The interest in DevOps services has grown significantly over the past years. The global pandemic, however, increased this interest even more due to two sound reasons. First of all, DevOps practices help to deliver software products quicker without compromising their quality. Also, DevOps helps businesses in IT, telecom, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, etc., optimize their software development, deployment, and maintenance costs. 

Global DevOps market growth forecast

There are five key reasons businesses opt for outsourcing DevOps processes:

  1. Easier recruitment. A DevOps outsourcing company has a team of experienced specialists internally and can engage additional resources from their reserve if required. 
  2. Tech expertise. Specialists that work for outsourced DevOps companies have better expertise than their colleagues that work on their own. Knowledge sharing and professional training are the benefits of partnering with a DevOps outsourcing provider
  3. Necessary certifications. Finding a DevOps specialist with all the needed certifications locally can often be a hard task. Outsourcing, in turn, can help you find professionals with all the needed certifications in place, such as AWS, GCP, and Azure accreditations. 
  4. Experience and best practices. Typically, outsourcing vendors have more expertise as they have tried and tested various solutions as well as approaches. In addition, many DevOps providers that offer outsourcing are members of AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud partnership networks. Cloud partnerships validate high service quality as well as the proven customer success of your potential tech vendor.
  5. Additional competencies. Vendors that offer DevOps-related services can also provide more specific specialists like DBAs, who are difficult to find and usually are needed for a short time.

That is why many companies choose to outsource their Cloud DevOps services. But what do you need to know about DevOps outsourcing vendors? And how to choose the most reliable provider? This article sheds light on these and other questions. 


To compile the list, we have analyzed multiple sources, including different directories (, GoodFirms, the Manifest), vendors’ websites, their LinkedIn accounts, etc. 

We have chosen midsize (250-999 employees) and large (1,000-9,999 employees) companies that have been present in the market for 5+ years and have a portfolio of successful DevOps projects. Also, we have paid close attention to clients’ reviews and testimonials of the vendors. Before we look at the best DevOps outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe and Latin America, let’s overview the tech markets in both regions.

DevOps outsourcing in Eastern Europe: Market overview

According to KBV Research, the CAGR of the European DevOps market during 2017-2023 constitutes 17.1%. There are around 430 DevOps outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe that offer Cloud consulting and adoption services, CI/CD, infrastructure automation and orchestration, and other related services.

Eastern Europe is home to 55,500+ DevOps engineers, which makes the region a prominent destination for DevOps services outsourcing. The sizes of tech talent pools vary from country to country, with Poland, Ukraine, and Romania being leaders in terms of talent availability – there are around 20K, 10K, and 8K DevOps experts in these countries, respectively. 

In addition, Eastern Europe stands out from other outsourcing destinations in terms of service quality – local tech experts repeatedly reach top positions in global skill evaluation rankings. For instance, Poland engineers are ranked 3rd in the SkillValue list, followed by Bulgarian and Ukrainian specialists at 4th and 5th positions.

Moreover, Eastern Europe has an active DevOps community, stimulating the professional growth of local experts. There are many field-specific conferences in the region, with the most attended venues being DevOps Pro Europe (Vilnius, Lithuania), DevOps Days (Prague, Czech Republic), and DevOps Days Krakow (Krakow, Poland).

DevOps outsourcing in Latin America: Market overview

The DevOps market in Latin America has been steadily growing in recent years, reaching a CAGR of 21.5% during 2017-2023. With around 420 outsourcing vendors that provide DevOps, Cloud consulting, Continuous Integration, and Infrastructure as a Code services, LatAm makes another favorable destination for talent search.

The region offers a vast talent pool of around 90K tech professionals that specialize in DevOps. The LatAm countries with the largest talent availability of DevOps experts are Brazil, with 49K as well as Colombia and Mexico, with around 10,000 DevOps specialists residing in each.

As for the qualification of DevOps experts in Latin America, the results across countries are not homogenous. For instance, Mexico was listed 2nd in the SkillValue rating, while Brazil closed the top 20 of the same list.

The considerable number of DevOps conferences in the region adds up to the technical skills of the local specialists. Among the most popular tech events are DevOpsDays Medellin (Medellin, Colombia), DevOpsDays Juiz De Fora (Juiz De Fora, Brazil), and BrazilCloudsSummit.

