So, you are looking for a trusted tech partner? Clutch lists 21,100+ companies that have ‘custom software development’ or ‘solution development’ listed among their services. Out of this number, only 640+ are verified vendors, with reviews, technical portfolios, etc. Among the remaining companies, 550+ are small firms with less than 250 employees. That leaves us with 80-ish vendors. 

To compile this list, we shortlisted them against the following criteria:

  • 5+ years of market presence
  • At least 5 verified reviews;
  • 4.7 and higher score (out of 5);
  • 500+ employees, thus capable of scaling and delivering enterprise-level solutions.

Out of the whole list, we got only 25 companies that match all of the criteria above. These are trusted and reputable software development companies, with extensive technical expertise, strong portfolios, and a number of well-known clients. Many of them have representative offices or HQs in the USA, the UK, or Western Europe, but delivery centers and major facilities are located in one of the three major outsourcing destinations: Eastern Europe, Asia, or South America. 

In this article, we will walk you through the:

Top 25 software development companies

Software development companies in Eastern Europe

This region has the largest number of software development companies that matched all of the strict criteria set for the selection process. The region has an excellent reputation, strong technical education, and large tech talent pool. Moreover, many tech giants, such as Google and Microsoft, have their own R&D centers in one or several destinations, as it allows them to hire top software developers. 

1. N-iX

N-iX in of the the top software development companies in Eastern Europe

This software development company has over 20 years of experience, partnering with Fortune 500 clients, global enterprises, and industry leaders. N-iX specializes in end-to-end software solutions and IT consulting.

The company has strong and versatile technical expertise that includes cloud solutions and DevOps, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analytics, IoT and embedded development, and much more. Their portfolio has projects for fintech, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, and 15 more industries.

2. Future Processing

software development company from Poland

Another vendor with a long history of successful projects and reliable reputation. Operating out of Poland (both the HQ and delivery facilities), the company offers software and web development, business intelligence, and cloud consulting services.  

The lion’s share of the company's projects are related to fintech, medical, and supply chain industries. This Polish firm has an impressive portfolio of projects for global clients from the US, UK, and Europe. 


Ukrainian vendor that helps you hire top software developers

Headquartered in Lviv (Ukraine), this firm offers both engineering and consulting services. Among other solutions, this vendor specializes in data science, mobile app development, QA and testing, and technology consulting. Apart from several delivery centers in Eastern Europe, the company also has offices in Europe and the US. Nearly a half of the company’s projects are for clients in the financial and retail industries. This vendor partners with small, midsize, and large companies. 

4. Andersen

Eastern European software development firm

An Eastern European software development firm with over 1,000 employees. Their main service offers are software development and IT staff augmentation. However, they also have experience with cloud, app development, and other technologies. This vendor works with different customers, from small businesses to enterprise-level corporations, partnering with clients in healthcare, fintech, and IT industries. 

5. Britenet

Britenet Polish software development vendor

Another vendor that employs over 1,000 experts within several delivery centers in Poland and Belarus. Among their services are also Big Data consulting, CRM development, and managed services. The clients’ list consists of small and midmarket IT, business and financial services, media, and telecom companies. 

6. Itransition

Transition - a company from Belarus This software software development company has many industry recognitions for their  engineering expertise and portfolio of projects. The company also has a deep expertise in CRM development, .NET engineering, and IT managed services. Among their clients are companies that represent IT, business, financial, media, and telecommunication industries. 

7. MentorMate

Bulgarian vendor MentorMate

Despite being headquartered in the US, major development facilities of this company are located in Bulgaria. A large share of their services are web development and software solutions, as well as system integration and quality assurance. This company partners with midmarket and small companies representing education, manufacturing, healthcare, and business services industries.

8. Forte Group

One of reliable software development firms in Europe

The company partners primarily with midsize and large companies that represent financial and business services, ecommerce, education, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. This vendor has experience in delivering custom software development, IT staff augmentation, and quality assurance services. They have delivery centers in Belarus, Ukraine, Argentina, and Colombia. 

9. iTechArt Group


Founded in 2002, this Czech-based software development firm partners with startups and tech companies. Apart from software development, this vendor also specializes in web and mobile app development, QA, DevOps, and сloud consulting. With a little over 200 active clients, the company’s major domain focus lies in advertising, education, gaming, and automotive industries.

10. Sigma Software

Ukrainian software development company

The company has 20 years of experience delivering advertising and marketing, education, gaming, and automotive solutions to their clients. The company also specializes in web and mobile app development, which account for more than a half of their services according to their Clutch profile. The major delivery centers are located in Ukraine and Poland, however the company also has an office in Sweden. 

11. Intetics Inc.


This software development company has several delivery centers in Eastern Europe, specifically in Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus. They also have experience in app development, cloud consulting, and IT staff augmentation. Among their clients are small and midmarket companies that represent education, healthcare, ecommerce, and financial industries from the US and Western Europe. 

