The global demand for cloud consulting companies is soaring. There is no business left that hasn’t at least considered cloud transformation so far. Whether you need to migrate to the cloud, build a product from scratch, or improve your existing cloud solution, you will have to find a reliable partner with solid cloud expertise to help you. 

If you are looking for a cloud consulting company, here we provide a catalog of the best vendors from the most talent-rich countries of Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Besides, we also list the key criteria you should take into account when choosing a cloud services provider to avoid possible challenges and risks.

List of the leading cloud consulting companies around the world 

As long as there is a myriad of cloud consulting firms out there, we have set up clear selection criteria to include in the list only those that are reliable and experienced in the field:

  • a portfolio of successful cloud consulting projects;
  • 5+ years on the market;
  • 200+ IT experts; 
  • 4.5 + ranking on Clutch;
  • at least 9 reviews on Clutch;
  • an active LinkedIn company page.

1. N-iX

N-iX - one of the top cloud consulting companies in Eastern EuropeN-iX is one of the leading cloud consulting companies based in Eastern Europe. Cloud development is one of the core services we offer. Our expertise in cloud includes cloud readiness assessment, cloud strategy development, infrastructure set up, architecture redesign, migration, optimization, and maintenance. N-iX has helped a number of companies across fintech, telecom, retail, healthcare, etc. develop cloud-native apps or move their existing applications to the cloud.

N-iX clients and the testimonial

2. Scalefocus 

One of the top cloud consulting companies in Bulgaria

This vendor is among the top cloud consulting companies in Bulgaria. The key domains of the company are cloud operations, data management, smart automation, and digital transformation. They primarily focus on building expertise and vast vertical knowledge in telco, banking, fintech, insurance, healthcare, logistics, government, and education.

Scalefocus clients and the testimonial

3. BairesDev

One of the top cloud consulting companies in San Francisco

This is one of the fastest-growing IT outsourcing companies in Latin America, which also has offices in Europe and North America. They specialize in solid end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions for startups, SMBs, and enterprises. The company provides fully managed teams as well as individual expert software developers, according to the clients’ needs. Cloud consulting accounts for 10% of their all services.

BairesDev clients and the testimonial

4. QBurst

One of the top cloud consulting companies in IndiaThis is a top Indian software development company that provides cloud consulting services both to startups and well-established businesses. Besides cloud solutions, the company’s service portfolio includes mobile and web development, CRM, big data and analytics, user experience, design, and testing.

QBurst clients and the testimonial

5. Future Processing

One of the top cloud consulting companies in Poland

This company provides professional cloud consulting services to businesses of all sizes. It has over 20 years of experience and 800 professionals on board. This offshore IT outsourcing company can help you build reliable solutions in industries such as financial services, healthcare, transportation, real estate, information technology, manufacturing, etc. 

Future Processing clients and the testimonial

6. Eleks

One of the top cloud consulting companies in Ukraine

This vendor works with both mid-size and enterprise-level clients in finance, transportation, retail, and other industries. They specialize in cloud consulting services and can help you develop infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Function as a Service (FaaS), as well as DaaS - Database as a Service. The company employs 1,500+ professionals, with the majority of them working in the Ukrainian delivery centers. 

ELEKS clients and the testimonial

7. Intellias

One of the leading cloud consulting companies in Lviv

The company provides cloud consulting services for businesses primarily in such industries as automotive, transportation, manufacturing, and retail. Embedded software development and IoT are the key provider’s areas of focus. They partner with Fortune 500 vendors and help leading technology innovators build software products that meet clients’ goals.

Intellias clients and the testimonial

8. PSL Corp.

One of the top cloud consulting companies in Colombia

Since 1985, the company has been delivering software products helping companies in fintech, healthcare, retail, etc. achieve their business needs. It has 3 development centers in Colombia as well as offices in Mexico and the USA.

PSL Corp. clients and the testimonial

9. *instinctools

 One of the top cloud consulting companies in Germany

This is one of the smallest cloud consulting companies on this list, with a little over 350 experts. The company’s expertise includes digital transformation, big data & business intelligence, legacy software modernization, cloud & DevOps, UI/UX and product design. It specializes in developing solutions for businesses in healthcare, education, fintech, media, retail, manufacturing, and government sectors.
instinctools clients and the testimonial

10. Kin + Carta

One of the top cloud consulting companies in the UK

Established back in 1964, the company has been providing software development services helping companies transform their businesses. It works primarily with enterprises in agriculture, fintech, industrials, insurance, private equity, retail, and healthcare. Cloud consulting services are one of the main company’s focus (30%) after mobile app development (40%). The company has offices all over the world: North America, South America, Australia, and Great Britain.

Kin + Carta clients and the testimonial

How to choose a reliable cloud consulting company? 

The question that pops up in the head of any business owner or a CTO when they are looking for a company that provides professional cloud consulting services is - “What criteria should I pay attention to when selecting a cloud services provider?” And here is a step-by-step answer to this question.

1. Identify your main business goals and tech needs

First, you should understand your main business goal and what you would like to achieve as the outcome at the end of the project. Depending on your case, you need to search for the cloud consulting company that can help you reach your specific goals and has relevant experience in implementing the type of task you need.

Business goals:

  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance security
  • Reach new markets 
  • Improve time-to-market

Tech needs:

  • Develop a cloud solution from scratch
  • Migrate your existing solution to the cloud
  • Enhance your solution in the cloud
  • Support and maintain your cloud solution

2. Choose the location

There is a variety of locations where you can find experts for your cloud consulting project: Ukraine, Poland, India, the Philippines, etc. If you need help with choosing the location, here are several resources you can use:

Each destination has its benefits and pitfalls. It all depends on your business goals, tech needs, and budget. If to consider Ukraine, here are a few facts that make it attractive for businesses around the world:

  • The country is celebrated for the second-largest engineering talent pool in Eastern Europe (192,100 IT professionals in 2019).
  • Ukraine (2.9) has better financial attractiveness than India (2.82), China (1.88), Poland (2.05), according to the 2019 Kearney Global Services Location Index.
  • Ukraine is home to 1600 + IT service providers. It takes the lead in Eastern Europe, followed by Poland (500+), Bulgaria (500) and Belarus (500).
  • The country was named Offshoring Destination of the year by GSA.