Here is the list of the best outsourced DevOps companies in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Top DevOps outsourcing companies

1. N-iX

N-iX is a global software development providers with over 20 of experience in the global IT market. The vendor offers profound expertise in such tech domains as Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, DataOps, and many others. Headquartered in Valletta, Malta, N-iX has R&D centers and offices across Europe and the Americas, namely in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Sweden, Colombia, and the US.

N-iX professionals can assist you with configuration management, Infrastructure as a Code, CI/CD, etc. N-iX experts have proven Cloud expertise and can help you with on-premise to Cloud migration, Cloud-to-Cloud migration, infrastructure set-up, configuration management, and other services. The vendor has partnered with North American and European businesses in fintech, telecom, retail, healthcare, etc., and has over 70 successful Cloud-related projects in its portfolio

For instance, N-iX has developed a fully automated CI/CD pipeline for Lebara. As a part of the project, our team also constructed a microservices architecture and then created a fully automated CI/CD pipeline in AWS. Moreover, our tech professionals performed the relocation of the infrastructure from on-premise to Azure. To guarantee streamlined Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes, we also developed a fully automated CI/CD pipeline on Azure. As a result, Lebara optimized their operations, improved scalability, and accelerated time-to-market.

Also, N-iX is well-recognized in the industry: the vendor has achieved many awards, including Global outsourcing 100 by IAOP, Global Sourcing Association UK, CRN Fast Growth 150 List, and many others. 

N-iX — your DevOps outsourcing company

2. Transition Technologies PSC

The Poland-based DevOps outsourcing company also has offices in Denmark, the USA, and Taiwan. Their DevOps-related services include CI/CD, Cloud migration and Cloud management, version control, configuration management, and continuous monitoring. The vendor cooperates primarily with enterprise and mid-market businesses in manufacturing, automotive, IT, and transportation. 

Transition Technologies PSC

3. Unity Group

This Polish DevOps outsourcing provider also specializes in Cloud consulting, Business Intelligence, Big Data consulting, and custom software development. Their professionals have vast experience building solutions for businesses in retail, finance, automotive, and manufacturing. The company can help you with CI/CD, continuous automated testing, Cloud migration, and other services. 

Unity Group

4. Euvic

This Polish DevOps outsourcing vendor offers a wide array of services, including custom software development, mobile application development, BI and Big Data consulting, web development, application testing, and many other services. In terms of DevOps-related services, their professionals can help you with continuous automation, iteration, testing, and improvement. The company cooperates primarily with mid-market and small businesses.  


5. MAS Global Consulting 

This Colombian software development and tech consulting company was set up in 2013. During 10+ years of market presence, their professionals developed substantial expertise in CI/CD, infrastructure monitoring, as well as automated testing. The vendor’s key industry focus areas are manufacturing, fintech, and automotive domains.

MAS Global Consulting 

6. BairesDev 

Another large DevOps services provider with over 10 years of experience, this vendor offers CI/CD, microservices, configuration management, Infrastructure as a Code, Policy as Code, and others. The vendor has R&D centers across numerous LatAm locations, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.


7. STX Next

This is one of the Poland-based DevOps outsourcing companies that offer a wide range of DevOps services. For instance, they offer transition and transformation services, automation, Cloud migration, and others. With over 550 professionals on board, they help their clients in finance, real estate, and e-commerce with custom software development, web development, and mobile application development. 

STX Next

8. Dev.Pro

Apart from DevOps services, the company also specializes in Cloud consulting and development, Cloud migration, as well as Cloud cost optimization. Their 800+ tech experts reside in both Eastern Europe and Latin America, namely in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and Brazil. They have experience cooperating mostly with enterprises and midsize companies from fintech, business services, hospitality and leisure, as well as healthcare domains.



Based in Lviv, Ukraine, this DevOps outsourcing company also operates in the USA, Europe, and Canada. Apart from DevOps outsourcing, the vendor also offers custom software development, product design, IT strategy consulting, and many other services. Their DevOps specialists help their mid-market and enterprise clients with environment set-up and implementation, infrastructure testing, as well as maintenance and support. 


10. Vates 

This LatAm DevOps outsourcing vendor with R&D centers in Argentina and Chile was founded in 1991 and has around 450 tech experts on board. Among their engineering team’s competencies are AWS and Azure DevOps services, Cloud consulting, and managed Cloud services. This tech enterprise handles projects mainly for telecommunications, fintech, education, consumer products and services, and education domains.


