Numerous studies indicate that we are all wasting a lot of time at work sorting through loads of unstructured documents and content. A McKinsey study revealed that employees spend almost 20 percent of the workweek searching for internal information. This is an acute problem for enterprise-class businesses, which struggle to manage multiple subsidiaries, departments, processes and all the related documents.

Enterprise Content Management solutions like OpenText Content Server enable businesses to close the communication gap so common in enterprises. Forrester forecasts global enterprise content management market worth to reach $9 billion in 2018. So, apparently, organizations have realized the importance of implementing an ECM solution to increase effectiveness.

However, our key business applications for managing sales, marketing, HR, finance still live in detached silos. OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle solutions are poised to solve this problem. So if you are using Salesforce and faced content management challenges or you want to get more performance benefits from your Salesforce and OpenText ECM solution, OpenText xECM for Salesforce can help you drive maximum business value from your investment.

So what is OpenText xECM for Salesforce?

OpenText ECM solutions provide tools for capturing, managing, storing, and delivering information supporting key processes in an enterprise. Whereas its Extended ECM solutions unite digital content with various business applications such as CRM, HRM, ERP, and others.

One of these solutions specifically focuses on Salesforce and aims to connect this most widely used cloud CRM platform with all business content. The solution makes OpenText Content Suite Platform available to Salesforce users, opening such capabilities as Document Management, Records Management, Capturing, Archiving, Workflow, and Collaboration.

The main goal of Salesforce is automation. It allows to streamline sales and marketing processes, increase customer satisfaction and, ultimately, boost revenues. However, oftentimes, Salesforce users have to switch between different systems to find the information they need. Or even worse – they have to cope with loads of unstructured documents in an unmanaged shared drive. OpenText xECM for Salesforce enables you to see and access all your business content right in the Salesforce interface.


OpenText xECM for Salesforce Interface

Challenges solved by OpenText xECM for Salesforce

  • Quickly accessing the needed information

One of the worst Salesforce users’ pains is the inability to access the latest versions of documents when they are needed. OpenText xECM solves this challenge.

According to AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), 61% of the surveyed companies have no connection between their ECM and ERP solutions. And the linkage between ECM and other applications, such as CRM and HRM, is less than 10%. This leads to delays in communication, inefficiencies and lost productivity. OpenText xECM for Salesforce creates a 360-degree view of the information and allows to store the unstructured information together with the customer’s transactional data directly in the CRM.

  • Integration with other systems and customization

System integration and its customization always incur ongoing IT expenses. Unfortunately, there is no universal application that could solve all integration challenges. However, OpenText xECM solutions have a lot of ready-made functionality and significantly cut down implementation costs. In addition, there are technical consultants and IT vendors that may handle more complex installations. For instance, N-iX Professional Services team has over a decade of experience in developing and customizing OpenText, SAP and Salesforce solutions. Based in Eastern Europe, the company offers exceptionally favorable rates and top-notch talent. With competence in both systems, N-iX is the first integrator to offer Salesforce and OpenText Content Server integration in its Professional Services portfolio.

  • CRM end-user adoption and user productivity

When the customer information lives in a siloed environment, it’s difficult for CRM users to maintain effective communication with the customers. As a result, salespeople get frustrated as they spend hours looking for the most recent versions of invoices, agreements, and other important documents. This lack of visibility across customer history prevents CRM users from doing their job efficiently and slows down the adoption of the solution.

  • Data import

Another issue addressed by OpenText xECM for Salesforce is eliminating manual content management and data import. It helps to achieve maximum automation of CRM operations enabling employees to focus on more creative work. Additionally, it helps to get your data in order, make dirty data clean and accurate. The ultimate reward you get from resolving this challenge is enhanced customer experience and increased revenues.

  • Regulatory risks

Information security threats are getting bigger day by day and so are regulatory norms. An organization that neglects the management of their content is subject to legal and audit risks. An effective ECM solution allows protecting both the customer information and your sensitive data.

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Business value of OpenText xECM and Salesforce integration

According to Forrester Consulting: The gap between customers’ expectations and the service they receive is widening. Customers are increasingly informed about the products and services that they have purchased and demand effortless, yet personalized service in real time, using the communication channel and touchpoint of their choice.

Increasing profits is the essence of any business. Yet it is only possible if we deliver value and quality service to our customers. Today more than ever our clients demand personalized experiences at multiple touch points with our brand – physical, digital, social media, mobile, and others.

Your Salesforce solution can help you gather, process and analyze a lot of customer-related data to create seamless user journeys. Whereas in combination with a solid ECM solution, you may double the benefits. Enterprises that have implemented the OpenText xECM solution for Salesforce drive substantial business value such as:

  • Uniting Salesforce data and related content in a single interface;
  • Having all information up-to-date in a single, reliable system;
  • Salesforce integration with other essential business applications;
  • Create one entity workspace for different business lead application;
  • Connecting all organizational content, improved content management;
  • Simplified collaboration across an organization;
  • Streamlined operations and higher sales staff productivity;
  • Accelerated sales cycles and shortened time to revenue;
  • Compliance with regulations and industry standards such as HIPAA, FINRA, ISO, GDPR, etc.
  • Easy transition of accounts to new employees thanks to easy access to the latest content versions;
  • Improved customer experience resulting in higher profits.

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies integrating ECM and CRM:

  • grow twice as fast as their competitors
  • have significantly more positive mentions in social media
  • win twice as much more new customers

Business Value of OpenText xECM for Salesforce

How N-iX technical consultants can help

N-iX Professional Services division has provided quality technical consulting services for over a decade. The team specializes in OpenText, StreamServe (Exstream), SAP, Salesforce, Hybris solution development, and integration. Our experts have delivered over 200 solutions in such industries as Finance and Banking, Utilities, Energy, Telecom, Healthcare, and others. N-iX professionals have completed successful product rollouts and provided top-notch consulting services to global brands and clients from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Republic of South Africa, South Korea, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Our certified consultants have years of experience in software development, product integration, database services and network connectivity. N-iX experts have cooperated with StreamServe and OpenText on the development of their solutions and provided 3rd line support of their products. Therefore, N-iX has developed extensive expertise in these transformative ECM and CCM solutions.

N-iX professionals can help you get maximum value out of your Salesforce investment by making generic and customer-specific sales and marketing documents correctly organized and easily available to Salesforce users in the relevant context. Firstly, our consultants conduct the thorough analysis of your business processes and related content to come up with the custom solution aimed at solving your specific tasks. Additionally, N-iX specialists can design and develop the solution that will get all your content in order and make it easily accessible to your business development team through a single Salesforce interface.

Drop us a line, and we’ll answer all your further questions on how to implement a sound ECM solution and integrate it with your key business applications.

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