The interest in DevOps services has grown significantly over the past years. The global pandemic, however, increased this interest even more due to two sound reasons. First of all, DevOps practices help to deliver software products quickly without compromising their quality. Also, DevOps helps businesses in IT, telecom, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. optimize their software development, deployment, and maintenance costs. 

Industries that benefit the most from DevOps

There are five key reasons businesses opt for outsourcing DevOps processes:

  1. Easier recruitment. A DevOps outsourcing company has a team of experienced specialists internally and can engage additional resources from their reserve if required. 
  2. Tech expertise. Specialists that work for outsourced DevOps companies have better expertise than their colleagues that work on their own. Knowledge sharing and professional training are the benefits of partnering with a DevOps outsourcing company. 
  3. Necessary certifications. Finding a DevOps specialist with all the needed certifications locally can often be a hard task. Outsourcing, in turn, can help you find professionals with all the needed certifications in place.
  4. Experience and best practices. Typically, outsourcing vendors have more expertise as they have tried and tested various solutions as well as approaches. 
  5. Additional competences. Vendors that offer DevOps-related services can also provide more specific specialists like DBAs, who are difficult to find and usually are needed for a short time.

That is why many companies choose to outsource their DevOps services. But what do you need to know about DevOps outsourcing companies? And how to choose the most reliable provider? This article sheds light on these and other questions. 


To compile the list,  we have analyzed multiple sources, including different directories (, GoodFirms, the Manifest), vendors’ websites, their LinkedIn accounts, etc. 

We have chosen mid-sized (250-999 employees), and large (1000-9999 employees) companies that are present for 5+ years in the market and have a portfolio of successful DevOps projects. Also, we have paid close attention to clients’ reviews and testimonials of the vendors. 

Here is the list of the best outsourced DevOps companies in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe:

Eastern Europe houses a talent pool of over 1M professionals. In terms of DevOps outsourcing, the countries with the most significant number of DevOps experts live in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in Ukraine:

As of September 2020, Ukraine is home to 7,200 DevOps engineers, according to LinkedIn. Here are the best DevOps outsourcing companies in the country. 

  1. N-iX

DevOps outsourcing company in Ukraine

N-iX is one of the biggest Eastern European software development providers with over 20 years of experience in the global IT market. The vendor offers profound expertise in such tech domains as Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, DataOps, and many others

N-iX professionals can assist in configuration management, infrastructure as code, CI/CD, etc. N-iX experts have proven Cloud expertise and can help you with on-premise to cloud migration, cloud-to-cloud migration, infrastructure setup, configuration management, and other services.

The vendor has partnered with North American and European businesses in fintech, telecom, retail, healthcare, etc. and completed over 25 successful DevOps projects

For instance, N-iX has developed a fully automated CI/CD pipeline for Lebara. Also, our professionals performed data migration to the cloud for this client. 

What’s more, our DevOps specialists have performed cloud migration of legacy infrastructure and multi-tenancy implementation for Orbus Software

DevOps outsourcing company in Ukraine

Also, this DevOps outsourcing company is recognized by many awards, including Global outsourcing 100 by IAOP, GSA UK 2019, and many others. 

  1. Eleks

DevOps outsourcing company in UkraineBased in Lviv, Ukraine, this DevOps outsourcing company also operates in the USA, Europe, and Canada. Apart from DevOps outsourcing, the vendor also offers custom software development, product design, IT strategy consulting, and many other services. Their DevOps specialists help their mid-market and enterprise clients with environment set-up and implementation, infrastructure testing, as well as maintenance and support. 

DevOps outsourcing company in Ukraine

  1. Infopulse

DevOps outsourcing company in UkraineHeadquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, the vendor also has offices in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Bulgaria. Their professionals can help you with CI/CD automation, environment provisioning, automated monitoring and alerting, and cloud migration. The company cooperates with businesses of all sizes. However, the majority of their clients are mid-market businesses. 

DevOps outsourcing company in Ukraine

  1. Ciclum

DevOps outsourcing company in UkraineThis DevOps outsourcing company works mainly with enterprises and mid-market businesses in IT, retail, telecom, hospitality, and financial services. The vendor has 35+ DevOps specialists on board that can help you with cloud migration, DevOps consulting, CI/CD and automation, performance tuning, as well as monitoring and alerting. 

DevOps outsourcing company in Ukraine

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in Poland:

There are 9,300 DevOps professionals in the IT market in Poland, according to LinkedIn. However, 40% of Polish professionals work in the BPO sector, thus are not available for outsourcing. 

  1. Transition Technologies PSC

DevOps outsourcing companies in PolandThis Poland-based DevOps outsourcing company also has offices in Denmark, the USA, and Taiwan. Their DevOps-related services include CI/CD, cloud migration and cloud management, version control, configuration management, and continuous monitoring. The vendor cooperates primarily with enterprise and mid-market businesses in manufacturing, automotive, IT, and transportation. 