12. Scalefocus

Bulgarian vendor

This vendor is headquartered in Bulgaria and has several delivery centers in the country. The majority of the company's operations revolve around software development and cloud consulting services. Their client list presents projects for various midmarket companies in  ecommerce, financial, information technology, and healthcare industries. 

13. Tremend Software Consulting

Romanian software development company

Operating out of Romania, this vendor has several representative offices in Europe and the US. Apart from software solutions, they specialize IT staff augmentation, e-commerce development, and application testing. Their client list shows that they worked on projects for fintech, information technology, retail, and ecommerce industries for small and midsize companies. 

14. Beetroot AB

An outsourcing vendor from Ukraine

As one of the youngest companies on the list, this vendor has around 10 years of experience. They partner with startups and small-to-midsize businesses. They also offer IT staff augmentation and mobile app development services. Their portfolio shows projects for education, information technology, healthcare, advertising & marketing, and automotive industries. 

15. Software Mind

Polish vendor

This Polish company has successfully completed over 1,000 projects for their 250+ clients. The service lists of this vendor includes enterprise application modernization, artificial intelligence, as well as business intelligence and big data consulting. Their client list includes mainly midsize businesses in fintech, telecommunication, and healthcare industries. 

16. DataArt

Ukrainian software development firm

This Ukrainian software development company has experience in design and delivery of software for various domains including travel and hospitality, healthcare, media, financial services, and sports. Their expertise also includes mobile and web application development, e-commerce development, machine learning and AI, as well as cloud consulting and system integration services. 

17. CHI Software

CHI Software

The last vendor on our list of Eastern European software development companies, this firm offers IT outsourcing services to small and midsize clients from the US and Europe. Their Clutch profile indicates that the company also offers web and mobile app development, IT strategy consulting, and IoT development. The company caters to financial and business services, information technology, media, and education industries. 

Software development companies in Asia

The region has a large number of software development firms in the region and an even more impressive size of the tech talent pool. However, we have found only five vendors that matched all of the criteria in terms of their expertise, services, availability of public review, and overall performance. 

18. Kellton Tech Solutions

One of Asian software development companies

With several representative offices in the US, the majority of delivery centers of this vendor are located in India. This vendor helps companies with software development, e-commerce development, and enterprise app modernization. The company's clients represent fintech, manufacturing, non-profit, and real estate domains.

19. Trigent Software

Trigent Software

This is a software development company with a strong focus on custom software development and application testing. The lion’s share of their clients are the companies in education, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. 

20. Experion Technologies


Headquartered in Plano, TX, USA, all of the company’s delivery centers are located in India. Their service list also includes web development, mobile app development, ig data and business intelligence. This vendor partners with companies of all sizes, with a specific interest in healthcare, retail, supply chain and logistics, and education industries. 

21. Talentica Software

Talentica Software is one of software development firms in AsiaThis software development firm is headquartered and operates in India. They specialize in machine learning and AI, blockchain, IT staff augmentation, as well as provide cloud consulting services to their clients. The company's portfolio showcases projects for a variety of industries, including consumer products and services, healthcare, advertising and marketing, media, and financial services. 


Vendors with offices in  Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Europe, Singapore

This Indian software development company has offices in Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Europe, Singapore, and several other locations. They have experience in web and mobile app development, partnering with small and midsize clients. The company has experience in delivering projects for education, financial services, hospitality, and information technology domains.

Software development companies in South America

Despite having a vast tech talent pool, this region doesn't have that many software development companies that matched all of the criteria. However, here are the top three vendors that have both resources and technical expertise to handle virtually any project.

23. 10Pearls

One of the largest software development companies in South America

Headquartered in the US, this company has its major delivery centers in Costa Rica and Colombia. The client list shows midsize and large companies that needed help with software or app development, application testing, CRM consulting, etc. They have a rather wide domain expertise that covers projects for financial services, healthcare, energy and resources, education, retail, and telecommunications industries. 

24. BairesDev

Latin American software development firm

This South American software development firm has delivery centers in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. Their services also include big data, BI, and cloud consulting. They also have expertise in digital transformation and acceleration in numerous projects.  Among the top industries that this vendor serves are IT, healthcare, and financial services. 

25. CI&T

Looking for top software developers in South America?

This Brazilian company has representative offices in the US, China, and Australia. Apart from software development, they also specialize in mobile app development, business intelligence, Big Data consulting and system integration. Their clients include midsize enterprises in financial services, supply chain and logistics, telecom, and automotive industries. 

If you are interested in top software developers, choose a vendor in a reliable outsourcing destination. Opt for a company with strong technical expertise, a variety of projects in your domain, and enough resources to pull off even the most complicated project. 

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