3. Check if your potential vendor is reliable 

To understand whether the company is well-founded, and you can trust them in the delivery of your solution, you need to do little research. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  • Browse corporate websites: check news, read their articles on the blog, look through case studies.
  • Go through client reviews and references.
  • Check out the providers’ portfolio of projects.
  • Explore companies’ social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Pay attention to memberships, awards, and partnerships.
  • Check out vendor directories such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and others.

4. Evaluate whether the company has relevant cloud computing expertise

Here are the main points you need to check:

  • An established cloud consulting company needs to have partnerships with major industry leaders such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and its experts should be certified. 
  • Your vendor should comply with the international infosecurity standards and know how to prevent and mitigate security issues in the cloud.
  • Company’s experts have to be experienced in cloud-native development, cloud migration, cloud optimization and maintenance, multicloud and hybrid cloud management, etc.
  • The vendor should have hands-on experience in application migration to help you analyze your application portfolio and settle on the best application modernization strategy.
  • Your cloud services provider needs to have the necessary expertise in building microservices.
  • The company should have broad data expertise to design different kinds of data solutions.
  • Its specialists should be skilled in DevOps to ensure resource optimization, cost reduction, and high security.
Cloud offers many unmatched benefits to run your business in a better way. But migrating to the cloud with existing business critical applications or building complex systems from scratch without professional support by your side or years of experience is a risky endeavor full of uncertainty and stumbling blocks. To make cloud migration painless and effective, it’s necessary to have not only deep but also diverse cloud skills and proven experience in different types of cloud transformations. And this is exactly what our experts here at N-iX offer.
Yaroslav Novytskyy, Director of Cloud-Native Services

5. Assess whether the company has enough recruitment capability

The size of a cloud consulting company matters a lot. The vendor should be able to quickly set up a core team and easily scale it up or down. Medium-sized and large vendors boast more internal resources and a bigger external pool of candidates. Small-size vendors may encounter issues when it comes to extending the team to handle the increasing workload or rotating people to a different project if you need to ramp down. But they are usually more customer-centric trying to exceed customer expectations.

Another important point to consider is the retention rate of your potential vendor. It is challenging to manage a team, which gets constantly reshaped. Thus, choose a company that has a well-established employer brand and provides employees with comfortable working conditions, professional growth, training opportunities, fair compensation, etc.

Why choose N-iX among other cloud consulting companies?

  • N-iX is a Select AWS Consulting Partner, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Google Cloud Partner, and an OpenText Reseller Silver Partner;
  • 100% of our cloud experts are certified by industry leaders;
  • N-iX is compliant with PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR standards;
  • Our expertise in cloud computing includes cloud-native services, on-premise-to-cloud migration, cloud-to-cloud migration, as well as multicloud and hybrid cloud management;
  • We offer professional DevOps services, including Cloud adoption (infrastructure set up, migration, optimization), building and streamlining CI/CD processes, security issues detection/prevention (DDOS & intrusion), firewall-as-a-service, and more;
  • N-iX has broad data expertise to design different kinds of data solutions: Big Data / Data Warehouse / Data lake development, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, etc.;
  • N-iX is a trusted vendor in the global tech market: the company has been listed among the top cloud consulting companies by Clutch, in the Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP for 4 consecutive years, recognized by GSA UK 2019 Awards, included in top software development companies by, and others;
  • N-iX is among the world’s 501 leading managed service providers (MSPs), according to Channel Futures' 13th annual MSP 501 worldwide company rankings.
  • N-iX has been named No. 72 on the 2020 CRN Fast Growth 150 List for the substantial growth and performance over the previous two years.

The company's portfolio includes dozens of successful cloud consulting projects, including some of the recent ones: 

  • N-iX has partnered with Gogo to help the client migrate to AWS cloud and build a unified data platform. As a result, we have helped reduce the number of no-fault-founds by 8 times and significantly cut maintenance costs.

  • We have teamed up with Orbus Software to help them set up production-grade infrastructure in Azure, implement multi-tenancy, set up orchestration processes, and fix legacy on-premises infrastructure issues. Thanks to this, the client has significantly improved the scalability and performance of its key product iServer.

  • N-iX has helped Vable rethink the business idea of their on-premises solution and migrate it to the AWS cloud platform. We have designed a new software architecture, moving from the traditional backend monolith to microservices, developed cloud data services for the product, and built new functionality. As a result, the platform is highly flexible and ready to expand to new markets. 

  • Our team of cloud experts has helped Lebara improve the scalability, high performance, and maintainability of their products and services. We have implemented the multi-cloud strategy. AWS and Azure microservices allowed consolidating the applications for all countries and channels and enabled Lebara to further expand its markets and business operations fast and efficiently. Thanks to the introduction of DevOps best practices, time-to-market has been significantly improved. With Infrastructure as a Code, the client can use template-based solutions and doesn’t need to spend hours manually provisioning the IT infrastructure. By fully automating the CI/CD pipeline in Azure and AWS, lead time has decreased to a few hours. 

  • N-iX experts have helped Currencycloud develop an efficient and secure payments platform that processes over $400M in 35 currencies every month. N-iX has helped the client build a secure and flexible AWS-based web application on the basis of the Payment Engine as well as develop a new, improved version of Currencycloud RESTful API.