration.


  1. Novoda

VR developers Germany, UK, USA

The company specialists can help you with mobile app development, UX/UI design, enterprise app modernization, digital strategy, and AR/VR development services. 

  1. Starloop Studios

VR developers Spain

This IT vendor specializes in mobile app development, AR/VR development, IT staffing, and application testing.

  1. Hedgehog Lab

VR developers UK, USA, India

This software consultancy specializes in multi-platform software and device innovation. Its professionals design and develop solutions that prepare brands for the future of post-PC devices.


  1. Hyperlink Infosystem

VR developers India

This company has years of expertise in the latest trends of AR app development. The process of development includes the following stages: requirements gathering, UI/UX design, creating a prototype, development itself, quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance.

  1. Quytech

VR developers India

This company specializes in mobile app development, AI, and AR/VR solutions. It has experience in consulting and developing various immersive and mobility solutions. The company creates apps for both enterprises and startups. They are working with clients in various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and many others.

  1. IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

VR developers India, USA

This mobile app and web development company has many years of experience. Its specialists deliver projects in mobile and web development, IoT solutions, wearable technology, and mobile gaming. The company can also help you with implementing VR solutions in defence, healthcare, manufacturing, games, sports training, education, and other spheres 

  1.  Arcanys

VR developers Phillipines

The company specializes in custom software development, mobile app development, and AI. They cooperate mainly with small and midmarket businesses in IT and other spheres, such as business, healthcare, and consumer products.

  1. Yudiz Solutions

VR developers India

The company offers a wide range of services, starting from mobile app development to UX/UI design and AR/VR development. They have expertise in game development, web development, blockchain, and other spheres. 

  1. Lets Nurture

VR developers India, Canada, UK

The company specializes in AR/VR development, blockchain, and loT development. They cooperate mainly with small and middle businesses and focus on business services, arts, entertainment, and music.  

  1. Variance Infotech Pvt LTD

VR developers India

This IT outsourcing services company specializes in AR/VR development, CRM consulting and SI, and mobile app development. They serve all levels of customers in the healthcare, hospitality, and IT industries. 

  1. Amaris

VR developers Vietnam

This global technology consultancy provides web development, custom software development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, VR development, and other services. 


  1. WeAR Studio 

VR developers USA, Ukraine, Jordan

This studio creates AR/VR/MR apps from scratch, building them from the ground up to the end product. The company has experience in creating apps for retail, e-commerce, marketing, manufacturing, automotive, education, staff training, and other spheres.

  1. BVG Software group

VR developers USA

The company specializes in VR and AR, 3D art production, immersive content development, mobile game development, and more. 

  1.  MutualMobile

VR developers USA, India

The company specializes in visual and conceptual design, 3D modeling and design, rigging and animation, VFX, Optimized VR, Mobile Design, 3D Scanning photogrammetry & 360 Video, and VR interaction design. The company engineers also offer development of advanced training simulations.

  1. Cemtrexlabs

VR developers USA, India

This provider specializes in a variety of technologies including web design, mobile app development, web development, and AR/VR experiences.

  1. MobiDev

VR developers USA

The company offers custom software development, mobile app development, IoT development, and web development. It cooperates both with startups and enterprises, developing AR solutions for different hardware.

  1.  Contus

VR developers USA, India

This provider offers mobile app development, virtual reality development, e-commerce development, and other services.

  1. Softweb Solutions

VR developers USA, India

The company cooperates primarily with large enterprises. It provides VR consulting, VR application development, VR training modules, virtual tours, etc. 

  1. Cubix

VR developers USA, Pakistan, UAE

The company focuses on custom software development, AR/VR development, and mobile app development. It implements virtual reality solutions for businesses and games. It cooperates both with global enterprises and startups. 


VR developers USA

This is a mobile app development company, which specializes in mobile app development, enterprise app modernization, and AR/VR development.  

Why choose N-iX among other VR development companies?

  1. N-iX Game and VR Studio has over 10 years of experience working for the North American, Asian, and European markets. Thus, the company can establish effective communication regardless of cultural differences. 
  2. The company provides end-to-end solution development. N-iX is ready to meet even the most specific requirements. 
  3. We can integrate your VR/AR application with any modern hardware.
  4. Our teams are flexible enough to adjust to the needs of your project.
  5. Our experts have experience in using VR technology to help companies automate the manufacturing process by creating virtual prototypes of products in real-time. This, in its turn, helps to reduce production cost.

Interested? Contact us and bring your ideas to life!



By Khrystyna Zabor October 08, 2019

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