DevOps outsourcing companies in Poland

  1. Euvic

DevOps outsourcing companies in PolandThis Polish DevOps outsourcing company offers a wide array of services, including custom software development, mobile application development, BI and Big Data consulting, web development, application testing, and many other services. In terms of DevOps-related services, their professionals can help you with continuous automation, iteration, testing, and improvement. The company cooperates primarily with mid-market and small businesses.  

DevOps outsourcing companies in Poland

  1. STX Next

DevOps outsourcing companies in PolandThis is one of the Poland-based DevOps outsourcing companies that offer a wide range of DevOps services. For instance, they offer transition and transformation services, automation, cloud migration, and others. With over 350 professionals on board, they help their clients in finance, real estate, and e-commerce with custom software development, web development, and mobile application development. 

DevOps outsourcing companies in Poland

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in Romania:

The third-largest number of DevOps specialists (3,600) in Eastern Europe is located in Romania. 

  1. Pentalog

outsourced DevOps companies in RomaniaThis vendor is one of the largest among DevOps outsourcing companies in Romania. They offer auditing, consulting, engineering, mentoring, and monitoring services. The company partners mainly with mid-market businesses. Apart from DevOps, the vendor also specializes in IT staff augmentation, custom software development, e-commerce development, and web development. 

outsourced DevOps companies in Romania

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in Belarus:

LinkedIn lists 2,000 Devops professionals in Belarus. This fact makes the country an attractive location for DevOps services outsourcing.

  1. EPAM

outsourced DevOps companies in BelarusHeadquartered in Minsk, Belarus, this vendor is the largest among local DevOps outsourcing companies. Apart from DevOps, the company offers CI/CD, cloud consulting and migration, performance management, and optimization. The majority of clients of this vendor are companies in business services, as well as consumer products and services. 

outsourced DevOps companies in Belarus

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in the UK:

This location boasts a vast talent pool of 33,000 DevOps specialists, according to LinkedIn. However, their rates are significantly higher than those in Eastern Europe, for instance. 

  1. BJSS

outsourced DevOps companies in the UKThis British DevOps outsourcing company offers a wide array of cloud-related services, including cloud migration assessment, cloud adoption framework, and DevOps assessment. They have helped businesses from various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and energy, optimize their operations, and boost efficiency with the help of DevOps. 

outsourced DevOps companies in the UK

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in Belgium:

Although Belgium boasts 3,300 DevOps engineers, the majority of them are not available for outsourcing,  as the number of outsourced DevOps companies in the country is modest. 

  1. Cegeka

outsourced DevOps companies in BelgiumThe vendor has offices across Europe, including such countries as Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and headquarter in Hasselt, Belgium. Their professionals develop automation platforms for their clients in agriculture, energy, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecom, and other industries. 

outsourced DevOps companies in Belgium

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in France:

France houses 16,000 DevOps professionals, according to LinkedIn. But similarly to Belgium, there are not many outsourced DevOps companies, as the rates there are too high for outsourcing. 

  1. Atos

outsourced DevOps companies in FranceThis France-based DevOps outsourcing company also specializes in cybersecurity, custom software development, IT strategy consulting, cloud consulting, and IoT development. Their professionals have vast experience building solutions for businesses in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecom. The company can help you with CI/CD, cloud migration, and application platform development. 

outsourced DevOps companies in FranceTop DevOps outsourcing companies in Finland:

  1. Knowit

DevOps outsourcing company in FinlandApart from DevOps services, this company specializes in digital strategy development, UI/UX design, custom software development, mobile app development, and e-commerce development. Their DevOps services include CI/CD, cloud migration, and continuous maintenance and support. Their professionals develop solutions for businesses in manufacturing, banking, energy, and other industries.

DevOps outsourcing company in Finland

Top DevOps outsourcing companies in India:

  1. QBurst

DevOps outsourcing company in IndiaThis is one of the Indian outsourced DevOps companies that also offer search engine optimization, BI and Big Data consulting, cloud consulting, custom software development, and other services. Their professionals can help you with CI/CD, containerization, server orchestration, support, security, and other services. 

DevOps outsourcing company in India

  1. Happiest Minds Technologies

DevOps outsourcing companies in IndiaLike other outsourced DevOps companies, this vendor offers infrastructure management, environment management, CI/CD, and deployment automation as well as orchestration. Their professionals are also experienced in cloud solutions, Big Data, and IoT for industries such as finance, retail, and media. 

DevOps outsourcing companies in India

Why choose N-iX as your DevOps outsourcing company?

  1. N-iX has extensive expertise in DevOps, including cloud adoption, building and streamlining CI/CD processes, infrastructure automation and orchestration, firewall-as-a-service, and more.
  2. DevOps professionals at N-iX have experience working with a wide array of technologies, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and many others.
  3. N-iX cooperates with North American and European industry leaders, including Lebara, Gogo, Currencycloud,  TuneIn, Fluke Corporation, Travelport, and HotSchedules, to help them bring their businesses to the next level. 

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