N-iX, a leading global software development company, has successfully completed CyberGRX Cybersecurity Risk Assessment with a rating of A (9.0/10), thereby confirming its infosecurity maturity. CyberGRX provides an independent assessment validated by a third party that proves N-iX’s compliance with industry security standards, measures the overall maturity of our security program, and validates the existence of security controls.

N-iX has undergone a rigorous assessment process across five control groups — Strategic, Operations, Core, Management, and Privacy, and scored 9 out of 10. The assessment integrates the N-iX’s responses with advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and sophisticated risk models based on known breach-kill chains to provide an in-depth view of how our security controls will protect against potential threats.

“At N-iX, we always prioritize the security and integrity of our clients' data. Achieving an A rating (9.0/10) in the CyberGRX Cybersecurity Risk Assessment confirms that we have strong security measures in place and validates our commitment to maintaining the highest level of security. This achievement further demonstrates our dedication to delivering secure and reliable software solutions to our clients worldwide,” commented Mariia Zavalska, Head of Compliance at N-iX.

About CyberGRX

CyberGRX is a cyber risk management platform provider that includes robust data sets, third-party threat intelligence, analytics, and machine learning and provides fast and accurate security insights. CyberGRX’s analytical methodology builds threat intelligence and sophisticated risk models from one validated assessment. 

You can request access to the CyberGRX cyber risk assessment of N-iX by writing to InformationSecurity@n-ix.com.

Besides CyberGRX Risk Assessment, N-iX is also compliant with other recognized information security standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, FSQS, to name a few. It proves N-iX follows established best practices to safeguard our clients' data and effectively manage risks associated with information security.

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By N-iX April 19, 2023

About N-iX

N-iX is a global software solutions and engineering services company that helps world’s leading organizations turn challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth using modern technology. With over 2,000 professionals in 25 countries across Europe and the Americas, N-iX offers expert solutions in cloud, data analytics, embedded software, IoT, AI, machine learning, and other tech domains. Being in business for over two decades, we have worked with dozens industry-leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies creating value across a wide variety of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and more.

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