Product management consulting

N-iX product management consulting services will help you optimize market fit, resonate with your target audience, and build effective strategy for your product.

Helping you build innovative products

N-iX helps businesses develop and grow their products through product management consulting. We help companies align their business objectives with customer needs, market trends, and industry best practices. Moreover, our services enable them to maximize market fit, resonate with the target audience, and generate long-term value better.

We understand that it's not just about building things right; it's about building the right things. You can count on our team of experienced professionals to guide you through the complexities of the product development lifecycle.

From deep market research and immersive design thinking workshops to crafting robust product strategies and roadmaps, effective engineering, and release support we ensure your product journey is a success.

Product management and consulting services - N-iX

How can product management
services help your business?

Increase revenue and profitability

A consumer goods company achieved a 15% increase in revenue and a 25% increase in profitability within two years of introducing a product management function (case study by McKinsey).

Improve customer satisfaction

89% of respondents reported that implementing a dedicated product management function improved customer satisfaction (survey by Pragmatic Institute).

Boost conversion rates

Companies that focus on user onboarding through effective product management experience a 50% higher conversion rate from trial to paid customers (A study by Pendo).

Engage users more effectively

A messaging platform increased user engagement by 40% through iterative product management and continuous user feedback (case study by Intercom).

Product management consulting services at N-iX

Value proposition deep-dive

Forge the value you provide to your customers. We will help you define clear customer profiles, as well as determine how your offering solves pain and creates gains for these customers. The main goal is to allocate the best fit between the value proposition canvas and customer profile.

Value proposition deep-dive
Product strategy calibration as a part of product management consulting

Product strategy calibration

Design a winning product strategy and define a compelling mission and vision for your product that aligns with your business goals. With proper planning and our strategic guidance, you can effectively position your product as a market leader, attract new customers, and create a long-term competitive advantage.

Customer development setup

Establish a customer development framework that enables both short-term wins and long-term success. Our customized setup ensures that you gather valuable customer insights, identify pain points, and validate product-market fit of your product, all while building strong relationships with your target audience.

Customer development setup as a part of our product management services
Product management as a service: North Star, KPI's & Success metrics review

Data Analytics streamlining (North Star, KPI's & Success metrics review)

Define your North Star metric, identify key performance indicators (KPIs), and review success metrics to measure the impact of your product. Our data-driven approach will empower you to make informed decisions, track progress, and achieve meaningful business outcomes, ultimately driving impressive ROI.

Roadmap prioritization and visualization

Transform your product vision into a tangible roadmap for success. Our expert team will collaborate with you to develop a clear product strategy, define the right features and evaluate their monetary value, explore target markets, and ensure competitive positioning. With a well-defined roadmap, you'll have a solid plan to guide your product's growth and ensure alignment with your business objectives.

Roadmap prioritization and visualization

Our approach:

Design thinking workshops

Facilitating collaborative workshops to apply design thinking principles, encourage creativity, and generate innovative ideas for your product.

A/B testing

Conducting experiments to compare different versions of a product or feature to gather data and insights for optimization and decision-making.


Developing prototypes or mockups to visualize and validate product concepts before investing in full-scale development.

User validations and testing

Engaging users in feedback sessions, usability testing, and validation exercises to ensure the product meets their needs and expectations.

6 pillars of effective product management we rely on

Expertise and guidance

Developing a comprehensive product strategy that aligns with your business objectives, identifies market opportunities, defines product positioning, and outlines a roadmap for success.

Market insights

Providing access to experienced product management professionals who bring deep industry knowledge, best practices, and a strategic mindset to your product initiatives.

Product strategy

Conducting thorough market research and analysis to understand the target audience, competitive landscape, and emerging trends, providing insights for informed decision-making.

Roadmapping and prioritization

Creating a clear product roadmap that outlines feature prioritization, release timelines, and milestones, helping you make strategic decisions about product development.

User-centric design

Employing user experience (UX) design principles to create intuitive and engaging product experiences that delight your customers and drive user adoption.

Continuous improvement

Utilizing feedback loops, data analysis, and iterative processes to continuously improve your product based on user insights, market feedback, and changing business needs.

Cooperation options

01 Product management consulting

In case you are not ready to commit to full-scale development and need help understanding the potential of a business idea, evaluating the pros and cons, investigating the market gaps, assessing the risks, and planning the scope of work.

From a free one-hour consultation to complex market research and analysis, product roadmap development, user experience design, or product launch strategies.

02 Extension of your product team

If your organization already has a product role in place, we can seamlessly integrate and extend our expertise to support your existing team. We'll collaborate with your product team, complementing their skills and providing additional bandwidth to drive product success.

A dedicated full-time specialist or a team in case you don't have anybody specifically overseeing your product work.

03 Product management as-a-service

We offer end-to-end product management services that cover the entire product lifecycle. From ideation and market analysis to roadmap planning, development, and launch, we provide comprehensive support at every stage.

Targeted assistance for specific aspects of product management based on your unique needs or carry out a complex product management development.

How it works


Introductory call

N-iX offers a free one-hour consultation to kick-off the process, learn more about your product, needs, and goals.



During Product Discovery, we will work closely with you to better understand your business objectives, target audience, and market landscape. We will conduct research, analyze trends, and engage in user interviews to define a clear product vision and strategy, along with a roadmap outlining key milestones.


Proof of Concept (PoC):

If needed, N-iX will develop a focused prototype to validate feasibility. Our experts will also test critical assumptions, gather user feedback, and assess technical viability to shape the product concept and ensure alignment with business goals.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

We build a functional version of your product with core features addressing immediate user needs. After, you can launch the MVP to gather real-world feedback, validate market demand, and refine the product through iterative development cycles.


Continuous delivery and maintenance:

Transition into an agile development approach with short iterations. Deliver regular updates and enhancements based on user feedback and data-driven insights. Ongoing support and maintenance ensure smooth operation and address any issues that may arise.

Building better products together

  • Evolutionary approach

Recognizing the value of your existing work and efforts, we are here to boost your work. Our goal is to build upon your foundation, leveraging incremental improvements to drive sustainable growth.

  • Maximizing value

By identifying low-hanging fruits, we first start with areas where small changes can yield significant results. We prioritize efforts that offer maximum value with minimal effort for efficient use of resources and quick wins.

  • Partnership for growth

Strengthening your product's market positioning and capabilities is our goal. Together, we uncover opportunities, refine strategies, and implement targeted improvements that propel your growth trajectory.

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