11. Infopulse

Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, the vendor also has offices in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Bulgaria. Their professionals can help you with CI/CD automation, environment provisioning, automated monitoring and alerting, and cloud migration. The company cooperates with businesses of all sizes. However, the majority of their clients are mid-market businesses. 


12. IncluIT

One more reliable outsourcing vendor from Latin America, this DevOps service company has around 30 years of experience in the international market. Their teams are experienced in the implementation of collaborative ecosystems, end-to-end delivery pipelines, infrastructure configuration, and other DevOps services. The majority of their clients are enterprises and midmarket businesses.


13. Ciklum

This DevOps outsourcing vendor works mainly with enterprises and mid-market businesses in IT, retail, telecom, hospitality, and financial services. The vendor has 35+ DevOps specialists on board that can help you with Cloud migration, DevOps consulting, CI/CD and automation, performance tuning, as well as monitoring and alerting. 


14. Pentalog

This vendor is one of the largest companies among DevOps outsourcing enterprises in Romania. They offer auditing, consulting, engineering, mentoring, and monitoring services. The company partners mainly with mid-market businesses. Apart from DevOps, the vendor also specializes in IT staff augmentation, custom software development, e-commerce development, and web development. 


15. Waverley Software

This software development company has R&D centers in both Latin America and Eastern Europe, namely in Bolivia, Poland, Ukraine, and many other locations. The vendor’s expertise in DevOps spans DevOps consulting and assessment, DevOps transformation, CI/CD integration, microservices and DevOps containerization, and other services. Apart from DevOps implementation, the company also helps their clients with Cloud-native services, Machine Learning and AI, and Data Science.

Waverley Software

16. 10Pearls

Since its foundation in 2004, this DevOps outsourcing vendor has opened offices and R&D centers in LatAm locations, including Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica. The company’s engineering team spans over 200 experts that specialize in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, automated testing, and configuration management. Among their clients are mostly large and midsize enterprises, mainly from fintech, energy and natural resources, healthcare, and education domains.


17. Teravision Technologies

The vendor has been on the international market since 2002 and employs over 300 IT professionals. Apart from the implementation of server infrastructure, they have strong expertise in Cloud consulting, as well as development and Cloud migration. The company’s portfolio showcases success stories for fintech, healthcare, consumer products and services, as well as logistics, and other industries. 

Teravision Technologies

18. Ideas2IT Technologies

The software development company was established in 2009 and since then has delivered tech services for over 150 clients from healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, and other industries. Their engineering team counts over 650 specialists that assist small and midsize vendors with developing and maintaining Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines. They also provide Cloud consulting and migration services and have an extensive portfolio of building consumer and SaaS products.

Ideas2IT Technologies

19. Cegeka

The vendor has several offices across Eastern Europe, including such countries as the Czech Republic and Romania, and is headquartered in Bucharest. Their professionals develop automation platforms for their clients in fintech, real estate, retail, agriculture, telecom, and other industries. 


20. Perficient Latin America 

Founded in 1986, this is one of the most experienced DevOps outsourcing companies on our list. Staffing over 1400 tech professionals, this vendor gathered specialists with expertise in DevOps adoption and acceleration as well as Cloud architecture design and implementation. Its key clients are large enterprises and midsize vendors that operate in IT, marketing, fintech, and supply chain domains.

Perficient Latin America

Why choose N-iX as your DevOps outsourcing company?

N-iX is a trusted software development company with 20+ years of experience and 2,000 + skilled tech experts operating in 25 countries. The vendor’s portfolio spans cooperations with such global market leaders as Siemens, Gogo, AVL, Fluke, Messer, and many Fortune 500 companies. In more than two decades on the international market, we’ve accumulated extensive expertise in Cloud-native services and DevOps. N-iX partners with all major Cloud hyperscalers such as  AWS, GCP, and Microsoft and has eight AWS designations, including Amazon Redshift Delivery, AWS Data and Analytics Competency, Amazon RDS Delivery, Amazon EMR Delivery, Amazon API Gateway Designation, Amazon Kinesis Delivery, AWS Lambda Designation, and the Amazon DynamoDB Designations. 

The vendor’s DevOps team counts 45+ seasoned professionals that are well-versed in CI/CD implementation, infrastructure automation and orchestration, design of logging and monitoring systems, DevOps processes scaling, and other services. Our engineers possess extensive experience in working with a diverse range of technologies, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and more. In addition, N-iX complies with international data protection standards and regulations, such as PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

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