Wondering who can help you with maintaining your OpenText ECM solutions? No matter whether you are doing all the tasks on your own or looking for more affordable consultants or you are simply not happy with the quality of the current ones, a mature OpenText managed services provider can be your effective way out. Granted, maintaining OpenText ECM applications without due professional support can be a challenge for many organizations. Here is how we address the pain of our clients and get things done better and faster while keeping costs down and quality high.

The successful way of solving the issues

When our clients reach out to us with the need to support their OpenText application, we ultimately provide them with the hassle-free experience.

It means that they don’t need to take care of anything starting from incident management to performance and security audits of the system. Our team of OpenText consultants commits to resolving ongoing incident tickets without any issue left pending. Our SLA defines the availability of support consultants and response times for the first, second and third level support. So when an issue arises, you can expect it to be handled in the shortest time frames possible.

Among our main goals, apart from incident resolution, is to prevent issues before they disrupt your vital business processes. That’s why we provide high-quality proactive support that presupposes system monitoring and regular health checks. This allows our clients to get the uninterrupted performance of their enterprise content management systems and avoid software malfunctions.

Due to new business or legislative requirements, our clients often need to enhance their OpenText systems to maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market. Thus, as a part of our professional services, we also help them customize their solution to meet their changing needs. This includes the development of new document forms, workflows, statistics reports, dashboards as well as integration with the company’s third-party systems.

On the flip side, when we get contacted by companies that are not fully satisfied with the implementation of their OpenText solution, our team of experts carries out an in-depth analysis of the system. They identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities and immediately perform vital fixes. This is an obligatory part of a deal we always perform when we are not the ones who have integrated a solution into your business ecosystem.

OpenText Managed Services Provider

The effective models of cooperation

Our team of OpenText managed services consultants is working under the hybrid model. This means that most of the work is done remotely, with consultants coming onsite to meet the customer on the as-needed basis.

As for the pricing model, it is quite transparent and predictable – we offer the best value-for-money services. The cost is based on actual time spent on a project and an hourly rate of an employee.

Get the maximum value from your solution

So when it comes to hiring an OpenText managed services partner, you don’t need to choose between a reliable, experienced and affordable company. You can find all of the above benefits in one provider. Being in this business for more than 12 years, N-iX has accumulated a wide range of best practices that prove to work for a number of our clients.

Talk to our expert

Don’t hesitate to connect with our expert via email or schedule a meeting below to talk one-on-one about your specific business needs. He would be happy to advise you on effective enterprise content management and use our experience acquired from similar projects to provide you with high-quality application managed services.