Ruby Outsourcing: How to Find the Best Developers in Ukraine

Ruby Outsourcing: How to Find the Best Developers in Ukraine

Developers apply Ruby in dozens of areas such as prototyping, research, administration, development of games and various applications, etc. It is used by NASA Research Center, Motorola, Google SketchUp and by other well-known companies for conducting simulations, macro scripting API and more. In add...

Ruby Outsourcing: How to Find the Best Developers in Ukraine
By Yustyna Velykholova November 18, 2016

Developers apply Ruby in dozens of areas such as prototyping, research, administration, development of games and various applications, etc. It is used by NASA Research Center, Motorola, Google SketchUp and by other well-known companies for conducting simulations, macro scripting API and more. In addition, such famous brands as Twitter, Bloomberg, Airbnb, SoundCloud, and Slideshare used RoR as their main web development framework.

However, hiring Ruby developers can be really difficult especially for the US and European companies. Lack of resources drives them to consider project outsourcing as the best solution. Ruby outsourcing to Eastern Europe becomes the most attractive option since it enables cost-saving without neglecting the quality of services. One of the best Eastern European options in terms of price, availability of expertise and IT talent is Ukraine. Let’s have a look at a number of facts that you should know when looking for the best Ruby developers in Ukraine.

Why outsource Ruby development to Ukraine?

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016, Ruby is ranked among the top 12 most popular programming languages and it has not changed its position since 2013. Many developers choose Ruby because it gives a possibility to develop web applications much faster comparing to the other popular languages. It allows them not only to develop applications quickly but deploy and maintain them easily. Moreover, the number of Ruby developers who work with Ruby on Rails framework is rising as it is a very demanded skill at the moment. That is why both RoR and Ruby development services are fairly expensive throughout the US and Western Europe.

Ruby outsourcing-most popular technologies

Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016

Experienced Ruby developers are really difficult to find. Hence companies consider outsourcing Ruby development to Ukraine. This can significantly alleviate hiring woes in the long run and improve project efficiency. The country has a vibrant IT market which is growing day by day and offers a wide range of services performed by the best Ruby developers for the most attractive prices.

Consider the pool of Ruby developers in Ukraine

Judging from a big number of accelerated learning programs, it is obvious that Ruby is a popular programming language. Plenty of software developers in Ukraine have already explored an opportunity of working with Ruby and many of them have chosen it as their key expertise. According to Linkedin, around 13,000 Ruby developers work in the IT sector in Ukraine and over 3,600 of them are senior developers. The biggest saturation of Ruby developers in Ukraine is concentrated in such cities as Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro.

Ukraine can boast a very big and active Ruby community where developers often network with other members at different meetups such as The Kyiv Ruby Meetup. This is a great opportunity to share the experience, knowledge, and news about the latest trends in the industry. What’s more, they can help junior developers improve their skills or help programmers switch to Ruby from other technologies. Moreover, such conferences as RubyC, RubyShift, Ruby Conference Kyiv all take place in Ukraine.

IT companies are eager to organize such events in order to retain talent and attract newcomers. Ruby developers from Ukraine also attend international conferences such as RailsConf , RubyConf, Ruby on Ales, Bath Ruby, Rails Girls where they can enrich their knowledge. At such Ruby events, recruiters have a chance to find potential Ruby candidates and build a stronger employer brand over time.

Ruby developers are attracted to interesting projects

Ruby developers are hard to find in comparison to developers working with Ruby on Rails framework. On average, it takes 3 months to stuff a Ruby team consisting of 5 developers. Depending on the requirements this time may increase to 4-6 months.

In order to attract Ruby developers, any experienced recruiter should know their incentives. A good salary is no longer the major thing that can attract experienced Ruby developers in Ukraine. One of the primary benefits that can engage a qualified Ruby developer is the availability of challenging frameworks and cool technologies to master within the project. Also, they often prefer the possibility to have a flexible schedule.

In addition, many experienced Ruby developers are eager to participate in open source projects as well as having a possibility of attending conferences and training sessions all over the world. They always strive to extend their stack and are open for cooperation with international companies.

Programming Languages Learning Interest

Google Search Volume: 2015 vs 2016

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The provider should have enough capacities to staff your project

When companies choose a Ruby outsourcing provider they expect to find candidates for all positions on the project. Besides, timing is really important here. That is why they have to ensure that the company is capable of staffing their project and that these developers are qualified for the position. In order to do this, businesses need to consider if the software development provider has enough resources to find the engineers in a reasonably short time frame.

Despite the big pool of Ruby developers available in Ukraine, not all Ukrainian companies have enough resources to staff a Ruby project fast. HR and recruitment departments in the established IT outsourcing companies are ready to hunt candidates and even attract them from other cities. They have the capacities to offer their candidates great benefits and perks including extensive social packages, flexible working hours and the best working facilities and salaries. What’s more, these companies can offer various cooperation models such as team augmentation, project outsourcing, etc. to meet the business needs of the client. That is why the companies need to pay special attention to the outsourcing providers in Ukraine who have a good employer image.


On the whole, Ruby outsourcing to Ukraine is a great option and it can bring lots of competitive benefits to companies that are looking for experienced developers. Ukraine has a big talent pool of Ruby developers that can create cutting-edge web applications and provide services to meet the most specific business requirements. They are eager to participate in challenging projects and use the latest technologies and frameworks. They have a vibrant Ruby community and organize various events and conferences on a regular basis. So if you are looking for a professional Ruby development team which provides high-quality development services for moderate prices, opt for Ukraine.

Ruby Outsourcing: How to Find the Best Developers in Ukraine



By Yustyna Velykholova November 18, 2016
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