Outsourcing to countries like Romania, Poland, and Bulgaria has become increasingly popular due to their good quality work, favorable business climate, and the availability of skilled professionals. US and European companies often choose developers from the CEE region for their expertise, experience, and ability to perform well in culturally diverse work environments.

However, finding a software development team in Romania is a complex process. Often, businesses stumble upon administrative, legal, and other issues on the way. To help you out, our Romanian experts have developed this ultimate guide to team augmentation in Romania

An overview of the Romanian IT talent pool

Romania is a key player in the European software development sector. With a workforce of more than 202,000 developers as of 2024, the country offers a rich technical talent pool of professionals capable of solving complex challenges. Major centers like Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Iasi have grown into vibrant hubs for information technology, where companies excel in providing premier engineering solutions.

Software development in Romania in numbers

  • Technology specialization 

In Romania, the technology landscape is dominated by a preference for JavaScript and Java, with C++ and Python also being widely adopted. This reflects Romanian developers' proficiency in delivering enterprise solutions, custom software, and applications alongside a burgeoning interest in Machine Learning and Data Science.

According to LinkedIn, the country boasts approximately 51,000 Java professionals, 52,000 JavaScript experts, 23,000 PHP developers, 37,000 Python engineers, as well as 46,000 C++ and 14,000 .NET experts. This depth and breadth of expertise are key factors behind the growing trend of European and North American companies choosing to extend their teams with Romanian professionals.

  • Expertise 

Romania stands out as an IT outsourcing hub with local experts covering diverse business requirements. Romanian IT professionals specialize in delivering custom software development, web solution implementation, and mobile app creation, among other services. Beyond these core competencies, talent from numerous Romanian IT companies engage in IT strategy consulting, while others focus on modernizing enterprise applications and developing IoT solutions. Additionally, about 30 firms within the Romanian market employ experts in cloud development, data management, and Business Intelligence solutions, showcasing the country's wide-ranging IT capabilities.

Romanian IT companies by provided services

  • English proficiency

The availability of outsourcing talent in Romania is enhanced by the country's focus on multilingual education, with many professionals fluent in English and other European languages. When it comes to English proficiency, Romania has made notable progress. The country has secured the 17th spot in the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI). This linguistic capability and technical proficiency make Romanian IT professionals highly sought after by companies looking for outsourcing solutions.

  • Favorable location

Romania's strategic location in Eastern Europe and its membership in the European Union provide geographical and economic advantages that attract foreign companies. The time zone alignment with most European countries facilitates smooth communication and collaboration.

  • ICT education

Romania is home to 49 public and eight private universities, including leading institutions such as Babes-Bolyai University, the University of Bucharest, and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, which have high places in the QS World Universities Ranking 2023. These universities are pivotal in supplying IT talent to Romanian tech centers like Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, and Iasi. The country has experienced a surge in ICT sector students and graduates. In 2021, there were approximately 40,000 students and over 9,300 graduates, marking nearly 20% and 65% increases from 2015. Romania also stands out in the EU for its high ICT and STEM graduates rate. This influx of skilled tech professionals, combined with a culture that encourages innovation, is a key factor behind the booming start-up ecosystem in Romania.

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How to find your perfect software engineering team? 

To find the best-fitting team, you need to know precisely what your objectives are and what you want to achieve with a software development team in Romania. We recommend sticking to the following steps. 

1. Get clear on your staffing request 

In the initial phase, it's crucial to determine the size of the software development team required for your project. You can engage software engineers for the entire project or adjust the team size as needed. Additionally, the preferred level of expertise and the software development experience of your technical staff are key considerations. At N-iX, approximately 95% of the engineering workforce is composed of Middle and Senior level specialists. Our software engineers boast an average of over seven years of industry experience, guaranteeing the superior quality of our services.

2. Define your technical requirements

The next step involves identifying the technical competencies required for your software development team in Romania. To assist your IT vendor in choosing the most suitable candidates, create a list of necessary hard skills. It's also important to specify any professional certifications and crucial industry knowledge to narrow the pool of potential developers for your project.

3. Find the right software engineering company

Consider the company's size when looking for a dependable software development partner. Organizations with over 250 experts on board typically offer broader tech expertise and more streamlined development processes. They also provide quicker access to talent, which, in turn, ensures quick project launch.

Additionally, examine the vendor's portfolio to determine if they have a track record of delivering solutions similar to what you need. Pay attention to the importance of reviewing client feedback and testimonials on the company's website and reputable platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms. Finally, confirm that your technology provider complies with international standards such as ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc. Partnering with a vendor that adheres to these standards will help ensure the secure handling of sensitive data and robust data protection.

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4. Decide upon the type of contract

Finalizing the legal framework of cooperation is a crucial phase when initiating a partnership. The choice of contract in IT outsourcing is influenced by factors such as your business objectives, the degree of your control over the processes, project adaptability, and more.

Choosing a Fixed Price model is advisable for small to medium-sized projects with a fixed budget. Under this agreement, you must specify a set budget, the scope of work, and the project's delivery timeline. The software development vendor is responsible for completing the project within the agreed budget and timeframe.

For projects that lack clear initial requirements but require flexibility, the Time and Material (T&M) model is preferable. This contract allows for adjusting the project scope and size of your software development team in Romania as needed, making it ideal for projects with variable or uncertain requirements.

A Dedicated Development Team model is the best fit for larger projects with changing needs. This approach involves assembling a tech team tailored to your specific business requirements. Similar to the T&M model, it offers flexibility and the option to adjust the team composition based on the project's evolving needs.

Types of contracts in IT outsourcing

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Wrap up

The initial choice of your outsourcing partner significantly influences the success of engaging with a software development team in Romania. Conducting an in-depth analysis and comparing the collaboration history, employer reputation, and industry awards of potential vendors can help you sidestep common outsourcing issues.

After securing a trusted partnership, it's essential to implement an effective communication plan, encourage sharing knowledge, and harmonize workflow processes. These actions are key to ensuring cohesion and clarity among all team members. 


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